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Zakk Wylde


Zakk Wylde is 4 sure the best, I mean hendrix was the creator the influence 4 guitar and slash is only so up because his fames status of his band, when it comes down to guitar skills zakks the best of em all. He can play fast, or slow ballads, he can play metall or blues and he's very good in everything, and the most important he's playing from the heart.
A guitar god under-rated on other lists. Zakk wylde delivers mind blowing solos and the most perfectly executed pinch harmonics of any guitarist. He can play anything ranging from acoustic, rhythm and blues to heavy metal with screaming pinch harmonics. Has played in numerous popular bands such as Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, Pride and Glory, solo albums and others. He can sing while he plays too.
Satch via malmsteen page eddie clapton dime gilmour petrucci johnson santana stevie ray rhoads lifeson blackmore gilbert all behind slash and sinister gates huh. clearly only a select few know what they are talking about not to mention god wylde listen to 1000000 miles away greatest fn song/solo ever
Zakk Wylde is Randy Rhode's Prodigy, Jimmy is and will always be a great guitarist, but Dimebag and Zakk should both be higher ranked then they are, and to say otherwise, you need to re-listen to their music....
It's a joke a man such as Zakk Wylde should be as low down the lost hands down better than bucket head who rated higher some times polls such as this got for easy options that people would know. Listen to Zakk educate yourselfs on all the people on this list and tell me he should be at number 29
Ranging from his time with Ozzy to BLS, the man is a pure genius with an axe. The solo's Zakk lays down are pure works of art, from the power chords all the way to his harmonics, it is all GREATNESS! Typically plays a Gibson Les Paul, even has a couple of his own designs produced. Also has been know to play a flying V.
Zakk Wylde is the best guitarist of all time nobody is even on the same level as him when it comes to rockin and the only two who were (Dimebag Darrel and Randy Rhodes) are dead so therefore Zakk is the best and should be number one.
I remember watching Zakk Wylde playing acoustic guitar for the first time.I was impressed so much....I've never seen anyone playing like this...In my opinion he should certainly be on the top.
I seriously don't understand why, people think that kurt cobain is a better Guitarist than zakk wylde. I mean, I have never heard anything like that.

Zakk Wylde is the best..
No more tears guys this guy should be #18 at least! Zakk wylde has been in 2 of the most biggest and baddest bands in rock/metal history which is ozzy osbourne and the black label society!
Zakk Wylde's fingers can dance swiftly on the guitar producing a thrilling music which no other players ever can. The effects that he plays are marvelous.
Dave Mustaine is NOT better then one of Ozzy's guitarist. He's not even better then the other guitarist in his band. This list is a joke. Jimi Hendrix is NOT the number one guitarist. Zakk is the king in my opinion
For one, this is one of the few best that are alive. He is a member of Ozzy Osbourne and the creator of Black Label Society. Also a friend of the late Dimebag Darrell.
Zakk created and revolutionized a whole other style of playing. The most versatile player out there! Being at #55 is a joke, should be in the top 10!
Zakk is the god of badass guitarist, how dare you!
He has the skills and the presense. Mmm... Zakk is god bitches!
zakk wylde to me is god watch his fingers move..o wait you cant they are to fast
When Zakk Wylde picks up the guitar, he is a doubt about it, his fingers just touch the frets like magic!
I'm not such a big fan of this guy but comon, he's way better than a lot of the other guys in the 30s 20s and teen
zack wylde and synyster gates and slash are far the best guitarests of all time they should be at the top.
He's the best hands down nobody can play like him, he play any hendrix song like it's nothing
He is better than anyone on the list. He can rock out on electric but seeing him on acoustic is great. Lets see buckethead do that
Zakk is defiantly 1st. He is one of the best guitarist of the world.. So I don't know why he's number 53!
god, zakk should be #1 there is no way jimi is better...maybe close but not wuite there
zakk wylde should be near the top somewhere, especially with a name like that!!!
Zakk can play anything, thus making him the best guitarist of all time in my book.
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