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Sweet Child O' Mine
Slash solo in this song is one of the best solos I ever listen... It seems there we are flying when he starts the guitar solo... AWESOME... Deserves the first place!
sweet child' o mine is my favourite song and in this song slash is the best
Nice solos, nice melody every thing is brilliant but should be like 2 or 3
[Newest]Estranged a close second.
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2November Rain
Sweet Child O' Mine is a fantastic song but November Rain is always something special. It encapsulates a lot of emotions together. 99/100 to November Rain and 95/100 to Sweet Child O' Mine for me.
This song has some of the most beautiful lyrics, and when accompanied by full orchestra and and Elton John-ish piano, it builds to the massive, mesmerizing solo that Slash delivers... One so powerful that it gets your blood racing and puts a smile on your face at the same time.
This is my favorite song of all time. Its combination of a beautiful piano intro, three amazing guitar solos, and excellent lyrics make the nine minutes you will spend listening to it the best nine minutes of your life.
[Newest]This is something out of this world. My all time favourite. This is One song with no comparison with any other song

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3Welcome to the Jungle
This is just freaking classic GnR. It's like a classic. I have to agree with Slashrocks on this one.
appatite for distruction is my favorite album of all time, and this song is right at the top of the PURE ROCK that Guns N' Roses used to be, this is what axle needs to get beck
definite guns n roses, the sappy ballads are ok but gnr was all about the attitude and balls
[Newest]Easily their best hit! It's epic and many people wish they would have wrote that song. That says a lot.

4Paradise City
sweet child o mine should be 2nd actually. this track is like a legend. when slash plays the intro, the response is always huge! a great song!
This is the best GNR song ever sweet child of mine is good but we're talking about paradise city here
Welcome to the Jungle and November Rain are both exceptionally awesome songs, but you can listen to Paradise City for 100 times on loop and still wanna listen to it even more! It has got everything!
[Newest]The best song ever... Should be the first

5Knockin' On Heaven's Door
This one should be knocking # 1 position. The very best song of the world.
Dude this song is one of the BEST songs ever!
This song still plays in my head almost every day, you rule...!
[Newest]Bob dylan wrote this song

Don't listen to the retard who says Estranged is best because there are "more key changes". This song is the best because it is an epic, flawless masterpiece; just listen to the song! Besides, Estranged only changes key once, just like Sweet Child and November Rain!
A long song, but my most listened to song of all time. I love everything about this song, the contrast between the two halves split up by a wonderful piano solo, 4 incredible solos and fine lyrics and voice work from Axl. The band really out did themselves with this absolute gem


Amazing vocals and best guitar solo ever! The most under rated Guns N' Roses song
[Newest]Extraordinary lyrics and a real masterpiece
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7Don't Cry (Original)
Probably the greatest song ever written. It was a girl that Izzy was going out with that Axl really, really lIked. We've all met one special girl that we won't ever forget, every single one of us; and for Axl, she was it. When Izzy and he girl broke up, Axl asked her out and on their first date, she told him its not going to work out. He just put aside his masculinity for a minuet and started crying, and she told him "don't cry". The next day Axl and Izzy got together and wrote the song in five minuets. Axl has a lot attached to this song, and when he sings it, you can hear that he's giving it his all. He just gives so much when he sings this song, at the very end he sings notes I didn't even know we're humanly possible to sing. He forgets about everything else in the world and just sings. The song is about a woman leaving a man. Gives me chills every time. This song is a true masterpiece and definitely number one on my list.
here vocals are really impressive with amazing guitar solos
It's not easy to choose one of this marvelous songs but Don't cry... Touches my soul. Knocking on heaven's door is one of my favourite songs but I'll always be a fan of the original version.
[Newest]Superb lyrics, superb singing, superb guitar work... makes me cry every time I hear it...

8Civil War
I am gonna say nothing its the best must be from the top 3 songs all of the songs up are great but in my opinion civil war is the best. Great guitar. Great singing and lyrics about war and freedom
The best of the best. Excellent Guitar work and matching lyrics, telling a killer story.
The best of gnr... must be number 3 or 5


[Newest]This is pure perfection, this song makes me wish I was guy so could marry axl rose!

9You Could Be Mine
From Matt's Solo in the beginning, to Duff's groovy lick before the epic Dual Guitar riff from Slash and Izzy Stradlin to Axl's screeching vocals and throughout the whole song, It gave me goosebumps, because with your bitch slap rapping and your cocaine tongue, you get nothin' done
Nice to see the big 3 from Appetite all in the top 4.
But You Could Be Mine should replace November Rain up there.
This is the best GNR track NOT on Appetite!
Brilliant song! Really gets the blood pumping! You can tell they wrote it around the time of writing all the songs on Appetite and it could easily have been on that album. Terminator 2 was my favourite movie for a long time and it had the added bonus of having this song in it. T2 and You Could Be Mine: the perfect combination!
[Newest]This song is to good for #10 spot should be in the to 5

This should definitely be one of the top 3ôs, if not, at least top 5ôs. Such a great song!
this is one of the best slash is using a acoustic guitar which is what made this song so amazing
hahaha to the comment 'i will fight anyone who doesn't like this song' I shall back you up
[Newest]One of the first songs I learned to play

The Contenders

Appetite For Destruction was their best album... Guns N' Roses are one of the best bands of music history and this song too...
Definitely my favorite GNR song. It's unfortunate it wasn't more popular...
[Newest]This should trade places with don't cry

12Rocket Queen
when the sliding solo ends you think what a great hard rock song by gnr but when the bridge comes and the 'i see you standing' part starts you're like wow just wanna stand up and dance like crazy... and then the OUTRO part with the solo... just AMAZING. nothing compares to this one... got to be at top 5
I might be too much but honey you are a b... you're BIT OBSCENE... Tokyo Version on 1992 is wow...
Why is this number twelve? This song is so great! Sickest main riff and bass line. First half is so dirty and wild but the second is romantic and emotional, joined by a tension building bridge that makes you believe that the second part will be the same as the first, but you are suddenly blown away by cleaner guitar and vocals with meaningful lyrics. Slash's solo is really solid too, the list goes on, but that last 2:50 is the most perfect moment in rock and roll history
[Newest]I have to say... This is my favourite song from the Appetite For Destruction album!


13Mr. Brownstone
It has everything, a catchy riff, a good solo and a smart vocals. I love the line: I used to do a little but the little wouldn't do it so that little got more and more. I love it. Everytime I play it on guitar, people love it.
Everyone says that all their songs are about drugs... Well they are but this one is AWESOME! Nobody put my absolute face guns song (out ta get me) but this is #2 because it rocks for being a song all about heroin
Greatest song ever. This is so good, makes me wanna see them live. When I heard it the second time this is so damn nice
[Newest]Great song on appetite for destruction


The last 3 minutes of the song is probably the greatest moment in music history
In my opinion this song could be their best, but definitely top 5. It is so underrated that it's a crime. Once this song begins, its impossible to turn it off because it starts of good and just gets better and better with every second. It really doesn't get much better than this.
have you heard the live version? It's so awesome - sad they only played it a couple of times.
[Newest]This is truly their most underrated song! It's one of their top 5 songs

15My Michelle
This song is incredible. the lyrics are intense, the guitars are great, the drums are great. Everything is on point. should be in the top 10
I completely love this song in fact its my favorite song by Guns N Roses and its also off of their biggest albums this song is one the best also I really think that this song should be number 1 but for some reason everybody's favorite is Sweet Child O'Mine I do not know why but I prefer for My Michelle to be number 1


Best Guns N' Roses Song ever


16Live and Let Die
This is honestly the best song you will ever hear by them, it's touched more people than anyone could imagine
This totally rock music.
They can change a lazy song to the very rock song!
This can be higher than nightrain and Chinese democracy!
This should be top 10!
This has to be in top 10. It's their best song with the most meaningful lyrics. This is what I call rock music
[Newest]The very tone is mind blowing! Definitely. Top 10

17It's So Easy
OK so maybe not Sweet Child, Paradise City, or Welcome to the Jungle but deserves to be higher than 21st
incredible song, amazing vocals, great solo, the end of this number is really the highpoint! Underrated song..
What! This is their best! It's even better than sweet child, paradise city and welcome to the jungle!
[Newest]The meanest Guns song and one of the best from Appetite (their best album, no contest), so it should be much higher

This song is to good for #18 spot should be in top 10

19Pretty Tied Up
Too fun and too rock n' roll. :3
Mindblowing song. Very catchy, changes tempo multiple times effortlessly. Underrated song.

20Used to Love Her
This song is so cleverly written and fun to listen to. I love the stark contrast from the dark lyrics to the breezy, fun (almost relaxing) tone of the music itself.
Only 22nd? Come on guys rate that fabulous song!
Absolutely love this song

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