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141Street Fighter x Mega Man
142Metro 2033

Difficult to kill enemies, need to conserve ammo because it's hard to find and it is currency, and there is no HUD.

143Bear In the Dungeon
144FTL: Faster Than Light

You always have to be very cautious while playing this game because if you die once you start all over

145Grand Theft Auto IV

All Grand Theft Auto games are tough without cheats.

146I Wanna Be the Boshy
147Resident Evil 4
148The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
149The Legend of Zelda
150Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is easy. The only thing about it that's hard is the Necromancer fight on Insane Mode.

151Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game
152Solar Jetman

Yet some due online posted a video of him beating it in 23 mins. Guess I sucked all along... - KnutHudson

153Wii Sports

So hard. Wii fitness is a killer

154Need for Speed: Underground
155Halo 3
156New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This game shouldn't be here! It's easy as heck! - Immersed24

It wasn't too hard, but world 9 was murderous.

157Portal 2

This one might just be me, but I found these puzzles pretty difficult, especially when you get to the different gels.

158Syobon Action 3
159Superman 64

It's only hard because it was so poorly programmed. There's a reason it's deemed one of the worst video games of all time.

Who has even got passed the first wings

160Resident Evil
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