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OH my lord the kazoo is VERY hard harder than the other instruments

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122Bass Drums

In my marching band bass drum is where they put all the kids who don't even know what a sixteenth note is

Actually much harder than anyone could guess. - Turkeyasylum

Its very easy. All you do is hit the head. I love it! Marching band is a good place to play it!

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Dang. I thought that mastering the violin was hard, until I tried master the jug. I ended up quitting and have vowed ever since to never play the jug again. I recently broke the commitment because of the beautiful sound produced from the jug, but even after years of practice, I'm no where close to mastering the great instrument

For real is so hard. I play it on the streets and people are so impressed that I can play it so well. some guy close to me plays the violin and everyone laughs because it doesn't sound good at all compared to my jug so I beat him with it because he deserves it. I love the jug and have vowed to give all my life to the jug. it is beautiful and makes me horny

, you people think the violin Is hard I've been playing since last year and its so easy, and no I'm not Chinese! (not trying to be racist) the jug takes a while, a real long good ole while to master

Bla bla bla the f horn is hardest

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You can cheat on the violin by sliding into notes
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