Top Ten Hardest Medals to Earn in Halo: Reach

The title kind of speaks for itself...these are the most difficult medals to get in the game, specifically in matchmaking.

The Top TenXW

1Unfrigginbelievable (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill 40 multiplayer or 1000 campaign/firefight opponents in a row without dying. - eventer51314

2Killionaire (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill 10 opponents in the blink of an eye. - eventer51314

3Thriller (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill 15 humans as a zombie without dying. - eventer51314

4Corrected (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill 15 opponents with grenade sticks without dying. - eventer51314

5Perfection (Halo: Reach Medal)

Win a slayer game without dying with at least 15 kills. - eventer51314

6Skullamanjaro (Halo: Reach Medal)

Score 10 skulls at once in Headhunter. - eventer51314

7Be the Bullet (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill 15 opponents with a sniper weapon without dying. - eventer51314

8Hero (Halo: Reach Medal)

Complete a wave as the last man standing. - eventer51314

9Sunburst (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill 15 opponents with a Spartan Laser without dying. - eventer51314

10Sunday Driver (Halo: Reach Medal)

Splatter 15 opponents using a vehicle without dying. - eventer51314

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