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41Big Buddy Up2

Utter destruction completely. All out death. Kill everything with this bad boy!

This thing is 2 shot kill on any armor and how is it so low on the list

This thing is OP it is a one shot to full adamant armour

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42Swat Rifle

All the starter primary up to Swat rifle sucks

This gun is just like the combat rifle but with more damage and a silent ability however it is a bit more expensive at 85 coins with a

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43Powerful Gift

This is powerful just like the name says.

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Even though the laser minigun is better but it is only better by a little tiny bit.

It's just any other laser type gun, just that it need more ammo capacity.

The vacuumizer has efficiency of 24 without being upgraded so that's only one less than the laser minigun and it will offer u it at 81 gems as u progress in the game so its this all the way for me

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45Assault Machine Gun

Can kill people in a few seconds. This thing so op. Gotta get it.

The assault Mach gun can kill faster than a laser minigun

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46Dual Uzi

I got this gun at low level no upgrade and I wreck

I don't know what to say but I recommend this gun

Lots of ammo and very fast shooting rapid

This gun is good against a bunch people

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47Pet Dragon

Its definitely recommend for starting out up1 gives me an average of 16 kills

This works out for me well and I get lots of kills!

This is like flame thrower except 1% stronger

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One if the best weapons in the game, very powerful

Good gun looks sick at level 2 it's so op

Pretty good gun, but once you upgrade the other players start to get really good aurmor

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49Armageddon Up2

It's a very powerfully weapon, but costs a TON of coins and gems toget the up 2. In the end, it's totally worth it, even if therefore Tim is a bit long.


If you can aim well, have this at least an up1 and terrorize every prototype user!

I have it is better than prototype when it's up2 it does 24 lethality and it's faster

This is the younger brother of prototype and it's so powerful. It should have been in the snipers.

So easy to use and kills easy

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51Predator Up2

This is a great weapon to use 1 shot on ruby armour bang two shots I think on adamant armour bang rating 9.9/10

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52Alien Blaster Up2

This is op as heck. Well the downfall of it is the fire rate. This gun can 1 shot or 2 shot a player with adamant up2. And what else? It can ricochet meaning the bullet can bounce around. It is also a laser. The laser instantly go's for the target in 0 seconds

This is more to an alternative to the exterminator. It shoots faster, but doesn't shoot through walls. However it is a ricochet, so the bullet bounces through the map walls.. Imagine using it in cargo...

This is the most underrated op gun in pixel gun.
It is a ONE SHOT KILL TO THE HEAD to an adamant armored Up2 player, making it stronger than the prototype with a 25 lethality. It also bounces off walls, which is cool. I think this is one of the best guns in the game.

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53Deadly Viper

This gun is the Deadly Viper. It hold 9 ammo at a time but does great damage to enemies.

This does a lot of damage on head shots and is near as fast as the deadly candy.

When I got this gun I didn't think it was that good. Wow was I wrong

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54Automatic Peacemaker M3

It hears like it is really powerful

It has a huge ammo compacity and if you have multiple targets, you can just sweep from side to side and hit all of them. Epic!


Expensive but awesome. It holds 4 rockets at once instead of one rocket. Very deadly, and definitely one of the best. Get it by fully upgrading the apocalypse 300 (the bazooka). Fantastic gun. I give it 5 stars.

In the beginners it's so overused, its one shot but when its higher level it becomes a lot of shots.

Costs 550 coins and upgrades from bazooka but is great! The upgrade itself is 150 coins.

The scope is different

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Very powerful but ot has only one shoot and reload again, kind of wasteing time

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57Swat Rifle Up2

It's hit range and fire rate it's awesome. Once you locked on a sniping target, even in the legs, you can kill him in seconds.

You got to be kidding me right? This is like the BEST GUN EVER! This has a scope and it is very good. Recommended from me.

Has a scope, looks cool, awesome lethality = OP, it kills ruby in seconds.

Buy This :) recommended and cheap

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58Solar Ray Rifle

Awesome and has an epic lethality:23 if you upgrade it all the way and it has a good death animation

This gun should be at number three since it is better than laser minigun but not as good as dragonbreath

This thing when up2 it can kill ruby faster than dragonsbreath

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59Impulse Sniper Rifle

Why is this the 10th should be better than prototype

Prototype type is cheaper and better

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60Storm Hammer

This is the most op weapon in the game- it kills almost anyone and it is super annoying. It has a HUGE range and SPLASH damage, so if you get close, you are dead. It has 27 lethality so it destroys people in 2 shots or less. Basically if you do not have a sniper or a 130 mobility gun you are automatically toast

I got berserk boots up 2 like yesterday when I got my storm hammer. It's mobility is really fast and I run through the map killing everyone. It is OP. But you need to slam it at the right time, otherwise you can get killed easily.

Someone said fire orb is better than storm hammer so I said you dumb ass you don't know the storm hammers true power. Plus I'm gonna get it this weekend.

Best and most expensive how is it not number one

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