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81Blinded In Chains - Avenged SevenfoldV2 Comments
82Fury of the Storm
83The Art of Dying - Gojira

I was wondering when this would turn up on the list. I think the main time signature is something like 23/16. Yeah, good luck! Ha ha!

Trying to play along to the first pattern is insane. Interlude takes a lot of stamina also.

84The Legend of the Rent - Here Comes the Kraken

Whoever the drummer is for this band, if you did all this with just two pedals... That's amazing.

85Basket Case - Green DayV2 Comments
86Close to the Edge - Yes

Only the bold dare try to transcribe this song. Start with the intro, when you get past that let me know.

Ok, all I want to say is this: what? This is highly unfair! most songs 1-20 or even 50 are just fast and no skil. Green Day? A7X? That's fast not technical. Listen to this whole song through and you will see not only is this not one of the hardest and greatest songs on the planet but one of the most complex drum songs you will ever see. Bill Brudford and yes, you are gods!

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87Sandstorm - Darude
88Puddle - Chon

Math rock drums are usually personal, so it's probably easy for Nathan Camarena but impossible for everyone else. - Fiend

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89Blind - Korn
90Scatterbrain - Jeff Beck

I don't really play drums, but I know this song is crazy hard on guitar, so I assumed the drums would be equally crazy. jeff beck is a monster either way

91Aristocrat's Symphony - Versailles
92Mastodon - Iron Tusk
93If 6 Was 9 - Jimi Hendrix

Mitch's style and speed and jazz fusion can prove to be very difficult to match in many of Jimi Hendrix's songs. Another that should be on this list is "red house"

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94Don't Look Now, I'm Being Followed. Act Normal - Hands Like Houses

Combines the styles of rock, metal, and jazz making it very unique and different to play with some very simple beats and very difficult ones.

95My Suffering - Dead By Sunrise
96Captain - Dave Matthews Band

Even though it isn't metal, the odd timing with the jazziness and how fast it is for a ride cymbal is one thing, but the fact that its played so quietly makes playing fast on toms and the off splashes on the hi-hat even more difficult. And with almost randomly timed fills with no pick up its hard to get every beat in. - Drummer32456

97Xanadu - Rush

This is probably the most underrated yet quintessential RUSH song (similar but different to Villa). Neil is at his best - time sig changes, tubular bells, blocks. He makes the percussion sing the song. Thanks to those geniuses who voted this on the list.

This song is near impossible to play as well and constant utility of the drummer, even during the beginning. This deserves top 10 easy, only Rush isn't popular like Led Zeppelin and typically underrated

Xanadu is an amazing song, the fills are impossible and so complex, youve really gotta be a freak of nature to play this song well, and you need about 6000000$ to spend on drum materials.

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98Behold - Born of Osiris
99Mo ’N Herb’s Vacation - Frank Zappa
100777-9311 - The Time

This song is a nightmare, if you are playing it on a regular kit! I am pleased to see that someone added it in! Cheers

I know it's a drum machine...but too funky to leave out

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