Steve Howe


He who does not acknowledge that Steve Howe is the most skillful and technically accomplished among rock guitarists knows little about guitar playing. It's not just the noise, speed or dexterity. Of course, Steve has all these too. But more than these qualities, there are others like: complexity, direction, tonality, integration of the instrument, choice of intervention... I could go on.
Anyway, Steve Howe is definitely the best. And yes, YES is the greatest rock band ever.

Wow! Ask any guitarist. Steve Howe is in another realm compared with many of the guitarist cited above him. There are some good guitarists on this list but could outplay all of them. I really admire Jimmy Page, Angus Young and the rest but who did Queen go to for guitar that Brian May could not play. Yes, Steve Howe.

Some of the comments are from 14 year old enthusiasts or fans of rock and roll with little understanding of the instrument.

Steve's talent, diversity of playing styles, creativity is unmatched in rock and roll.

You are going to have to go into the classical world to find guitarists that can compare/surpass Steve.

That Steve Howe is this far down on this list just proves that this is just a popularity contest, not a true judge of talent.

Clearly people have no broad knowledge of music. Even if you don't like the prog rock genre just look at the Steve Howe playing and tell me how many people above him could come close to matching his ability. In the 1970's Howe was regularly voted above Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Beck etc in guitarist polls. Now he's below - shows this is a popularity contest only.

Should be top ten, by far one of the most skilled, creative, original, and important guitarists in rock history.

If you love guitar and you don't think of Steve Howe, you're just not paying attention. There is a video on YouTube of Steve Howe giving an interview in the early 70's when Yes was first getting some attention and he's noodling on the guitar during the interview. Even back then, when he was still wet behind the ears, he held his own with most everyone else on this list. NOW... Forty years later, his musicianship is off the scale.

When everyone wanted to play the blues, Steve Howe introduced flamenco, classical, ragtime, jazz and many other styles to rock. Also was the guitarist for one of the best bands ever, Yes. During the 70s, Howe was voted 5 times in a row the best guitarist in the world on a Guitar World magazine readers poll. Because of him they had to implement a rule that no one could win the poll more than 5 times!

Steve howe should probably be somewhere in the top 3 of this list. not only does he do an amazing job contributing improvisational rhythm, but his solos show a sense of rawness and melody unheard of by pretty much any guitarist ever. he's also an amazing classical and jazz guitarist which does wonders to his playing. look for songs "the clap", "heart of the sunrise" and "america" for his best work

Steve Howe is a lot more technically skilled and versitile than Joe Satriani

Steve Howe, number 73? Blasphemy! Most of these guys couldn't carry Steve's guitar case. THE MOST versatile, inventive guitarist in rock music and has been since the early seventies, and into his sixties remains a top 10'er, at worst.

Putting a plug in for Steve. He's ranked way too low in most polls. Easily a top ten contender. He's innovative, highly skillful and has impeccable taste in what he plays and doesn't play.

Personally I think steve howe is one of the greatest guitarists that any kind of rock has ever seen and will ever see in a long time.

By far Steve Howe is the most creative and hottest guitar player to this day. I seen countless time and every time he blows me away with his style.

How (e) could this list be taken seriously if Steve Howe is not in the top 10 or even the top 5. MY opinion only Hendrix and clapton may rank better

How many of those guitarists ranked above Howe would probably not be playing, if Steve Howe didn't exist?

Has impacted rock by translating a classical impression on his guitar style, while technically maintaining his passions.

Probably a generational thing, but if you don't know his work, YouTube any live "Yes" song and behold the master. Should be #1, for numerous, obvious reasons!

This low? Steve Howe plays multiple styles of guitar and has a collection of many guitars that he uses. This guy should be in the top 10 for sure. Popularity does not mean you're the best. Steve, Jeff Beck, and Ritchie Blackmore all deserve to be in the top 10.

The very best period.. Shows you what low experienced kids must be voting when Prince and Slash and a bunch of dudes you never heard of and 10 years from now you wont be able to find beat the likes of Howe.. Noticed Mayer is low... LMAO Keith Richards beat these guys at playing guitar.. Strum and dumb... Too funny.. Howe is the best.. Period.. End of story

This guy is a guitar virtuoso. - blinkr735

I'm disappointed! I agree completely that Robert Fripp should be place way up on the list. My top 20 would certainly include Fripp, Steve Howe, and anyone forgetting Allan Holdsworth. This should be fixed!

There is a lot of talent in this list but I wonder what the answer would be if somebody was ask them if they where better than steve howe

He really should be first here... in the end being a good guitar player is much more than being fast and having coordinated fingers. He has this but he is able to make up extremely creative stuff in so many different styles unlike the other guitarists most of whom only have a single style that they are famous for.

Should be in top ten list. Still playing. Still sounds great. When was the last time any of you seen Hendrix.

Has played for decades and should be ranked along his peers in each. In my humble opinion top 5 in the 70's, 80's, a lot of material so all time ranking top Ten!