Randy Rhoads


There are very few albums where I rate every song 5of5 stars. Blizzard of Oz and Diary of a Madman are two albums I rate that way. Randy was taken from us far too early. Find the song Laughing Gas (Live) when he was with Quiet Riot. During the solo you here strains of Goodbye to Romance. Randy was a perfect match for Ozzy's vocal style. Randy had a strength of technical ability matched only by Yngwie Malmsteen or Steve Vai. What sets Randy apart was his composition. He knew exactly when and where to play down and dirty. He also knew when to play classical modes such as phrygian and mixolidium. He had an uncanny ability to play a smooth solo with a trill place at just the right point to accent the song. Over the Mountain is a perfect example. Listen to the solo. Diary of a Madman the song is a perfect blend of using a classical theme to build a song on. This is a very haunting song that fits the lyrics and Ozzy's voice perfectly. Dee is a beautifully composed piece that is a great lead-in to Mr. Crowly. The guitar work on Crazy Train, I Don't Know, No Bone Movies and You Looking' at Me Looking' at You is fun to listen to. This is rock and roll with an edge and a bite. These trills I talk about are the bite that Rhoads put into his music. Hendrix was the most influential. Clapton and BB King are the greatest blues players. I'll take Randy Rhoads as the best guitar play ever.

Randy's work was outstanding. I think he was the most naturally gifted guitarist rock music has ever known. Such classical beauty and yet such awesome power in his playing. He played for the shortest time, being on hardly any albums and his stuff is hard to get hold of. But what we have is enough to have shocked the rock music world with his incredible playing. He was just as good as Eddie Van Halen when it came to rock, but he had more heart, emotion and versatility in his playing. He's even better live than on record. No-one's ever played like him or been better than him. And someone once said that he's the only guy ever to eclipse Ozzy Osbourne during Live shows. Considering Ozzy is regarded as one of the most exciting rock performers ever, that speaks volumes. This man gets my vote!

No one can play as good as this man

Randy rhoads was the pioneer of neoclassical "METAL" and has inspired so many of the greats for instance Dimebag or Zakk Wylde Tom morello even Steve vai. I think that he should be number 1 or at least number 2 because I'm not going to go around saying look what he could have done but what he has done is ground breaking. For instance mr. Crowley is so classically written with all it's trills and legato runs and lightning speed it's just fantastic and in my opinion is better than Jimi Hendrix but that's my opinion and look at revelation it's swell complete. Y classical I don't even have to say how and also he was very versatile just look at goodbye to romance it wasn't all about shred there and he played awesome blues. So all I'm saying is for doing so much in such little time I think that he should be much higher than where he is right now cause come on he's really behind richie samora

Crazy train, dee, diary of a madman, mr. Crowley, revelation, I don't know, suicide solution, flying high again, over the mountain and laughing gas, all songs that showed so little of so much that randy rhoads had to offer to the music world, his playing and his good kind spirit lives on on the blizzard of ozz and diary of a madman records, on randy rhoads tribute, quiet riot the randy rhoads years and quiet riot 1 and 2, and on in us when ever we play any song that he has written and when we do good, may the electric angel rest in peace. RIP RANDALL WILLIAM RHOADS

I don't know what is wrong with people randy should be at the top of the list at #1! He is the best guitarist that ever lived if only his life wasn't cut short, it seems like no one even acknowledges (sorry for my spelling) him, if you don't think he is the best then listen to Mr. Crowley, flying high again, goodbye to romance, his days in quiet riot, dee, the solo on the tribute album on suicide solution, they are all amazing and by far beat everyone else, he knew the guitar like no other and could do anything, and he was only 25 when he died, it's a shame that he doesn't get the respect he deserves...R.I.P. the Best Guitarist that ever lived... Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads had a life shorter than most guitarist, and in that time, he made managed to surpass nearly every living guitarist, and many, many before him, he wasn't just a man of the past, he is a man of the future, I will never forget who he was and how hard he could rock, he started classical guitar at a young age of ~6 and played classical only for 7 years, a man who understand what makes the guitar what it is

Billie Joe Armstrong over Randy? People are complete idiots... Randy had everything. He revolutionized neoclassical playing, he had a huge impact for the time he had been around (see what Zakk Wylde or Dimebag Darrell have said about him) and most importantly he played with emotion. Hell, I feel every note in every solo that he played.

Randy Rhoads was by far one of the greatest guitarists of all time, he would have been better then any of these other guys on top of him on this list, imagine how good he could have been and still was at his young age. So vote for randy, he at least deserves a spot on the top 10. - ledzeppelin

Randy's turning over in his grave right now because he isn't in the top 10. There is no reason why he shouldn't be. He is the greatest metal guitarist of all time, end of story. It is a shame his life and career ended so early, and its also a shame that he isn't higher in this list, where he belongs.

Come on guys you kidding me? This guy should be at least at top 5! He succeed making him self to one of the most talented and greatest guitarists of all time by playing for only 2 years with Ozzy! He putted Ozzy at the top by making Blizzard and Diary and he inspired a lot of guitarists all over the world. He influenced all the neo-classical metal guitarists!

Not one mention of the person who saved Ozzy Osbourne's career. What a shame because Randy Rhoads is an amazing guitar player and if it weren't for his early tragic death, I'm sure he'd get more recognition. Some songs to get you started: Mr. Crowley, Crazy Train, No Bone Movies, Dee, and Over The Mountain

Randy Rhoads was the greatest guyitarest out there listen to Dee or the solo from suicide solution on the tribute album or the solo from his years with quiet riot he was playing guitar when he was a kid and actually found a way to blend classical and rock (metal) I have been playing for quite a few years but it still takes me a lot of time and practice to play some of the guitar licks he created.

Randy is just the best guitarist ever he was only 25 he died even younger than Jimi Hendrix and he is considered the best by a lot of musicians.
He never tried to imitate others and he was such a very good guy didn't use drugs and he only would care about improving his music. He will be forever young...
I understand that everybody has his own musical tastes, for me he is the best by far, but for the people who would disagree, he must be at least in top 10 without a doubt

Randy IS Rock - if you look up guitar Rock star in the dictionary his picture would be there. His solos are unmatched - purely genius. If only he was with us longer... imagine how many more solos we would have been able to enjoy. RIP Randy - you ARE the best

The only reason that I can imagine that Randy Rhoads is so far down on this list would be because he died so very young and people just haven't heard his music. If you ask anyone that has ever had the pleasure of playing with Randy, they will all tell you that he was one of the most talented guitar players that lived.

I don't understand why rhoads isn't at least in your top 5.. He is the only guitarist I have ever heard.. That can make blistering solos sound as smooth as if he were playing slow rhythms.. And also the only one I've heard that coud match his studio recordings in concert.. Note for note.. Best ever in my opinion

First, everyone should realize that they are forgetting about his guitar solo in the live version of "Suicide Solution". if his death had not occurred then he would have definitely been in the top 10 charts. He is the true Guitar God. If you truly want to listen to true Rock n' Roll, then listen to this guitarist. Like Ozzy said, "That's what Rock n' Roll's all about. Please bring this legend up on the charts all the way to #1!

This is idiocy. If it wasn't for Randy Rhoads and Ozzy Osbourne, we would not have metal. I find it insulting that he isn't number 1. He could compose guitar music perfectly, and he never held back when soloing. He's way better than slash.

Really, Randy Rhoads? 32? I'll admit, he's not the greatest, but for the love of God, he's way better than both Slash, Zakk Wylde, and hell even Jimi! Slash, well, quite frankly isn't that good. Zakk is good, but he's no Randy. Jimi's all show, Randy deserves to be higher up.

This guy could shred or not if he chose to, he was the greatest guitarist I've ever heard. Not many players have that ability, and his technical skills were leaps above anyone at that time or now. It would be amazing to hear what he'd create today. Randy was a modern day Mozart.

How can this guy be worse than billie, I'm mean billie was my first guitar hero and still is but he's known a lot for his singing whick he's a great singer but randy was known for guitar and seriosly 29 come on people, he's a great guitarist and if hed never gotton into that plane he would be way better than his competition back then eddie Van Halen, and he was better than him back then, but since he died and eddie could move ahead, id have to say eddie is better, but still randy is my favorite guitarist of all time and an inspiration my guitar playing

Randy Rhoads should be at least in the top five, he was pretty good. He played with Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osbourne and with both bands, he was great! He really is, without a doubt, one of the best guitarists that ever lived. Too good and died too young. He was amazing!

It has been said so many times here already, Randy is #1 hands down. I will never forget the first time I heard Crazy Train, changed my life forever. There will never be another Randy Rhodes. Just listen to his solos and you will have to agree he is the greatest!

Man, when I first heard Randy, with Crazy Train... I was all "Who the hell is this... I gotta look this up, this guy can play really good", and then came that second solo with MR. Crowley... I was all "Hah, Eddie Van Halen has nothing on this guy! This man certainly is the best there is... Doesn't get any better than he does! " Wish I could've lived long enough to get some lessions!