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This is the hardest game I ever played!
if someone pass from the 3rd mission is the man!

i don't know no one that passed this game
I have voted on this cause I see a lot of people saying its hard, I never played, One day I'll play it and finish '-'

The other games, I didn't find any hard game to vote, most of the games here I had finished easily... So, I'll Try Battletoads
This game makes Dark Souls II looks like a pussie.

Seriously, it's insanly hard to beat the turbo tunnel and there's other really hard levels AFTER that!

And with 2 players, it's almost impossible to beat this game because you can attack player 2 and there's a level later that freezes player 2 (not in the EU version).

2Dark Souls
I have never died so many times in a video game and loved it before. This game is not only hard, but it's fair. You don't feel cheated when a dragon comes out of no where and burns your ass... Because it's a dragon :P
There is nothing harder than Dark Souls, the back cover suggests it "PREPARE TO DIE". This game isn't for the faint of heart and not for casual gamers you really need skill and patience. Everything about this game is hard, no doubt.
Dark souls is great because its like of its old school gameplay in an awesome new age shell. It's no Battletoads, but its still difficult, deep and challenging
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3I Wanna Be the Guy
Why is this game so hard! Why do you want to be the guy! You're only 15! Why can't you just eat a donut. don't risk your life. Just Eat a donut. New game, I wanna eat a donut. Much better! Why am I asking so many questions. WHY IS THIS GAME SO HARD
This game is stupid, and it pains me to put it on my list, but it's proper place is in the top 10. The impossible difficulty it has to offer has no forgiveness, and you have many regrets.


damn upward falling cherry apple things
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I've never passed level 1 haha.

5Devil May Cry 3
Laugh out loud. I finished this game when I was in 6th grade. You know how long it took me to finish it?... ONE YEAR and 6 months on easy.
I finished easy in 5 month and DMD for 1 years, actually not easy when face the demon.
the bosses are very easy
I'm still on the level 4 even though I bought this game 2 years ago on my ps2
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6Silver Surfer

You will see the game over screen so many times the image will burn into your T. V.

7Ninja Gaiden
Believe it or not I could actually speedrun through stage 1 2 and 3 whithout getting hit once

8Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
WHY IS THIS SO LOW ON THE LIST this was one of the only games here to not get an actual release in America because it was that hard but this game was in SUPER MARIO ALL STARS and you can download the game on the nintendo e shop or wiiware channel but this game is so hard I cannot even get past the 3rd level and now this game has included POISON MUSHROOMS WIND AND THE WORST OF ALL BACKWARD WARP ZONES and also to play all the levels you have to beat the game 8 TIMES on the original game if you play the all stars version you need to beat it once but still it is nearly impossible this should be number 1 NOT 29
This should be number 1 its the hardest Mario game ever made.
Calling this game hard is an understatement the Lost Levels included Poison Mushrooms that damage Mario, high winds that interfere with the timing of your jumps and if that wasn't enough the game also had reverse warp pipes that send you back to previous worlds even searching for secrets can be a pain, even veteran players will have a hard time surviving.


Why isn't this number 1 this the most incredibly difficult Mario game most people will ever play.

9Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts

10World's Hardest Game 2.0
It's the hardest game ever, but also the best and most fun!
I spend hours playing this game and voting for it in this site instead of doing my work.

The Contenders

11Ninja Gaiden Black

12Final Fantasy X
100 Hours to Beat it.

Challenging puzzle, bosses, and side quests.

EXTREMELY hard to meet the requirements for getting the ultimate weapons.

Awesome game, though
Never passed got stuck with the big dragon during the marriage and never played the game again ill just wait till 2014 for the hd remake


13F-Zero GX
That game can go to hell for all I care.


14Dragon Spirit

15Demon's Souls

16Ninja Gaiden (2004)
I usually don't say this but F! @$# that game, this is perhaps one of the most brutally hard games you will ever play even playing on normal mode still feels like your playing on hard mode.


17Metal Slug 5

18Ghosts 'N' Goblins
This will bring the rage out of you and sometimes, even your quarters. But that is in my opinion what makes a good game.


19Mega Man 9



22Tuper Tario Tros

Come on. only scientists, cheaters, hackers, crazy people or very patient people beat this game

24Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

25Maximo: Ghosts to Glory


27Gunbird Special Edition

28Sky Kid

29Robotron: 2084

30Super Meat Boy

31Donkey Kong Country Returns

32Street Fighter 2010

33Super Meatboy
It's so hard. One level took me over 5 hours to beat


34James Pond II: Robocod


36Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
I played this once and I didn't even get to the 1st dungeon. I died trying to get an item.

37Mario's Adventure 2

38Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

39Jak II
Honestly, I find Jak 2 harder than Dark Souls!

40Touhou Koumakyou: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
How can this be so low? Seriously, I beat Super Mario Brothers and I can't beat this game on Easy. Come on.
Try beating Lunatic on any Touhou game. Yeah, that's what I thought.
Try playing on Lunatic mode and tell me what happens.
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42Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare
The campaign on veteran in this game is ridiculous. Just when you think you've completed the hard part, it gets harder.


43Dragon's Lair

I remember this game. I remember never getting past the very first screen of the game.

44Call of Duty: Black Ops

so hard I couldn't finish it until a month later after I got it but it was an ok game but hard campaign levels

45Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)

46Star Fox

47Rock Band

48Mortal Kombat Trilogy

49Dark Souls II

50Injustice: Gods Among Us

51Contra III: The Alien Wars

Honestly Contra's difficulty is so overrated. THIS game is the real deal. Easy mode on this game is overkill hard, how can anyone beat it on higher difficulties?


52Medal of Honor Airborne

You can't do anything without dying in this game, ON EASY!


53Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

54Flappy Bird
This game belongs in the Top Ten. I have played many of the games here and beaten them. This one I have never beaten. It is very difficult just to get ten points - TEN POINTS.

Many people would not vote this up because of the Facebook version, which was made quite easier. If this is, however, considering the originally. Then it certainly belongs up there.
This should be number one. Seriously. Easily. Number. One.
This game is extremely harf

55Trials HD

56Super Mario Bros

57F-Zero GX

58Lost Odyssey

59Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Oh my god this game is so underrated! Just let sega do what they wanna do! The only reason people say it suck is because they suck at it!

60Spider-Man 3

61World's Hardest Game

62Final Fantasy III

63X-Men (Genesis)

64Alien vs Predator

65Alien vs Predator Marine

66Super Mario Galaxy 2
Wow guys you suck this game is VERY EASY

67Gunstar Heroes




71Mushihime-sama Futari Black Label

72Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

73Mushihime-sama Futari

74Virtua Fighter 4


76Menace Beach

77Unfair Mario


79Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

80Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

81Fester's Quest

82Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

83Batman: Return of the Joker

84Robocop 3
This is by far the hardest game I've ever play it just gets harder and harder

85Mega Man

86Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

87Yo Noid

88Megaman & Bass

89Super Hexagon



92Slender Man: Dark Forest
I don't know the difference between this and SLENDY but just so you all know the real name of this is SLENDY! Plus I am supposed to be tntman36

93Mega Man 6

94Bubsy 3D

95Mega Man X

96Angry Birds Rio




100Kid Chameleon

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