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Pauli Rantasalmi


Hei! Here is a very fanatic of The Rasmus and I say Pauli is the best guitarist in the world! His guitarsolos are so magical and cool! I don't know a guitarist who is better then him.
OMG! I can't believe it! this guy should be in TOP 10! just listen to The Rasmus ppl,, n you will understand what I'm talkin bout.. PAULI ROCKS!
He is the best guitarist ever and he is on 45th. Not good thing. He is Finnish and he needs votes! VOTE HIM GUYS! Or the voodo will eat ya mon!
I can't BELIEVE this guy wasn't on the list! Have any of you heard 'Not Like The Other Girl's'? If not, get yourself over to youtube now!
GUITAR GOD! Pauli has a lot of talent
Needs to be in top 10
Rasmus-fans vote for him! He must be in the top ten! He is the best guitarist ever I love him
He must be in top ten!
He's the best! just listen The Rasmus
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