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1Water Temple - Ocarina of Time

This is super hard as hell, it took me forever to pass this level! It was pretty annoying going back and forth since I didn't have a map or anything and I would mess up and keep going back to the same room! As annoying and difficult as it was, still beats the other temples in all of the other games :P They don't make temples like these anymore

Got stuck there for months well back then I was ten maybe that added to the difficulty.

Months, MONTHS! But still, it's the one I like the most.

I think it is not hard. Just Annoying.

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2Great Palace - Adventure of Link

I have played nearly every game, but I have definitely played all of the games that have dungeons on this list. I can say after having beaten the game twice, and the others at least that many, that this is definitively the hardest temple in the entirety of the series. Its design makes it so, as do the enemies and bosses inhabiting it.

Firstly, the labyrinthine construction is exceedingly disorienting. And while in most if not all other Zelda games there is some level of the "Zelda Logic" that fans have learned to interpret, in this game there is not. Invisible holes in the floor, no map, and no definitive floor system, make this palace one massive deathtrap. And speaking of deathtraps, this place is full of instant death lava pools.

As for the enemies they are not only numerous, but are all the most difficult versions of said enemy to inhabit the game. They take huge chunks out of your health and can both kill you from start to finish, or easily pick you off after others have whittled you down. There are a few but not many magic refills available, meaning that at some point you will most assuredly run out of not only your capacity to heal yourself, but to do other things such as reduce damage or turn into a fairy to traverse segments only accessible to a fairy. You could kill enemies time and again and hope for a magic drop but it happens seldom, if ever.

Lastly, let us not forget the bosses. As previously mentioned and most definitely experienced in this dungeon, having your health restored is not so common. Keeping this in mind, you stroll into the boss room and encounter Thunderbird, who is likely one of the hardest bosses to ever exist in Hyrule. Really, Ganon should hire whichever magician created that monstrosity for the Crown Prince who created the Palace. Fighting the beast requires you to invest heavily with your magic if you want to win, which reduces an already bare stock down to its bones. Now should you persevere through dodging countless fireballs, you are hit immediately with a second boss: the series' first ever incarnation of Shadow Link. He's rather tenacious if not approached correctly. Even then he's a bother. Let's just hope that when you finally make it to him you're not on your last life, huh?

I assert that the Great Palace deserves the title as the Hardest Dungeon in Zelda History.

P.S. - The road to get to this palace is full of mandatory encounters containing more projectile-based enemies and ghosts than you can shake a sword at, in addition to all the fun of hopping between instant death pits. Enjoy the warm-up. You'll need it.

The Water Temple is the dungeon everyone thinks of when you say "Hard Zelda Dungeon", but it's not really hard, it's annoying, tedious and somewhat broken, consisting not of tough enemies, brutal bosses and deadly traps, but instead of a confusing layout, tedious changing of the water levels and randomly hidden small keys, the Water Temple was a place where you lose your patience, not your life.

The Great Palace on the other hand is full of powerful enemies, incredibly tough bosses and instant death traps, making matters worse? It, also like the Water Temple has a confusing layout, I understand why people call the Water Temple hard, and in fairness if tedious and annoying is your idea of hard I can see it being called the hardest dungeon in the series, but as far as actual hard, look no further than here, the final dungeon in the hardest game in the series, filled with mighty enemies, super strong bosses, lava instant death traps and a maze of a layout - The Great Palace from Zelda II, which demands that you leave your casual play at the door, and get ready for one tough endgame fight, a fight with the hardest dungeon in The Legend of Zelda.

The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time has gone down in Zelda fans history are being difficult, but at the end of the day it's simply annoying, not truly difficult. Whereas the Great Palace from Zelda II is truly brutal, enemies that drain a 10th of your life bar in one hit and can kill you if you let down your guard should you battle them, pits of lava, lack of magic refils and 2 of the hardest bosses in Zelda history to finish it off, not too mention the Valley of Death on the way to the Palace, The Water Temple, Stone Tower, Great Bay and Snowhead may be annoying, but there is only one that will beat you down quite like this - The final dungeon of the hardest game in the series.

Wow. The only dungeon in the series I die in

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3Great Bay Temple - Majora's Mask

This was the most frustrating, annoying, horrible, repetitive, hardest, toughest and tedious dungeon I've ever experimented. Even Water Temple was better.

The only time I ever used walkthroughs in a Zelda dungeon is to get the stray fairies after I already beat it-except for this awful dungeon. The current puzzles are awful, not to mention a tedious mini-boss that takes forever to beat. The only thing that could make this dungeon worse is a time limit...

Those damn water currents... So hard to figure the puzzle this temple gives you... Tough ass suub boss, and the hardest boss I've faced in a zelda game... Did I mention the water puzzles were a torture?

Me and my friend still can't beat this dungeon

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4Stone Tower Temple - Majora's Mask

Every room is a puzzle. Well-hidden Bomb Walls. Tricky buttons. Incredibly non-linear. You need to use every single transformation mask and most of the items you got up until now. The mirror room is just demonic (You are charging the last mirror to unlock the door and then... The monsters come and ruin your targeting). And when you think that it can't get worse... You need to reverse the dungeon and guess what? MORE puzzles. Flying. Flying through ghosts and explosives. Reversing rooms INSIDE the reverse dungeon. A room focused in reversing, where you need to reverse the dungeon 5 times or something like that. Unlocking chests in the main room to use the hookshot on them and get to the Boss Room. And all that in a crazy dungeon with dozens of doors, where you don't even know where you should go first.
I didn't even really complete the dungeon. I used a "extra small key" trick. Take some of these keys which you use to unlock the room with the Garo Master and the Light Arrows, and you don't need to unlock the boss. Get the Light Arrows. Now go back in time. Get the Small Keys again. Now, to the Boss Room! You need to know exactly where each key is, but it is still easier than getting all the Small Keys and completing the dungeon normally!
Seriously, Great Palace is incredibly good. A real maze. But it's just not as crazy as Stone Tower Temple. It can't drive you crazy and make you want to give up on the game and on your life, like Stone Tower Temple easily does.
Water Temple isn't even worth mentioning. I know that many people like Ocarina of Time and all, but seriously... Besides the missing key, is there anything hard on this dungeon? It has easy puzzles, weak enemies, it's linear (With really few exceptions), and Dark Link is annoying, but even if you can't find a better way to kill him, you can always use your Din's Fire. Morpha deals a lot of damage, but if you get caught by those tentacles, you deserve it. Seriously.

Water temple is tedious and time-consuming, sure. However, the cool-yet ridiculously-difficult-drug-trip-simulacrum known as the Stone Tower Temple is simply maddening. The time limit doesn't help, but that's really not the worst part of the dungeon (seeing as the Inverted Song of Time triple what you have to work with). The toughest part is actually the layout combined with the screwy mechanics. Just when you think you've cleared a particularly annoying room full of tough enemies and puzzles, you figure out that you have to leave the dungeon and go through the room AGAIN. Oh joy. However, the dungeon really rears its ugly head if you plan on trying to find all the stray fairies, because you will have to leave and invert the dungeon not once, not twice, but three stinking times to collect them all (Assuming you didn't screw up and miss one on a previous pass and have to leave and flip more times, that is). The fairy quest is the one aspect of the dungeon that would really have you worrying about the time limit, but the dungeon is bad enough without it.

The Water Temple is poorly designed and annoying as hell, but the distinction of the hardest dungeon belongs to Stone Tower. Imagine the Water Temple, but with a strict time limit. Yeah.

Summary of why this deserves to be #1: YEARS AND I STILL CAN'T GET THROUGH THE FIRST PART! Stone Tower, I hate you so much.

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5Ice Palace - A Link to The Past

It's very hard. But it's apart of one of my favorite video games of all time: A Link to the Past!

Being a Zelda fan for decades, I Googled for the most annoying Zelda dungeons because I just finished the Ice Palace (a remarkable occasion which evidently makes yourself wonder...)

What really did it to me was when I finally solved the puzzle with the red/blue switches, ending up with the boss and realizing that you actually DO need 100% magic to even start the fight... ARGH...!

Every single switch you hit counts, and odds are that youll get to the end of the dungeon and have to go back to hit a switch. And youll also probably forget how to get back to the room berore the boss because of the complexity of this dungeon. This is one of the few dungeons in the series in which you MUST have magic, because you wont get past the first room, let alone beat the whole thing.

6Hidden Palace - Adventure of Link

This palace is hard because who's supposed to guess even to get in it? And the you need the item to get through death valley but there the many boss and that boss is harder than the regalur boss!

7Death Mountain - Zelda II

At least the Great Palace had a checkpoint in it. Death Mountain has an insane amount of tough enemies and if you die you have to go ALL THE WAY BACK FROM ZELDA'S LOCATION!

Beginner's trap. This is the hardest obstacle in the game.

Good luck finding the right way cuase this is so confusing and top it off with annoying enemies with a mapless maze with no puzzles and no check points

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8Temple of the Ocean King - Phantom Hourglass

Thank god they fixed the backtracking with checkpoints and no time limit in Spirit Tracks. The whole game is about getting sand or something for the hourglass in the temples or some bullcrap... The story sucks. The villain sucks. This temple is the focus of the game. Phantom hourglass is a good game, but as a Zelda game... It sucks.

I literally hated finishing a level in phantom hourglass because I knew I would have to return to this god forsaken temple.

The fact that you had to return to it and go through every level again was what made it terrible for me.

I am stuck on this

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9Tower of Spirits - Spirit Tracks
10Forest Temple - Ocarina of Time

The Water Temple isn't hard, it's annoying

The Forest Temple is Harder the Water!

The Forest temple SUCKS

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11Spirit Temple - Ocarina of Time (Master Quest)

One of the easiest temples in OoT just became the hardest...

12Eagle Tower - Link's Awakening

The boss is so hard!

13Sky Keep - Skyward Sword

It is challenging, but very fun and rewarding!

14Ganon's Tower - A Link to the Past
15City In the Sky - Twilight Princess

You get in and then there's no clues on what to do. You're just faced by all this stuff that doesn't change when you try to mess around with it.

This temple was just horrible

A bad version of Columbia

16Shadow Temple - Ocarina of Time
17Lanayru Mining Facility - Skyward Sword

One of the most creative dungeons to come out of a Zelda game

I hated this one. Just hated it. Everything from the timeshift stuff to the annoying laser guys shooting at you, I just wanted to throw something at the game or skip it or something. It's simply hard and frustrating.

18Turtle Rock - Link's Awakening

Turtle Rock was the hardest Zelda dungeon I ever played. All the backtracking and puzzles were confusing and it was like a big maze with a lot of mini bosses. The secret rooms were hard to find and you had to fight the dungeon before getting in. It was the final and hardest and longest dungeon in Link's Awakening. The boss wasn't that hard though.

#16? Go into this dungeon without any form of a guide and tell me it doesn't deserve to dethrone Water Temple as #1 on this list. This is a maddening and complex dungeon that takes the ideas of backtracking and finding secret rooms to a whole new level.

19Forsaken Fortress - Wind Waker
20Sword and Shield Dungeon - Oracle of Seasons

People need to pay more attention to these ones. The dungeons in the Oracle games were brutal.

Hard dungeon. This place is huge, also. Perhaps harder than EagleĀ's Tower in Link's Awakening.

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