Most Handsome Men In India

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The Top Ten

Salman Khan
He is a very good human being
He is the most gorgeous and good looking. And have great acting abilities. I really like it and his nature is too good and soft.
No doubts he is the best.awesome looks great style and above all a fantastic human being...
[Newest]I love his body.

2Hiritik Roshan
He looks like greek god
Hrithik roshan is a good actor beause he never show-of and very handsome guy
Stupendous look and style...
[Newest]He is not less than any Hollywood actor

3Mahesh Babu
Mahesh iS thE beST.
Who is he? I really don't know him


He is most handsome person
[Newest]Simple beautiful good looking

4Virat Kohli
Virat is the most handsome guy
He's a great young guy, cool and has attitude too...!
Really a seductive personality
[Newest]I like virat seductive personality

5Shahrukh Khan
Stunning personality including a sexy smile..
He is not only a great actor and entertainer, but also a very good human being, an that too, without any show-off!
Very true that hi me is a man with great personality without any show off attitude
I just voted ho are he's guys
[Newest]I like shahrukh khan

6Aamir Khan
Excellent person in multiple acting
6 packs abs at this age not a matter of joke... He is best.
Very good actor. He is number 1.
[Newest]He is number1 actor in Bollywood

7Ranbir Kapoor
You are the poor actor I feel bad for because you are nothing in front of my guru salman khan
Ranbir is a very natural actor, the cutest, most handsome of all the Bollywood actors presently...
[Newest]Ranbir kapoor handsome man in India

8Shahid Kapoor
He is the most hand some man of India
Shahid kapoor so hands am boy in the world and best dance or actor in world
He is stylish and handsome no one can beat him
[Newest]Are you kidding? He's THE ONLY good looking guy in whole India!

9Ram Charan
He is good Dancer and Actor
The best dancer, the best actor, and the best human.
Ram is best. Love him
[Newest]Ram is the best.i love him

10Suresh Raina
He has a cute look.
Raina is a cool guy I like very much raina
He has something to look at looks and looks
[Newest]U r really good cricketer

The Contenders

Handsome and cute guy
He is a good family man, a very very handsome parson, and has a good character compared to others...
I like surya very much he, s a good person and very very handsome
[Newest]He is handsome and good innocent looking

12John Abraham
One of the most hottest guy in the world.
And without a doubt the most handsome person in india.
For all those who say no, google some pics.
Any human being who sees him will like to have a second look and more and more
I like his body,

13Ajith Kumar
He is truly the only star in the country who can carry the salt and pepper look with grace and it makes him look sexier. No other Indian actor can do this. He must act in the Indian version of PRETTY WOMAN. He is the Richard Gere of India.
Thala is one of the most naturally good looking actors and does not need any kind of make-up or face uplifts/cosmetic surgery to enhance his looks.He looks good even when his hair has turned grey.
Wanna be in the first three places
[Newest]Great human, humble person, meaning of simplicity

14Mehandra Singh Dhoni
He is a good bats man
He is a cool man wicketkeper and a batsman
DHONI remains as the number 1 captain in cricket forever
[Newest]Handsome and very good cricketer

15Akshay Kumar
He looks really hot
Akshay Kumar Is A Most handsome Man Of India.
How can Akshay be at such a low position? He is one of most good looking man in world..
[Newest]He is no doubt very fit and a very versatile actor! Apart from that he looks very handsome and well shaped nose and jaw lines make him look very awesome!

16Yuvraj Singh
He is a great player.. And I think he is the handsomest cricketer in present
He is good player for ever
Dangerous player and he is handsome too

His smile kills us he is the beautiful person in India he is the smartest guy in India
He is a good actor, dancer and good hearted person
Vijay is one of the handsome and stylish actor

18Arjun Kapoor
Very good looking and charming personality.

19Manan Vohra

20Ranveer Singh
One of the good actor
Compare to salman he is best playboy

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