Top 10 Hardest Kirby Bosses


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21Metal General - Return to Dream Land
22New Kracko - Kirby: Triple Deluxe
23Paint Roller - Kirby Canvas Curse

Very annoying on level 3

24Lololo and Lalala - Kirby Dream Land

This time they use gordo and they are much faster

25Grand Doomer - Kirby's Return to Dreamland

I remember the first time I played this guy I struggled so much and then the second time it only took about two tries

My god when I was playing with my friend when I died the 100th time I got king dedede I like goku my power level was over 9000

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26Queen Sectonia - Kirby: Triple Deluxe

She will NOT die. She can easily get rid of your ability and the fact that she flies around means that she isn't easy to hit. She appears in true arena, and you don't always get your health back to the next phase. Not to mention that the only way to defeat her is with Hypernova. That shows a lot of power, and the fact that she can't be taken out by Spark so easily, which was slightly nerfed, shows how difficult of a boss this is.

Just don't stand on the giant gemstone when she smashes it.

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27Waddle Dee - Kirby's Dream Land

This guy is basically chuck norris

How is he not #1? his attacks kill you in a single hit and are really hard to dodge, and no, blocking them won't work

This is miles harder than marx soul so much hp quick and very damaging attacks requires you to be perfect

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28King Dedede - Kirby's Dreamland

You have to beat him fast in a few second

29President Haltmann - Kirby Planet Robobot
30Mega Titan - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

He's actually fairly easy, but if you actually use an ability he's much harder.

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31Shadow Kirby - Kirby: Triple Deluxe

He is extremely difficult! In Kirby fighters very hard mode fighter copy ability it took at least 30 minutes to defeat him!

Really depends for this one. On difficulty hard and very hard he is almost impossible to beat.

32Dark Meta Knight's Revenge - Kirby: Triple DeluxeV2 Comments
33Acro - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

This guy annoyed me. I'm not even a fan of water bosses to begin with... - Garythesnail

34Whispy Woods - Kirby's Dream Land

A stupid person put him on here! He's the easiest boss in the game!

Oh man! This is the 2nd hardest boss after waddle dee!

Maybe they means the Ex game one - Adambalm

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35Computer Virus - Kirby Super Star
36Magolor and Lor - Kirby's Return to Dream Land

This guy (as well as all of the Galaga-like area before it) is really tough to beat! I had never had a game over in a Kirby game before this part! And I had three game-overs!

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37Galacta Knight - Kirby Planet Robobot

He was the one,who made my health lost to half. It's the 2nd hardest boss I ever fought.

38King Dedede - Kirby's Dreamland Extra Game
39Landia EX - Kirby Return To Dreamland
40Kracko Jr - Kirby's Dreamland Extra Game
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