Top 10 Hardest Geometry Dash Levels


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1 Clubstep

Even though theirs no speed boosts, it' seems so fast, and theirs so many parts that seem like secret paths but their NOT

It took me more than 20000 tries to complete

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2 Deadlocked

Yeah pretty much. I mean, it is the last demon level, so it should be the hardest.

It's the easiest demon in the original series, so...

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3 Electrodynamix

How this not #1?! It took me 700 attempts just to beat PRACTICE MODE!

It's so freaked FAST

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4 Hexagon Force V 1 Comment
5 Clutterfunk


Funk is the best

Your mini too much

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6 Theory of Everything

It's th mini ufo that is hard

What the heck l

7 Theory of Everything 2

It just has no space the entire level

I'm voting because I've passed both the original Theory of Everything and Clutterfunk, yet they're both placed higher than Theory of Everything 2, which I am stuck at a lousy 14%!

This should be 1, but since it's newer it wasn't on the lost when clubstep

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8 Sonic Wave

For this list, it was either this or Bloodbath. I voted for Bloodbath on a different list, and also more people have beaten Bloodbath than have beaten this. This level was made by a hacker, and only a few people have beat it. That means it is pretty dang hard. But Silent Clubstep, Silent Circles, Haunted Corridor, and Back on Track need to be here too

This level is so insane it took me over 10000 attempts just on practice mode alone! Robot levels are nothing compared to this piece of

9 Electroman Adventures
10 Bloodbath

It's impossible well not really but it should be on this list

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The Newcomers

? Psychosis
? Invisible Deadlocked

How can you beat a level even like Deadlocked if you can't see it?

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11 Sakupen Hell
12 Phobos
13 Conical Depression
14 Geometrical Dominator
15 Cataclysm

It's not an original level, I'm not counting it

This should be in the top spot so hard!

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16 Crimson Clutter
17 xStep
18 The Ultimate Phase
19 Time Machine V 1 Comment
20 Blast Processing

You rather pick this easier than jumper, theirs ARROW LINES AT THIS THAT can't CURVE

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1. Sonic Wave
2. Bloodbath
3. Sakupen Hell
1. Deadlocked
2. Theory of Everything 2
3. Clubstep
1. Deadlocked
2. Theory of Everything
3. Clubstep



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