Top Ten Hardest Bravery Default Bosses

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1Victor and Victoria (Second Fight)
2Alternis Dim

This guy was tough. Not to mention he kept on spamming minis strike and beat my ass.

3Lord Derroso

That damn energy burst though!

4Sage Yulylana

Not only do have to face all those tough bosses, but then you have face him! And this guy loved to spammed comet on my team.


She just loved to use shippnaugri on my whole team. (I don't know how to spell it)

6Fiore Derosa

This guy was really cheap. His ability was also really broken. And his thundara killed my whole team.

7Merchant Profiteur

He loved to spam takeover.

8Earth Dragon

His earthquake move kept on paralyzing my team and since I could not move he just killed me with that earth move.

9Praline the Performer

It wasn't praline that gave me trouble. It was her her bodyguards that whipped my ass!

10Salve Maker Quda

Without dispel, this battle was a pain.

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