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Kirk Hammett


Slash and Hendrix are great, but Hammett is far more versatile than either of those guitarists. Slash has a great bluesy-rock style of guitar that he uses to great effect. But that's really his only style of playing. Hendrix was great too, but I can't tell how much of his playing came from him or the drugs. He too stuck mainly to one kind of playing style-- psychadelic. Hammett does stick to metal, but he's had so many different approaches to metal over the year that it CANNOT be called one style of metal. Each album he comes out with is a different style of metal from the last.
It is impossible to say who is (the best) guitarist of all time.

Including myself, each and every one of US are individuals.

Furthermore, I have followed and learned to play every song note for note on 5 of their (Metallica) albums. As I have other musicians.


However; if I must I vote for Kirk or Dude from Judas Priest.

I have been playing guitar and covering albums for 20 years.
KIrk Hammet the best guitarist in the world. If you don't agree the listen to the solos n tapping he plays. The badass failing in master of puppets, enormous tapping in one, n harmonic lead in afde to black n many more of course make him the greatest guitarist ever. You are my icon bro. Salute to kirk hammet. Hats off to you. God bless you. May we always get the chance to listen to your creation.
I think that kirk hammett is the best for almost all the solos than I listened in my life, I been listened Metallica all my life and for the solos, sorry, forgot, for the 3 solos of Fade to Black, the 3 solos of Welcome Home, and I don't know, all the solos, he is the best, he is my #1, then is Slash, and Angus Young, but kirk is the best
Kirk Hammett... I only just got into Metallica recently and I love it... He is an amazing guitarist and has a unique style and loves his Wha-Wha.. the best solos are in Master of Puppets... Fade To Black.. One etc etc etc... I wouldn't call him the best... but he is a guitar legend.. for those about to rock I salute you... !


He is one of the most amazing guitarists I have ever listened to, his solos are just amazing. Songs like Master of Puppets are so amazing that this guy probably had to stop for a few seconds to cool his hands down before they melted. He should definitely be in the top 10 and not Prince as #1.


He isn't the best guitarist in the world, but everything he plays is so beautiful. Metallica's songs are wonderful, phenomenal and very powerful.

Either if it is Fade to Black, One, Master of Puppets, Seek & Destroy, Nothing Else Matters, The Call of Ktulu, The Day That Never Comes or anything in between...
Kirk Is good, very good, But even I as a die hard Metallica fan can admit that Hendrix, Van Halen, Slash, Page, and maybe some others are better. Kirk can play awesome solo's, he's very fast and plays flawless. I've seen him Live and he has a very good Live performance. He very much deserves this top 10 place. My personal top 10 is: 1st-Jimi Hendrix, 2nd-Eddie Van Halen, 3rd- Jimmy Page, 4th-Slash, 5th- Carlos Santana, 6th- KIRK HAMMET, 7th- Angus Young, 8th- Prince, 9th-Eric Clapton, 10th- Adrian Smith... But I most of all loves kirk's style of playing...
Has a larger repertoire than you'd expect. Progressed from a elite technical guitarist to a bluesy loose cannon in the later years. Give the man credit, he, as with the rest of Metallica, have constantly made changes to their styles and never stagnated.
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He is from my favourite band... He made all best solos one, fade to black, master of puppets, the day that never comes, the unforgiven and many more he deserve 1st position... Vote for Kirk and in other pages vote for James, rob, Lars... In bands ranking vote for Metallica because they are of best band in this world Metallica... If this rating remained same I will die...
Damn everyone says he's overrated. Yes slash is better although overrated. Jimi is a bit overrated too. I think no one gives him enough credit for what Metallica and Kirk brought to thrash metal. After them tons of bands tried to copy their sound and frankly, I don't blame em'.


Well deserved, even though I would put him in a better position.

Just listen to "One", "Master Of Puppets", "Fade to Black", "The Call of Ktulu" or "Enter Sandman"... you will be impressed. =)
Kirk hammett... Wow, this guy is crazy with a guitar... Songs like one, blackend, battery! There is no other guitarist that can come up with face melting solos like that, but he isn't just great with metal... Like nothing else matters, they got a bunch of songs like that, kirk hammett can play anything so I clearly think he should be in the top ten
The best guitarist ever is kirk hammett, because no one can do the speed metal and the thrash metal like him, and he do the song better on the live shows, so for me and for Metallica's fans he's the best, and the whole thrash metal fans :)!
Have never seen someone who plays guitar in an extra ordinary way... Its not just speed, but its speed plus the correct rhythm and perfect bpm for his tracks.. No matter riffs or solos, kirk rock all the time. The only person that made me to think that I wanna play guitar too
I think I would consider him the best in my eyes. I am by no means a Metallica fanboy. and if you ask me, Metallica is maybe my 15th favorite band out of my ipod of 97 bands.. So, I am by no means bias here. I truly feel he is the best guitarist ever
He should be first... His solos are awesome...
His solos are amazing in battery and master of puppets...
There are many more songs but these are my favourite..
He is the best guitarist ever...
Kirk's solos are amazing, astonishing and at last but not least enjoyable. He used different kind of techniques during the years and stunned thousands of people around the world. When listening to Metallica I always feel: "Woah, whish I could play this"
He is also a good song writer besides the rest of the members.
Just simply the best solo guy after Hendrix, page and slash, but I don't know why is gates better than kirk, I mean, Avenged Sev has great songs, but they describe heavy metal in one solo like kirk does or like Metallica does, simply, kirk wins over gates.
How can kirk be at no.7? He is the best metal guitarist in the world.. Synyster and slash and of course, jimi is great but kirk is way better than these guys... Just listen to his solos and you will find out he is way better than others
Kirk Hammett is the only guitarist who can give you that pure demonic feeling... With his fast playing... And his special style... He can make an earthquake in your hart... He will destroy your brain definitely he is Kirk Hammett!
This guy is the fastest guitar player in the whole wide world. Slash is awesome too but Kirk is just too awesome and he got a great sound. If you listen to the solo from Fade To Black you would understand what I'm saying'.
Metallica are legendary geniuses, it really annoys me when people don't understand them. Jimmy Paige etc haven't produced solos any where near as brilliant as kirk, to live is to die, orion, fade to black- classics!
I'm a huge fan of Metallica and kirk. I've been played guitar for 20 years. I know all Metallica songs, solo included. Kirk is very good, but some other dudes are way much better. You guys only think about very knowned guitarists, what about Yngwie, Vai, Satriani, Jonhson etc... Hammet was a student of Satriani, and trust me, the master is still better than his student.
This guy from Avenged Sevenfold is so overrated, just because Avenged is a famous band now people think he is the best... Listen to Master of Puppets, One, Fade to Black, Kirk "The Ripper" Hammet is a GOD!

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