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Kurt Cobain


In my opinion he was a master of his craft! His music was so much his own. His lyrics were his own. Wacky and you could hear his emotion. His guitar playing was so distinctive and powerful. Simplicity works. And the way he could sing and play in different rhythm was just incredible. All time favorite of mine.
Kurt Cobain was an amazing artist as a whole. So many guitarists around his time did it solely for the money and fame. Kurt out his heart into his music and his ability to sing and play in different rhythms. Listen to mtv unplugged and hear the most beautiful music I've ever heard. Definitely deserves top five. Hendrix, Slash, Cobain, Santana, Van Halen for an accurate top five.
44? Seriously? Come on.. He is the guitarist of one of the best bands of all time.. Just listen to smells like teen spirit or you know you're right to believe it.. He isn't better than slash or kirk hammet or jimmy page.. But he is top 10 for sure!
He was just great. I mean, come on. Who hasn't heard of him? Nirvana was one of the best bands ever, and he made it perfect with his singing and guitar skills. KURT COBAIN FOREVER. NIRVANA FOREVER!
Kurt Cobain was very influenced by artists like The Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth who reveled in the beauty of distortion and feedback. Which is probably why he's not a top 10-er: his unorthodox musical taste
How good a guitarist is isn't determined by how fast he can play. It is the creative level, the tunes that he can produce that makes him what he is. This is why kurt is one of the best guitarists in the world.
My biggest guitar hero I listen to his music everyday while I don't want the same life as him I wanna play guitar like him since he has a very unique and seriously headbanging guitar
Kurt is an absolutely amazing guitarist who should be in the top 5 because he is awesome. Not many guitarists are better than Kurt Cobain (only Slash and Hendrix should be above him on this chart). He ROCKS!
Hey... Kurt was a Wonder... He always said that he's a bad guitar player, but who else can do the things he did? It's so simple and cool at the same time and his songs never get old
I think these guy must be on top 10. No doubt. Hey, he play guitar while he sing and it's sound/voice (guitar/vocal) is just awesome!
This list is bs, kurt needs to be way up there, when you have multiple articles, and fans round the world embracing how he changed the face of music... His look, his sound, his mind, that voice, he was the ultimate.. No one else like him period!
A legendary guitarist and makes the riffs he plays sound so emotional, infact, he probably influenced most of the guitarists on this list already
Definitely my favourite. Always kept it simple! Jimi & Slash beat him only because of there awesome solos that they alway do. Rock on Kurt! RIP!
KURT COBAIN! ONE OF THE BEST.. He should be ranked at least in the top 20..
Condone deserves better I'm a metal head but Kurt changed the world man no one can take that from him
Shame to all rock listeners kurt's guitar skills have their own different class and nothing can compare to them he should in top 3
LEGEND kurt changed the way of rock guitars and if you dony vote for kurt the guitarists you have to vote for kurt the musician because he is a best one on this list
Kurt Cobain should be 19th I seriously think you voters are mad, listen to his songs, than talk, even though I admit Slash is good
Kurt was great song writer and definitely a superb guitarist. In his style of music he is the best guitarist.R.I.P. kURT COBAIN.
Maybe not the best... But the one that touched my soul
The best! I think he deserves 1st place :) listen to Smells like teen spirit or The man who sold the world! He's one of the greatest!
NO Kirk sucks and he is fortunate to even be here
What the hell! Kurt Kobain should at least be in top 10. damn it people, Just because of all those pop musics you are forgetting what it means to be a true guitarist.
Why is he clear down here, he should be number 2
He is nothing but god himself on the guitar

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