Hardest Video Game Bosses


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161Zanza - Xenoblade Chronicles
162Asriel Dreemurr - Undertale

You DO realize that you cannot die permanently during this fight, correct? - Dman1972

163The Shamrock King - Le Fantabulous Game
164Red - Undertale RedV2 Comments
165Lingering Will - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Only boss I've never even come close to beating.

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166Orphan of Kos - Bloodborne

How is this guy below Tabuu?! Really?! A guy that has an insane pool of health, is the most aggressive thing you've ever seen, hits like a nuclear warhead, is hard to dodge, and can clear the arena in seconds, is easier than a guy who's only threatening attack is when he spreads his wings and uses a nearly unavoidable AoE attack? Really!? Unbelievable. - MKBeast

This guy should be 3rd to Lingering Will from KH and Rodin from Bayo. How this dude is being slept on is crazy to me, as he is undisputedly the hardest boss in a series that is famous for its difficulty.

167Necromancer - Castle Crashers
168Omega - Final Fantasy
169Willy Capsule - Mega Man X
170Dante - Devil May Cry
171The Creator - Ball Revamped 4
172Smorg - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
173Spiritual Larsa - Mushihimesama Futari
174Devil Doom - Shadow the Hedgehog
175Amadeus - Metal Slug 4
176Syther - Metal Slug 5
177Spectral Keeper - Final Fantasy X
178Seymour Flux - Final Fantasy X
179Evrae - Final Fantasy X
180Nemesis - Final Fantasy X

He's clearly the hardest enemy in the game those who chose story mission bosses you don't know what your dealing with the guy took an hour I think he has like 500, 000, 000 health I used my dads profile because he has tuna tufts and wakka fully maxes in every category di nit use overdrives for it causes him to use some move I don't renemberr because it's even too long make sure you use auto. Life hastens maybe protect and use quick hit to attack

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