Hardest Metallica Songs to Play

No matter what instrument you play. just choose the one that really makes you sweat.

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1Dyers Eve - ...And Justice for All

Dude, the riff is insane. Fight fire with fire is simple. I actually know how to play fight fire with fire, battery, master and dyers eve, in fact I know the whole list all the way to blackened. My list would be this (easiest to hardest) Fight fire with fire, one, master, battery, blackened, then dyers eve. The rest of the top 10 I don't know. But as someone who knows all these, dyers eve is insane.

After playing stuff like Annihilator, Megadeth or Death Metallica's feels like a joke. However there are songs that aren't as easy on hands such as this one. The solo is one of Kirk's hardest (he's still Kirk so easy as pie), the riffs have many different rhythmic patterns that can confuse you and it's one of Metallica's fastest songs.
by the way, MOP hard? LOL

This is the hardest song of all. The riffs are too insane, lightning speed. The solos as well. I don't know how Battery beats this song. Battery's triplets are easy.

Complicated fingering... Took a lot longer to learn than matter of puppets.

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2Battery - Master of Puppets

trust me the triplets are a bitch

If I told you that you had to play battery or dyers Eve perfectly for 1 million which would you pick? I would pick battery in a heartbeat. I've tried dyers eve at least a thousand times and hit it only twice. Battery hundreds of times.

Battery is the hardest rhythm guitar song to play. The main riff in Fight Fire with Fire is ridiculously easy.

Trying to sing (more like mumble the lyrics) while playing is insane. Other than that, this one and Dyers Eve are as hard as Metallica gets.

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3Blackened - ...And Justice For All

The only reason I'm throwing in Blackened is because the intro riff around 30 seconds. Reason being, the timing and getting the palm mutes in between the 7th/8th on the A are a total bitch to get down.

The solo especially is one of the hardest by Metallica.

Intro riff is such a pain to play, but sounds so amazing if someone pulls it off

This is a killer on the right hand. I barely play it

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4Master of Puppets - Master of Puppets

This may be a generic pick but I can play all of the other ones in the top ten, in this one I can't barely even play the intro, there's so many damn changes you wouldn't even notice, and the first solo is a lot harder than you might think

Are you kidding me? This took me one day to learn! And it was a school day!

This took me 20 minutes to learn and 1 night to play at full speed, should not be on here

I can only do the first riff while sitting, play it while standing is the hardest thing for me so I get my leg up the amp so I can play it right, if not it just sounds like crap

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5Fight Fire With Fire - Ride the Lightning

I heard that a person had a interview with Kirk and he said what is the hardest song for you to do he Fight Fire With Fire it is one of the fastest. Quickest best solos Metallica has done. Then he asked Kirk what is the hardest to remember answer Fight Fire With Fire. Last question which comes out of your heart answer Fade To Black... And Justice For All One Master Of Puppets thank god for Cliff

this song is insane on the bass guitar. All the riffs on there are so amazing that it's scary. I don't imagine how Cliff does it

How did One or Fade To Black get on here? I guess the solos are semi-hard, but seriously. But Master of Puppets is kinda hard, but this is SO much harder.

On bass and on guitar, this is VERY hard to paly because it's hella fast!

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6Disposable Heroes - Master of Puppets

I don't know why this song isn't on the list, the verse riff on rhythm guitar = hard as hell, battery is really easy compared to this.

Dyers Eve is probably the hardest but singing along this or Battery is quite tough. Still, my vote goes to Heroes as it doesn't get enough love.

Only song that can make my wrist hurt. Battery and Fight Fire With Fire have nothing on this.

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7Ride the Lightning - Ride the Lightning

This song is all over the place and the timing gets pretty hard plus this is one of their hardest and best solos of their career in my opinion it is just simply hard especially to play and sing.

the song has a very difficult solo

This song's solo makes me glad I play rhythm... enough said.

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8One - ...And Justice For All

Generic pick maybe, but this is harder than you might think, there's lots of changes, it's hard not to mess up on the verse riff, and there's three fairly difficult solos

All over the neck and rather relentless during the last half, my hands ache after this amazing track.

You're kidding me right? This is easily Metallica's hardest song.

Hmm.. I want to learn it..

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9The Frayed Ends of Sanity - ...And Justice for All

Progressive song, compass changes, with many and different riffs!

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10All Nightmare Long - Death Magnetic

This would certainly be one of Metallica's fastest songs, I don't know how to play it, but I know that most of the riffs are about as fast as Slayer

Fast and relentless. Is one of the hardest riff wise.

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?That Was Just Your Life - Death Magnetic
?My Apocalypse - Death Magnetic

The hardest part of this song for me has to be the riff in the middle of the song where it's just kirk playing it because it is being Palm Muted then he plays it with pinch harmonics. your finger positioning and down picking has to be perfect to get to sound nice and clean.

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11Damage, Inc. - Master of Puppets

This song is fast and the rhythms are pretty difficult too in the verse

This song is so fast really hard to play

This is the only song I cannot do on expert.

12Fade to Black - Ride the Lightning

This was the first song I learned on a guitar, great song to practice, but the solo's are so hard en you need to play them super fast to let it sound like kirk does it and yeah that's a tough job

It sounds really easy, but I can't get the verse right for some reason. It's not their hardest song, though.

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13Seek & Destroy - Kill 'Em All

this song is pretty hard and when it gets to the solo its deathly difficult... and btw the one solo really isn't that difficult all it is is a line of hammer ons and pulls offs - Okami

Took me a while to get the rhythm, its funny, once you learn the picking pattern, the song gets considerably easier.

This is hard I don't understand any of it I can play all the way through but God it's some hard stuff

I rate this as one of Metallica's easier songs - I still love the song, but I can sing and play this with ease, it took me probably 3 weeks to get it right including the solo and singing

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14Metal Militia - Kill 'Em All
15...And Justice For All - ...And Justice for AllV2 Comments
16Motorbreath - Kill 'Em All
17Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Come on, this is by far the easiest song of metallica, this shouldn't be even in this top

This is the hardest riff I have ever played in my life. Battery, Dyers Eve, Fight Fire, and Damage Inc. have nothing on this song! Too fast, too complex, not musical enough, way too technical... Nothing Else Matters should totally be number one

18The Four Horsemen - Kill 'Em All

Very had song on guitar, not to mention bass.

Dude, the solo... it makes me want to die

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19Trapped Under Ice - Ride the Lightning
20Creeping Death - Ride the Lightning

So let it be down-picked. So let it be done. I've tried to down-pick this whole song. So let it be down-picked. So let it be done. To kill your entire entire hand. It's creeping death!

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1. The Frayed Ends of Sanity - ...And Justice for All
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1. Dyers Eve - ...And Justice for All
2. Blackened - ...And Justice For All
3. Battery - Master of Puppets



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