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John Petrucci


Not many people have heard of him. But he can gun with the best of them.
Just AMAZING; I think he is the best out there right now. I don't know what I can say about this guy that hasn't already been said. However, I WILL say that he deserves to be WAY ahead of: Herman Li (StudioForce), Synyster Gates (overrated), John Frusciante (good, but out of his league here), Eric Johnson (for whom I have great respect), Prince (... really? :[ ), Hendrix Clapton and Page (good rock guys, but not as skilled), Slash (very good but also overrated), Neal Schon and Brian May (not as skilled), Van Halen Matthias Jabs and Angus Young (also all very good, but not at all in the same class as Petrucci). Anyway, my top 6 favorites are (in no particular order, aside from Petrucci) :

John Petrucci
Paul Gilbert
Joe Satriani
Kirk Hammett
Marty Friedman

This is just a popularity list, Petrucci is reason why I used to play guitar everyday... I had listen songs from every guitarist out from the above list but could find anything interesting, they are famous because of one or two songs after that other songs seems boring because they lack creativity... Now coming on Mr. John Petrucci he is the man, God created him to deliver his quality music to us... Guys listen to Pull me under songs I can't believe how one could composed such a magnificient songs, besides this Spirit carries on, Razor' Edge, Hollow Years, Peruvian skies, learning to live, Another day, for melody and emotional part, for creativity and technique listen songs like Mirror, Lie, Under a Glass Moon, In the name of God, Stream of Conciousness, Metropolis Part 1, Sacrifice Son, Voices, LTE, Endless Sacrifice, Ertomania, Dance of eternity and many more.. I never heard such a consistance guitarist ever, every time he surprise me with a new song in which there will be always new lesson to learn.. I am really lucky that I have found him as my idol. He is Truly genius, maestro, magniicient, Outstanding, legend and in one word "Guitar God".
I have nothing against anyone in the top ten... but for me nobody among the guitarist included in the top ten can match John Petrucci... not only in technical skills but in terms of making, inventing and trying out new ideas. I'm not being bias... I believe that to be one of best guitarist, you need to mix up technicality and creativity. You can be creative at the same time not being technical, Vice-versa. John Petrucci has both. Even though for me, Michael Angelo Batio is better than John Petrucci in terms of technical skills, no offense to michaelangelo, but in terms of mixing technical skills and creativity.. John Petrucci is definitely the better Guitarist. I hope his ranking improves... Rock On
If you don't play guitar or only started you shouldn't be allowed to vote. Slash is an overrated piece of crap I've seen people that have been playing less than a year play better than him. Petrucci is the real deal. Amazing melody (wishful thinking) amazing shredding (stream of consciousness). Pretty damn good lyrics too (Metropolis pt1). Also guitarists like Shawn Lane, Joe satriani, Guthrie govan, Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, Nuno Bettencourt, Steve Vai, Reb Beach, Eric Johnson & Michael Romeo should be higher on this list. Also why is the guy from 30 seconds to mars on this... I wish I could play power chords and get Voted one of the best guitarists of all time... Ugh this list is sickening.
How can John Petrucci possibly be at 24th? As far as well-rounded musicians go, he's easily top 5. Without a doubt deserves a spot in the top 5 greatest guitarists of ALL-TIME. The guy can play anything, is technically as advanced as anyone, has an unbelievable work ethic, and plays in the pinnacle of progressive bands. You can't rate these guitarists based on subjectiveness. You can only look at technical ability to rate a guitarist otherwise it's completely useless. Just look at the list that made it ahead of him? The only greats that can hang with Petrucci are Hendrix, Clapton, Vai, Eddie V, and I suppose Satriani. Hell, Yngwie didn't even crack the top 20? This list has almost no credibility whatsoever.
he is the absolute best when it comes to all the aspects of using the instrument. He is a one of a kind and a unique artist. There are only a few of his kind that would even dare to take on the Progressive metal genre and he has simply perfected the art and the science of it all. However he may not win my votes casted by the majority but he will always be the best for the blessed ones whom have come to experience and listen to his music. John Petrucci my praises to you and Dream Theater (Give us more albums to collect!) Ciao Progheads!
The fact that John Petrucci is at number 18, and Synyster Gates at number 6 is absolutely sickening. Synyster Gates is a fast player - that's about it. But even so, John Petrucci is still faster. But that doesn't even matter, speed is only one slice of the pie.

Petrucci has feel, emotion, musical knowledge, the ability to compose the most beautiful solos in any situation. Just check out solos like Lines In The Sand, Under A Glass Moon, the outro solo to Octavarium, In The Name Of God, I could go on and on.

Anyway, if you listen to these pieces and still cannot conclude that John Petrucci is one of the greatest guitarists in the world, you obviously don't know enough to make such a judgement.
cmon people, Slash? Synyster Gates? sure tha=ey are amazing
have you people ever heard john petrucci solo like one from Stream of Consciousness? I'm not saying Slash or Synyster are bad, they are great guitarists too. but some people hear few songs and hear the melody, they think its good and go like "Oh, this song is good, he is the best guitarist of all time cause he is amazing at few songs and make good melody". NO!
just listen to john petrucci solo and think again...
Whoever created this list is a mental midget! The other guitarists listed above Petrucci are either narcissistic, unemployed, dead, or creatively BANKRUPT. Unlike all the other guitarists in this idiotic list, Petrucci and Dream Theater have been together for 25 years or more. When comparing lyrical an musical composition, professionalism, attitude and work ethic, DT has no real competition in the music industry. This is a band that inspires yet discourages everyone from amateur to expert musicians. Always remember... On the 8th day GOD created DREAM THEATER.
What? 23rd? He is one of the, no no THE ONLY BEST of course. He plays either the hardest technical solos or the most emotional riffs. He has an unquestionable, unique spectrum of musical power. Extraordinarily solos, arpeggios he composes comfortably on his guitar. From The Glass Prison to Stream Of Consciousness, As I Am to Octavarium, Pull Me Under to Hollow Years and almost all of his songs are fascinating. No one should die without listening a Dream Theater song and a John Petrucci solo.
He is the greatest. He is the perfect marriage of technical proficiency and heartfelt melodic ability. My old favorite was Neal Schon, but since John hit the scene the mighty Neal has fallen to number 2. John is a marvel. Others can try to argue others, but subjectiveness flys out the window when you look at the technical side. John is unique because he can play melodically with the best of them.
"Best" is such a vague term. It is often confused with "my personal favorite" and " he has great hair, he is SO CUTE! "

The best guitarist in the world probably lives in a South American rainforest, hand-carves guitars out of the trees in which he makes his home, strings said guitar with animal sinew, and blows the minds of every animal within hearing range. Who knows.

Petrucci has the best balance of technical ability, soul, talent and musical knowledge of the bunch, so he is my choice.
John Petrucci is definitely my favorite guitar player. He has done so much things, with his band Dream Theater, as with LTE and his solo album. His technique is superb, he can play everything. From ballads to heavy metal songs. He also has one of the best heavy metal riffs of the century with the song The Dark Eternal Night. I think he deserves a place in the top 10 of best guitar players ever.
There is not doubt for me he must be in top ten at least! He uses all the techniques the sweeping, picking, tapping and he does it almost perfect! the way he plays is so wonderful. I was excited when I hear his solo album Suspended Animation. His performance in G3 2005 was awsome. I have not to talk about his armony and the scales. Although he is kinda unknown he's better than a lot of known guitar players.
Can shred the hell out of anyone on this list. Has the greatest range of writing capabilities, isn't just metal, isn't just shredding. John Petrucci is the most talented writer on this list. Its a shame that so few have heard of JP because he is the best out there, and its even more of a shame that so few have heard of Dream Theater, because they write the most powerful and timeless music I've ever heard.
Have you guys even ever listened to Dream Theater? He has such great riffs like "Home" and "A Rote of Passage. " His solo in "In the Name of God" is 3 minutes of a continual vortex of notes. His solo in "On the Backs of Angels" rivals Master of Puppets and Stairway to Heaven because each note is beautifully and perfectly placed before he finishes with a quick sweep. He's a guitar god!
This is INSANE to say the least! Petrucci below Synyster! People are not listening to dream theater if they do not place petrucci among the top 5. Folks listen to A Change Of Seasons and Metropolis Part 1 to see his speed... listen to Octavarium to listen to his emotional part and listen to Misunderstood and The Dark Eternal Night to see WHAT he can DO with a guitar!
What... The... Heck?! What is this? John Petrucci #23? Joe Satriani 25? This has got to be a popularity contest. John Petrucci has WAY more depth than most of those guys up in the top 10, especially Synyster Gates. Don't even see how he's up there.

John Petrucci has so many different emotions and technical attributes in all of his works. He's a legend. Can't even fathom the fact that people would put him so low in the list.
I Like JOhn Petrucci Techniques...
This is My Inspirations...
I think he is best GUitarist Progressive Metal...
songs he created are also very fascinating filled with emotional when telling about the mood happy or sad...
really - I really wanted to be like him...
regards to John Petrucci he is my best inspiration...
Nearly flawless technically. Many people say he's not emotional enough, and to them, I'd say go watch his performance during the 20th Anniversary World Tour DVD during "The Spirit Carries On". Or, if you want to be blown out of your mind, go listen to "Stream of Consciousness", never have I ever heard a guitar flow so beautifully with a song.
Many of the people above on the list are just very popular...

Petrucci may not be the best ever, but he is much much better than just about all of the people above him on the list. He is a better composer and guitar player. A lot of the people in the top ten aren't even above a 7/10 in terms of playing ability. If Petrucci is a 9 or a 10, most of the guys in the top ten are 5/10 or below.
He is simply a God when it come to playing guitar: No one can beat him at shredding, and he plays the most beautiful melodies... He is more than a well-rounded guitarist, he actually excels at speed, technique and melody, which means you can't find any guitarist that surpasses him. John Petrucci is the perfect guitarist.
Outperforms all of these. mastered the 8 string guitar, every tuning, every strategy, truly amazing. he inspires me to try harder and be like him. incorporates everything: emotion, technique, performance, you name it. excellent shredder. master of both rhythm and lead. no wonder dream theater doesn't have 2 guitarists; they don't need another one
John Petrucci does not only posses the speed and technical skill that maybe a handfull of guitarists posses or have ever possessed in guitar playing history but he also has the ability to play ridicilously clean and with great feeling. His song-writing skills are amazing and he has composed some of the best pieces and concepts to have ever graced music. His dedication and his humble attitude make him to be overlooked by many but his skill is defenatily top 5 all-time.

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