Hardest Ores to Find In Minecraft

Some ores you can easily find without mining. When you find the easy ore in a mineshaft, little cave, stone tower, etc, but can you really find these other ones?

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1Emerald Ore

I've played Minecraft once and it took me 3 hours just to find 1 Emerald just 1 - DogeFan132

I never found that and fond 23 diamonds

The easiest way is to find an NPC village somewhere and trade for emeralds. But if you can't find an NPC Village? Well, the only other way to find emeralds is to find an Extreme Hills biome somewhere. That way, you can find emeralds while getting iron and diamonds and everything else. In 12 hours, I found: 26 Emeralds, 61 diamonds.
I mined in a different biome, and in 12 hours, I got 2 emeralds and 78 diamonds. - SuperBacca

2Diamond Ore

The second hardest ore to find. All the highest upgraded tools and armor are made from diamonds. Diamonds are able to found anywhere, but you need to mine to at least Level 12 for diamonds. - SuperBacca

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3Iron Ore

To find iron without digging or anything, find a mineshaft and get the iron there. It is easier and a good start to find iron. - SuperBacca

4Nether Ore
5Redstone Ore
6Gold Ore
7Coal Ore
8Lapis Lazuli Ore
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