Hardest Yoshi's Island Levels

Which Yoshi's Island levels are the most annoying to get 100% or just complete?

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1A Light in the Dark

Again the skiing section is the icing on an unusually long and treacherous level.

2Kamek's Revenge

This level was pretty short but had one of the hardest skiing segments in Yoshi's Island history particularly that sudden change into the helicopter near the end. Never 100%ed it.

3Endless World of Yoshis

I am still at a loss as to where all of the collectibles are and the level itself can be quite the challenge to complete.

4Quit it Already Tap-Tap!

An unnecessary Tap-Tap themed level. The rising wind section leaves absolutely no room for error just like the mine cart segment later.

5Rompin' Stompin' Chomps

Side scrolling levels are never easy on the difficulty but this one can be highly irritating due to all of the things landing on your head

6Superhard Acrobatics

It surely is super-hard particularly at the beginning with the pinwheel platform and the potted ghosts.


Another long level that is hard to 100%. Though the biggest problem for me was always near the beginning with the rotating platforms.

8Items are Fun!

Items may be fun but trying to get 100% in this level isn't.

9King Bowser's Castle (Door 3)

The Tap-Tap chase is the worst part of this level for me, no matter how many tries I just can't find all of the collectibles AND keep all my stars.

10Fight Toadies with Toadies

Surprisingly I've never had a problem with The Impossible Maze but this one has cost me many lives particularly the... Auto-scrolling section.

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