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1DR Zomboss

You place a tall-nut and spend 125 Sun and... BAM! -he kills it. How annoying!

3Football Zombie
4Bucket Head Zombie
5Catapult Zombie
7Ladder Zombie
8Dolphin Rider Zombie

It should be higher than the ladder zombie

9Screen Door Zombie
10Giga Gargantuar

How is this below gargantuar? A giga gargantuar has 300 health and a gargantuar has 150 health. - bumy

SCREAM! They're WORSE than Gargantuars! Giga Gargantuar are SO STRONG (stronger than the real one)! It has to take at least 3 massive plants to kill it (if it gets hit by the massive plants 2 times... then it throws that idiot IMP!

I hate this zombies! They are so strong!

The Contenders

11Dancing ZombieV1 Comment
12Imp Zombie

It's very easy to kill but they go faster than normal zombies.

10 health in adventure mode and 3 health in I. Zombie endless - bumy

13Zombie Yeti

They are so easy to beat!

14Basic Zombie

Is the first zombie - bumy

15Conehead Zombie
16Pole Vaulting Zombie

How come there are two imps. - bumy

18Bungee Zombie
19Scientist Zombie
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