Jack White


Jack White is such a gifted musician and songwriter. If you don't think he should be in the top ten, you're the reason why rock is dying. Definitely the greatest musician of the 21st century.

Best guitarist only topped by jimmy page and Jimi Hendrix, is just amazing.

I couldn't find him! How! He is one of the most brilliant guitarists and singers there is. His James Bond song with Alicia Keys is amazing, but his band the white stripes are also brilliant as well. I love seven nation army!

Jack here is the heir to Hendrix as the king of guitar. If you don't agree then you don't know what music is (you just do as your told).

Jack White is an amazing guitarist. He has outstanding technical skills, and is an extraordinary blues slide guitarist. He should be at least in the top twenty.

79th now that's retarded he's one of the best way better than Prince anyways these must be same people voting as the ones that buy Crocs

Whether you're talking about the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, or Jack White solo, he is fantastic. He is a very talented guitarist and singer who should be voted much higher. - Songsta41

WHAT THE HELL, Jack White should at least be top 25, I don't think he should be #1, Hendrix has that tied up, but White should be so much higher!

46 is a very disappointing number. Considering the electrifying riffs that this guy endlessly comes up with, he should at least be up just below the top 10

The magic this guy pulls of live is unreal! Easily one of the most revolutionary musicians of recent years.

Awesome guitarrist, garage rock true star!, his music is simply and incredible.

White's style is... Odd to say the least. But enchanting. This man is revolutionary and sadly underrated.

He is one of the most innovative guitarists of the 21st century and 20th century. He makes it sound so good with only a sub par drummer backing him up and his vocals are awesome.

Hands down the greatest guitarist of the 21st century. Not the most technical or talented, but find me another guitarist who can pour as much raw emotion into song with only 3 notes... you just can't. Jack White saved the blues.

What the hell?!?! Bloody twats, he deserves to be at least in the top 5. It goes Hendrix, Slash, Jimi Page.

Great rough sounding riffs, in my opinion one of the best guitarist with the an completely original sound.

His guitar solos are so abstract, and erratic, he needs to be higher.

Jack White is one of the best modern guitarists. Simple as that.

Hands down best slide guitarist ever he deserves to be in the 3rd spot below Page and Hendrix. I'm a guitarist so I know what I'm talking about. Nobody cares about you piss ants who put him at 49

Just Listen to "Ball and Biscuit" Tell me that's not amazing

Can't believe he's this far down. Disappointing.

Most complete, can play aythining, and sets the trends for hard rock and blues, incorporates what rock is, etc.. Rock bites, explorer of all music, we'll respected by all.

I just love this guy :) awesome music!

Damn shame he's not ranked higher..

The guy brought back rock!