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You have to give it to this guy. Very underrated as a guitar player, it's a shame his public image over-shadows the incredible talent this man possesses. Dig a little, check this guy's guitar playing, a little bit of Santana, a lil' bit of Hendrix, with his own stamp on it! Could play any style with anyone and still come out on top! You should also hear this guy play piano too!
The most underrated guitarist in our history. He is the perfect all-round player! From hardrock to pop and blues to jazz, he created his own style that is absolutely unique. Ask Clapton (one of his favourite player) ; Santana and Miles Davis. You must see him live on stage to feel his vibrations and his guitar skills. He played everything he wants to!
Prince's guitar playing never seems to come across that well in his production / mixing but see him play that thing live and you can sure enough tell he is it - check out the guitar solo at the 2004 Hall of Fame all star performance of While my guitar gently weeps.
Prince's guitar playing is so unique because of the melody and texture in the notes he plays. He is not a technical freak, or a speed shredder, but like Coltrane, when you peel away at his music, the underlying notes are achingly gorgeous. He is part R&B funkster, part rock god, part swooning seducer. No other artist/guitarist that I can think of has that diversity, making him a truly special artist. Unfortunately, the casual fan is not at all familiar with his best work, nor will they invest the time and listens to "uncover" the underlying genius. Lastly it does not hurt that he has mad swag on stage.
Prince is by far the most versatile of this group of guitar players... his rhythm guitar playing, especially the funk, is out of this world. To be honest, all of James Brown's guitar players could learn a thing or ten from little Princey. At the same time though, when it comes to blues and rock and roll, Prince is simply a monster - listen to the end of Let's Go Crazy or better yet, go see the midget live. That is where he really turns it up and tears up his fretboard. More than anything, Prince plays guitar like Santana. He's extremely emotive in his playing and loves to hold long notes! Brilliant in so many ways... Prince is probaly your father - go ask Eric Clapton.
I agree with every word said, he is a master player of all genres. Watch him live, then you will understand his true genius. He covers all genres superbly, my favorite is his jazz. YouTube The Ride, or purple house, these songs give me the chills when he plays them. I would say he is better than Hendrix due to his versatility.
I think Prince is going to go down in history as one of the greatest musicians of all time. He's a multi-instrumentalist, and annoyingly good at every instrument he picks up. I think he can play just about anything on the guitar and make it look like child's play. It comes effortlessly to him and yet, he always plays with soul and passion; it's never just about speed.
I've seen Prince 3 times. I play guitar myself. There's no one on Earth right now that can play the guitar like Prince. The best guitarists in the world will tell you that. Don't be afraid to like Prince because of his old pop image. The guy is pure genius.
Those of you that think he is #13 all-tim are out of your minds. He is by far the best guitarist to ever walk the planet! Hands down! Go into his library of music and you will find that there is no style of music that he can't play and has mastered. Prince is in a category all to himself. I suggest you all do your homework. Prince is the greatest EVER!
I've never had a real interest in the guitar, but whenever I see Prince play I am totally mesmerized. I have no real knowledge of the guitar, but I know what I like, and I like the way Prince's talent grabs my attention and draws me in. I feel very confident that I called this one right!
Prince is often overlooked due to the fact that he can do so many other things so well, such as write, sing, put on a great show, and play several other instruments. If you were to sit down and really look at his body of guitar work (live & studio), you'll find that Prince deserves to be in the top 10, he plays several styles of music extremely well.
This man is an amazing artist in many ways he writes produces & does it all. He is also the master of more instruments then any other artist on this page. He is a modern day Mozart & has taken what Hendrix does with the guitar & taken it to the next level he is a true master of so many instruments & a Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer & in my opinion the best guitar player on this list.
You think you have to be a rock star to be the best guitarist? Prince is the best ever. Please, even if you aren't a fan - go see him live. You will change your mind. The man is an absolute monster guitarist. I've seen most of them but never have I been moved to goose bumps like when watching this guy play. The best ever and the top guys in the business acknowledge this too.
This guy is complete badass, pure and simple. I play and study guitar, and his range of genres is incredible, and he plays them all fantastically well. He has an original sound also that combines wonderful note selection, creative patterns, and perfect tone and pitch.

This guy deserves to be in the top 5. He puts most of the guitarists here to shame.
The funny thing is that when you compare Prince to anyone its really not fair for the other person. He is the best guitar player because he has been given a gift unparalleled by anyone who has ever picked up an instrument. Music is ALL he does.

Although a lot of his music isn't to my liking - they key is not to listen to Prince's music with your eyes.
The Purple One is for sure the most underrated guitarrist on the history, and perhaps is because the music industry want it to be this way. There's too many myths falling down is an Artist like Prince, should be recognized in all his areas where he success. So, to be reckoned as a Great Guitar Player and impulse this information on the media, could be some kind of "non convenient" for many around. However, the history will make his work, sooner than later... He IS the one and only PRINCE.
Quite possibly the most underrated guitarist in the past 30 years. He's tremendously talented and technical. His stage presence in live performances is truly royal. Only guitarist better was Hendrix, who Prince idolized and emulated - and now the student becomes the master.
No question, the man is a musical genius and his guitar playing is absolutely up there with the best. You really have to see live performances to grasp how good he really is as his studio work just isn't the same.
Has he reached his billionth killer funk lick yet? Extraordinary tone. So distinctive. One of the very few on this list who isn't afraid to hold a little back. Less is so often more with prince. His guitar work is the tease. Wow.
Prince is a guitar juggernaut. His songwriting and arrangement experience gives him incredible insight into what the guitar should do in a particular song... and the man has soul for days!
Very versatile and able to transfer his emotions to the listener through his guitar. He can definitely play anything thrown at him and add his own little flavor to it, but 'unfortunately' on record you only get to hear whatever parts he thought were appropriate for his style. However, when playing live, he'll give you a glimpse of his virtuosity when doing covers or blending in parts of songs written by someone else... And no one can make a guitar 'cry' the way Prince does. Definitely top 20 material if you ask me.
Hugely over-looked as a guitarist, his versatility is his strength, be it rock, blues, jazz, funk, he riffs and solos with the best of them then the next moment is a technical virtuoso. Don't discount him because it isn't ALL he's capable of.
Extremely good musician, although I wouldn't say he is the best, he's definitely up there. Yea the guy is strange, and his singles are usually awful. But his stage shows and guitar playing, are unique. Listen to the progressions in purple rain, wonderful!
He must be at number 2 under jimi Hendrix. I am a big fun of the artist in this list and I probable got about 75% of their work either albums live dvds and bootlegs too, and belive me I just hear prince the last ten years, and I m telling you guys there is no one like him. Trust me and check out do not vote if you haven't hear the others too. Its not fair.
About time he his given his due - if ever lucky enough to see him live you would understand - his guitar is like the most beautiful voice - full of emotion, make me cry

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