Top Ten Hardest Enemies to Kill In Resident Evil 6

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Face it, even you wanna do combo attacks on this freak show, that blue gas around you will kill you and you'll end up becoming a zombie. Shoot him and keep your distance far away from him.


This smart, but deadly maniac is tough as nails just like Nemesis, but he appears a lot in Jake's campaign story and appears once on Leon's campaign story. His arms comes up in many ways for path of destruction, so you better keep your eyes open.


Sneaky snake monster just wanna tease you and playing hide and sneak. Better move around quick or you'll be its lunch!


Stronger than a chainsaw zombie and much more ferocious than any other sub bosses, you should move as fast as you can to avoid getting sliced up by him. Also use a shotgun or sniper to take him out quicker.


These lizard-like B.O. W's are fast and sneaky, plus also attacks you while firing spikes or spit. Take your time on these goons and they'll be terminated.


These meat monsters can finish you off quick, but they're slow. Use a shotgun or assault machine gun to take them out. Also, shoot their moving body parts if they're still trying to attack you.


Use as many firepower as you can against Simmons' mutated forms of himself. His T-Rex form and his fly form are the toughest, shoot him in the head while he's in T-Rex form and use a glowing rod to stab a zombie so that his fly form can grab it and get struck by lighting. Look at the walkthroughs for more details.

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