Top 10 Hardest Mario & Luigi Bosses


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1Princess Shroob / Elder Princess Shroob

I know, right?! Nonetheless, M&L: PIT is the best Mario & Luigi game ever.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is top 1 on best Mario & Luigi games, with Superstar Saga being top 2, Bowser's Inside Story being top 3 & Dream Team being top 4.

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2Cackletta Soul

Cacklettas soul is ridiculously hard. Plus you start off the battle with 1 hp.

3Dreamy Bowser

It was one an incredibly tough boss fight. I didn't vote Cackletta Soul because it was hard because it was cheap. This one isn't cheap-it's just really hard! - Garythesnail

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4Zee Keeper

His attacks are REALLY strong, and hard to dodge. You're either lucky or skilled if you can dodge all (or at least most) of his attacks in the dimensional rift.

5Memory ML

Yeah right. seriously megasparklegoomba in paper Mario sticker star is harder than those two wimps

6Dark Star X
7Dark Fawful

Really? I found him rather easy. Compared to Ice Midbus, of course. - Garythesnail

8Elder Shrooboid
9Queen Bean
10Big Massif

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11Antasma X

The original Antasma was arguably my favorite fight in the game, and it certainly delivered on difficulty, but Antasma X was NIGHTMARISH. You get only 14 turns to defeat him-and if he sends you to the nightmare world, you lose one. You'll need to use as many Luiginary attacks as possible if you even want a chance of taking him down. - Garythesnail

This is the only boss I can't beat

C mon cacklettas soul isn't that hard all you have to do is level up a lot until you have more speed then you can just heal but antasma x has the hardest moves ever and they do a ton of damage plus 14 turns only 14 and that nightmare world counts as one turn

12Dark Star Core
13Blizzard Midbus
14Bowser X

Not only do you have to get through the 6 X bosses before him in the boss rush to battle him, his attacks are borderline impossible to avoid and he does a TON of damage. - Garythesnail

15Cackletta (1st fight)

Her attacks are fast-paced and do tons of damage, and it can catch you by surprise the first time. - Garythesnail

16Fawful (Superstar Saga)V1 Comment
17Bowser Jr (Paper Jam)
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1. Cackletta Soul
2. Princess Shroob / Elder Princess Shroob
3. Dreamy Bowser
1. Dreamy Bowser
2. Princess Shroob / Elder Princess Shroob
3. Cackletta Soul



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