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261Uka Uka - Crash of the Titans

First he starts off as a mask. Then he turns into a giant monster with super strength and lasers from his eyes

262Minion - Twisted Metal
263Norman - Resident Evil Revelations
264Ornstein - Dark Souls
265The Final Foot - Snake Rattle n Roll (NES)

Only beat the game once because of this nightmare boss. You have to hit it repeatedly whilst it bounces round the upper level whilst avoiding the boulders rolling in from either side. If you stop hitting it, the counter resets and you have to start all over again. From memory, I think it must be close to 100 tongue hits without missing. True example of button mashing which was a shame as the rest of the game was an excellent 3D platformer

266Armstrong - Metal Gear Rising
267Radec - Killzone 2

This dude is impossible to hit

268Hyperius The Invincible - Borderlands 2
269Merga Wraith - NEO Scavenger
270Billy the Bin - Earthworm Jim

Well, on Difficult mode, at least. - xandermartin98

271The Barrier Trio - Mother 3
272Masked Man - Mother 3
273New Fassad - Mother 3
274Golden Diva (Super Hard Mode) - Wario Land 4
275Spoiled Rotten (Super Hard Mode) - Wario Land 4

Fifteen second time limit? Really? Jesus, Nintendo... - xandermartin98

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276Gluon (Final Boss) - Psyvariar 2 Ultimate Final
277Fire Leo - Viewtiful Joe
278King Blue - Viewtiful Joe
279Frost Tiger - Viewtiful Joe 2
280Mega Satan - Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

This guy is tough! He has loads of hp, most of his attacks are bullet hells and he spawns all of the deadly sins, champion form. Let's see you try to hit this guy when you've got Super greed and 2 envy's bouncing around.

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