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21Ruined Journey

You put this and nine circles is not on the list

I don't know what this is put Nine Circles or Fairydust, not this

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23LandectV2 Comments

Dude, why isn't this in number one? It's definitely harder than bloodbath (duh) and possibly harder than sonic wave.

Just go watch a gameplay of this level... Harder than anything else

It's longer than bloodbath so it's harder

Harder than bloodbath

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25Conical Depression

Harder than this list combined, no bugs, just game glitches in the GAME, not LEVEL.

Hardest demon ever. Extremely buggy, Extremely hard. Did I mention it's hard?

This level should be demon 21 stars

This should be #1 or #2 not #23!

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People used to consider this #2, but I say #8, because its just super-long

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27Stereo Madness

First level in the game, but also the hardest.

You are crazy this level is so easy

Probably the hardest demon yet.

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28Deadly ClubstepV1 Comment

Ok, so this level technically isn't verified yet, but it is harder than Bloodbath, The Hell Factory, Sonic Wave, Sakupen Hell (which is hacked), and all the other contenders. Utilising almost every game mechanic known and created by 20+ players, this is hands down the hardest level in the game. Less-than-one-block-space flying, quadruple spikes, extreme mini-wave, lightning-fast gameplay, confusing decorations and extreme memorisation makes this the hardest (will be) level in the game. And search up some edited together videos of it before you dare even considering otherwise.

If (When) Riot verifies this it will be the hardest demon in the game! This course would be harder than bloodbath anyway but it is nearly 3 times as long! no competition anywhere even sonic wave infinity (also when verified) won't rival it.

This should be number 1. It was supposed to be harder than bloodbath

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30DeadlockedV2 Comments
31Ice Cream

Very stupid level, people can't say it sucks because Cyclic made it, so it has to be considered good to them... People these days :/

The levels is so fun, even though the graphics aren't as well, who cares

It's graphics aren't as well, but the levels I do fun

Very poor graphics why is this even a demon?

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32Death Corridor

Actually on the original death corridor, I forgot who it was, but they made it through the level in practice. So it's possible, just super hard. Like Silent Clubstep or River Styx

I know the creator, KaotikJumper, and he has made it so that Death Corridor, is, in fact, now possible. If it were to be verified, then it would be very hard.

33Extreme Chaos
34A Bizarre Phantasm

This level is harder than cataclysm. It has many cancer and difficult parts including a really cancerous troll part at the end that results in a death at 97% if you don't get it right. So far, all of Team N2's demons have been harder than cataclysm. It took GoodSmile 27000 attempts to reverify - Milesman34

This has to be number 3 behind phobos at least

This has to be on the top 10 at least

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35Silent Clubstep

Dis level is physically impossible for anyone in the universal world

This is Impossibruh.Requires hacks to be beaten,so,should not be in the list,or maybe in number 1 spot.

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36Silent Circles

This should not be on this list, it's a hacked level and cyclic and Cyrillic are two hackers - Unknownguy

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37RetentionV1 Comment
38xStep V5 Comments
39ReanimationV2 Comments

Oh my god you idiot, the original is polargeist, not POLTERGEIST, it's a nine circles level by Andromeda. - Azurewrath

Poltergeist is a meh level, not even rated as "hard" by most players.

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