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21Anti-Hero Rifle

Yeah brother of prototype except better. By the way you should top ten categories like sniper. I would vote Sunrise. By the way Secret Forces Rifle better then Hellraiser Up2

Yes! Add this. This is the best weapon. It is a 1 shot from the regular, way better than prototype

Cool gun 1 shot kill if headshot but also can 1 shot kill in body shot if the opponent is weak

Best gun ever

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22Flaming Volcano

I like this gun cause it is like the pet dragon

Good gun if you're at a certain range

This gun is absolutely perfect for survival mode! Say a horde of monsters were chasing you and you had one heart thing left. What would you do
? I'll tell you what I would do! I take my flaming volcano and burn them all to ashes! ¡! ¡

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23Crystal Laser Cannon

Legendary, had for only few days, already killing opponents in under 2 secs

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24Toy Bomber Up2

I have it and in two to three shot your enemy is dead this should be third or at least fifth

This weapon's bounce helps in many situations, and this gun is the master of the coliseum!

People are so weird when they use this.

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25Rambo's Rifle

I don't really like using this gun but if you need a good gun get this when it's the combat rifle

It's the best jack of all trades in the game.

This thing can match marksman up1!

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26Laser Crossbow

This is so weak. Prototype is much better. This can't go through walls. I killed somebody with Anti Hero rifle in a wall shot in Snipers

This thing can't shoot through walls. Prototype UP2 and Anti Hero Rifle UP2 is better

Its shooting rate is fast than any sniper I tried

Way better than prototype

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27Secret Force Rifle

This gun is OP. It has high lethality and lots of ammo. The reloading time is super quick as well. Plus its only 200 gems on discount!

"Very Good When Using

"I Recommend It Because It's Cool The Ammo Is Just Like Combat Rifle But The Damage Is Strong!

This is an epic gun! In my opinion the best primary weapon. It is totally OP.

Awesome if used with armageddon

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If you have bad aim, then you can waste ammo pretty quick due to the fire rate. However, if you are a person who wants speed and a fast assault against the opponents, this is the gun that you will need.

It's high speed goes well with its damage, and mobility is pretty good. It also is good in both close up and sniping combat. I suggest getting this gun for a start.

High rate of with decent accuracy and a scope makes beginner and intermediate players a force not to be reckoned with.

I upgraded it too UP1

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29Deadly Candy

In my opinion, the best primary weapon is the Deadly Candy. It only holds 3 ammo at a time but does a massive amount of damage. You should definitely buy this weapon of close ranged death.

It was removed why bother if your stupid enough to update pixel gun.

This gun is fast and you should get it when you have enough coins.

30Dark Mage Wand

I like this because you don't have ammo it's good but it's not the best.

Like it 'cause there are no limit to this gun (? ).

This thing absolutely sucks balls

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31Grenade Launcher

This gun is a one shot kill in up2 form we have it and its pretty boss

This is the worst special weapon it only has 1 ammo and it pretty much just sucks because it's hard to aim

I have it and I hate it. I know up2 is 1 shot but this one is worse that signal pistol

I have this and it's so weak

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32Apocalypse Up2

How is Apocalypse UP1 ahead of this, is is ahead of Armageddon and its 1 shot.

It is very good but fire's 1 rocket at a time

Good rocket launcher, but save up for armadegeon as you hit higher levels

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33Icicle Minigun

The Icicle Minigun is so OP if someone is getting away on shoot it slows down the enemy

Awesome gun! Who would not want an icicle minigun!?

I have this gun it is TOTALLY AWESOME

It is awesome

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34Poison Hunter UP1

This is a great weapon. It is really powerful and the scope is good for snipes. However, I prefer the Laser Bouncer UP1 for closer range fighting.

I think that this is the best gun for players at level 20

Can headshot someone in two shots

It's only good for sniper forts

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35Chain Thunder Bolt

This is like a melee weapon but with ammo and I think the best close range gun I have ever seen

It kills the dragon in campaign the FASTEST

Just complete epic ness but short range

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36Electro Blast Rifle Up2

Amazing sniper which is cheaper than the prototype with area damage just in case you miss

Amazing - range+accuracy+area damage+lots of ammo = this gun

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37Golden Friend

This gun is very OP depending on which version you get. You can win it in the lottery with about a 1/600 chance. The damage and fire rate are almost random but considering how good it CAN be it's probably the best gun in the game.

Golden friend is not bad pretty much hell raiser up 1 but the aiming is terrible however the scope makes it like your using silver bullets so it's not bad but not the best either

Has high fire rate and awesome for a amateur

Guys if u have this weapon your so lucky!

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38Dead Star

Just spam it next to people. Its super good. When u hit someone, it will one hit kill, most of the time. However, it only has 5 bullets in each magazine so you reload a lot. Its not that effective against heavily armored players.

Op gun two shots and the opponents dead

I like this, but its too expensive

This gun is poo

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39Acid Cannon

When you headshot someone, it does a lot of damage.

It isn't very good when you first get it

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Quite expensive to upgrade, but it's definitely better than the classic Rambo's Rifle. It has 2/less bullets in a magazine, but it's got better damage and mobility. Definitely better than the Marksman too. It's only problem is price.

Who cares if this thing has 5 lethality? This gun tears people apart no kidding I used it to get 75 wins in a row

I like this because its not expensive and powerful but I prefer up 2

I have up2 version so good

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