Top Ten Hardest Mario Levels

There is plenty of levels in Mario games that most people breeze through, but there are also levels that are very challenging. Here is the Top 10 Hardest Levels in Mario Games.

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1Grandmaster Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

It took everyone months to beat this.

Super Mario galaxy 2 is the hardest Mario game in the world.

It took me 15 minutes to beat this level

2Luigi's Purple Coins (As Luigi) - Super Mario Galaxy

I'm great at purple coin hunts, especially this one

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3World 8-3 - Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels

I knew this was gonna be here... It's very hard as I couldn't even beat the level

4World 9-7 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

I was stuck on this level for 5 years

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5Tubular - Super Mario WorldV1 Comment
6Wing Mario over the Rainbow - Super Mario 64V1 Comment
7Tick Tock Clock - Super Mario 64V1 Comment
8Awesome - Super Mario World

This level is awesome.

9Champion's Road - Super Mario 3D World

This is harder than Grandmaster

Not as hard as Perfect Run in SMG2.

I beat it after 200 tries

10Pendulum Castle - New Super Mario Bros. U

Getting all the star coins in this level is hard and you need them to get "FOLLOW THAT SHELL".

The Contenders

11Lava Spire Daredevil Run - Super Mario Galaxy

This is one of the hardest

12Pit of Panga: U-Break - Super Mario MakerV2 Comments
13Slingshot Galaxy - Super Mario GalaxyV2 Comments
14Don't Touch Anything - Super Mario Bros U

I have seen levels in Kaizo Mario that are more forgiving than this.

You can only touch five coins.You can not touch an enemy.Lakitu is bombing you and worst of all,moving platforms try to push you into the coins.You must not touch anything.Oh and there's HIDDEN COIN BLOCKS! I AM NEVER TOUCHING THIS LEVEL AGAIN!

15100-Coin Star - Super Mario 64
16Ludwig's Block-Press Castle - New Super Luigi U

I beat this on my first try.

17Return Of Luigi's Purple Coins - Super Mario Galaxy 2
18Pit Of 100 Trials - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorV1 Comment
19Outrageous - Super Mario World

This Level Was Torture Due To All The Fire And Bullet Bills.

20Wendy's Castle - Super Mario World

Hardest Castle Of The Game

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1. Grandmaster Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
2. Luigi's Purple Coins (As Luigi) - Super Mario Galaxy
3. World 8-3 - Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels



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