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281 Armstrong - Metal Gear Rising
282 Radec - Killzone 2

This dude is impossible to hit

283 Hyperius The Invincible - Borderlands 2
284 Merga Wraith - NEO Scavenger
285 Billy the Bin - Earthworm Jim

Well, on Difficult mode, at least. - xandermartin98

286 The Barrier Trio - Mother 3
287 Masked Man - Mother 3
288 New Fassad - Mother 3
289 Golden Diva (Super Hard Mode) - Wario Land 4
290 Spoiled Rotten (Super Hard Mode) - Wario Land 4

Fifteen second time limit? Really? Jesus, Nintendo... - xandermartin98

V 2 Comments
291 Gluon (Final Boss) - Psyvariar 2 Ultimate Final
292 Fire Leo - Viewtiful Joe
293 King Blue - Viewtiful Joe
294 Frost Tiger - Viewtiful Joe 2
295 The Destroyer - Terraria

This is the most complex boss I had ever battled in any game. The reason why because its defense is very high, its segments are invincible, the damage is powerful, it spawns a lot of probes which they fire lasers at yo (The Destroyer can do that too, it shoots everyehere! ), and the boss is very long.

296 Chef Antoine Thomas - Dead Rising 2

Ranged weapons do next to no damage to him, meaning you have to use melee on him. And since his close range attacks are VERY FAST, you will get whacked in the face a lot. To make things worse, he heals himself, so while you are on the ground dazed from a frying pan to the face, he is getting all of his health back. One of the selling points for Off the Record was "Antoine is less difficult". I rest my case

297 Master Core Sword Form - Super Smash Bros. 4 V 1 Comment
298 Final Psy-Crow - Earthworm Jim
299 Psy-Crow - Earthworm Jim 2
300 Block Devil - Mega Man 10
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