Hardest Zombies In Plants vs Zombies


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1Dr. Zomboss

This guy is not good at all... Every time I think I'm in a good shape he just throws a damn truck on my plants... I hate this guy.

I beat him easily. Use as much catapults as you can - bumy

I killed him 4 times. Take that Zomboss

I beat him 100 times take that yo!

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He has very high health and takes 2 instant kills to die - Pastakirby7

Gargantuar is the most beautiful spectacle on the face of the earth. How dare others have varying opinions?!

Giga gargantuar should be in this list in second.

Gargantuar is so beautiful though...

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3Yeti Zombie

He's cool he's my second favorite zombie besides yeti imp

He's so weak I killed him in one shot with a hypnotized gargantuar

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4Pogo Zombie

Is really fast and goes over everything except for tall nuts. - Pastakirby7

Jumps over every plant except Tall-nut and all instant kills except Cob cannon. - bumy

5Bobsled Team

There's 4 of them and the hardest mini game (bobsled bonanza) - Pastakirby7

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6Bucket Head

Quite early in the game and is the toughest one you will face at that point - Pastakirby7

I love this zombie. Ditch logic, and put a bucket on your head: BECOME 6-7 TIMES TOUGHER!

How is this above football zombie - bumy

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7Dolphin Rider

Weak #first comment on this zombie

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8Football Zombie

Magnificent speed with a great health gauge. A true work of art.

He's kind of hard in pvz 1, but him in pvz 2, gosh he makes me so mad! He destroys the first plant he runs into with his ultra fast charge! He deserves a good spot on this list.

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9Digger ZombieV2 Comments
10Zombie Chicken

The chicken itself? Easy peasy. The guy who releases them? AW CRAP!

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He's weak. Sorry, mediocre. - bumy

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12Bungee Zombie

Why is this lower than normal zombie - bumy

13ZomboniV3 Comments
14Giga Gargantuar

Giga gargantuar should be second. - bumy

How is this lower then bucket head pogo anything really Zomboss is the only thing that (could) be tougher

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15Regular Zombie

Shouldn't be on here because he's way too easy

16Javelin Zombie

Why lower than normal zombie don't ask me

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17Giga-Football Zombie

Best in the online version. - bumy

18Wizard zombie

Why sheep? Because they are useless.

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19Cone Head Zombie

Sometimes easy if you have 2 or 4 peashooters


So weak kill him with a 1 peashooter he can't even go throgh half of the lawn dude

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