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281Bill KelliherBill Kelliher is a musician from Atlanta, Georgia, best known as rhythm guitarist of heavy metal band Mastodon.
282Radomir Mihajlovic TocakV1 Comment
283Rick Brewster
284Phil X

Dude Hey is Fantastic! I love his style. Check ist out on Yotube. He ist filling in for Richie Sambora at the Moment by Bon Jovi

285Issei Sugimoto
286Rickey Medlocke

Rickey doesn't get the credit he deserves, probably due to nothing all that new from him and Lynnard Skynnard.

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287Murray Gould
288Bernard ButlerV1 Comment
289Colin Hay
290John McGeoch
291Neil Giraldo

Great songwriter and guitarist

292Oscar Lopez
293Nathaniel Schwartz
294Miland Petrozza
295Manny Charlton

Very glad to see him on the list. Love the old Nazareth soud (Alcatraz, night Woman, Razamanaz...). Manny should make the top 100 in my opinion.

296Steve Miller

One of the most innovative guitarist of all time. 300? Musical illiterates.

Absolute joke he is hear and were is Robbie criager of the doors he was a leading rock guitarist of all time up there with Richards, page, townsend, Harrison, Clapton, beck, justin haward, jeff lyne+ peter green without these in the 60s,70s there wouldn't be any top 300

297Jani Liimatainen

Jani is GOD Sonata Arctica is best band EVER I love it so so so much. Jani is king

He is fast, he's got the skills. Sonata Arctica kicks ass.

He is just amazing!
I've never seen any other doing such solos... his fingers fly!
And he is so charismatic... for me is one of the greatest ever... he should definitely be much more on top! - Soko

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298Tweke Lewis

The perfect foil to Micky Jones when in the MAN band.. Still playing absolute brilliant blues to this day.. Definitely worth a mention and a listen! - manmars

I'm in total agreement with the last two comments. There are those that can play and those that can really play. Rock on Tweke.

So good to see you here Tweke. Your music has given me many hours of pleasure. I wish you all the best with your new project.

299Luca Turilli

He should be at top 10, Luca turilli, vito bratta, schuldiner, batio, great kat, hammett, randy rhoads, satriani, vai, malmsteen, petrucci, friedman, eddie V. Halen, jason becker, Jimmy Hendrix, paul gilbert are the best guitarist. Their technic, picking, speed, sound are simply the best n' also most of them are a great arranger

Luca turilli is simply the one of the greatest, it's sad that he can't make it to the top ten when players like synyster gates can -. - - gergaginflopple

One of the best metal guitarist and compositor of the world with no doubt about it!

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300Shawn Lane

He was at #252 before I voted for him. Not sure who he is? Based on this terrible list I am not surprised. This guy had virtuoso guitarists like Buckethead and Paul Gilbert gushing about how good he was.

His diminished shreds were insanely hard and fast and his phrasing was off of the charts. Ask anyone like Guthrie Govan, Michael Angelo Batio, and Paul Gilbert what they think of him...

One of the fastest guitarists of all time. People like Paul Gilbert hold him in high accord for his technical ability.

One of the greatest guitarists of all time is at place 301?

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