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1 Expecto Patronum

A great way to battle fear and saddess in metphorical terms, similar to one of Dumbledore's best quotes: Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light

Pure Soul; Protects you from dark sources. - 2234

Made me learn to summon all happy memories to blow away the sad feelings. I think my patronus would be a cat if I ever cast the spell

I am Ahana Ghatak.Started reading Harry potter in class 6.Reading Philosopher's stone.Very exciting...

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2 Avada Kedavra

Nobody can rescue from this spell except Harry Potter

Yes it can kill anyone even Harry but Harry lived because he was the Master of the Elder Wand because everyone thought Snape was but it was Draco Malfoy and only Harry, Snape, and Dumbledore knew it the only part that was killed was Voldemort's soul in Harry

For those commenting about Harry surviving this spell, I would like to point out that you are all wrong. Seeing as how you are never going to read this, my comment is geared towards those who will read them later. The first time Harry survived the curse was due to his mother; she performed an act of self-sacrifice by protecting her child instead of saving herself. This resulted in an ancient magic being bestowed upon Harry that INITIALLY protected him from the curse. However, the magic eventually wears off, and the reason Harry can shield himself from the spell is because Voldemort and Harry's wands share the same core, so they can harm but not kill.

Avada kedavra is really good because when your battling it kills them in 1 shot I remember in the half blood prince snape killed fumbled ore with that spell that's why it's so good! It even killed dumbledore

Expecting Patronum is a powerful spell but even though it gets rid of Dementors is still doesn't kill powerful wizards and witches so if you use Avada Kedavra it will usually and most easily kill someone like The dark lord.

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3 Expelliarmus

Best spell of harry potter series. This spell helps to disarm the opponent. It's very useful in duels specially. The best defensive spell!

The spell that actually managed to defeat Lord Voldemort. It has always been my favourite spell ever since I first heard Neville Longbottom say it in Order of the Phoenix, and I got so excited when I read it first in because.

Most used, best used. Even if there are stronger spells, this one will ALWAYS be put to good use. A wizard doesn't have to be amazing at duels to be able to sue this. And, let's not forget, this is the most common spell used in the series for dueling, and this is what defeats Voldemort. A simple spell maybe, but if the wizard can use this disarming charm in the correct way, it can do so much.

Its best spell as it helps to disarm any wizards or witch

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4 Accio

It helps you find objects that you've lost. I can just see Ron using that spell on Hermione.

My fantasy:
RON: (outside) Hermione, where are you?
HERMIONE: (doesn't answer)
HERMIONE: (still doesn't answer)
RON: Accio Hermione Granger!
HERMIONE: (swooshing to Ron) RON! Lecture, lecture, lecture, lecture...

I'm a geek. :P

Me being the lazy person I am this would be really useful for me. Although I would use it for something different than what it's for: I would use it for things I haven't lost but I don't feel like getting :3 - avagranger

This is the best spell! If lost your stuff or too lazy just say "Accio whatever" and it's there

This was the first spell Harry used when he officially became an adult. - AnnaOfArendelle332

You do know you can't summon people right?

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5 Sectum Sempra

I would use this spell if I really had to, but Avada Kedavra only if it was on Justin Beiber.

La best
Two slices on the neck and BANG you're dead
Go snape for inventing the spell

Harry uses it in the 6th book, which is how Snape finds out that Harry knows about the Half-Blood Prince thing

Best spell ever, though you spelled it wrong!

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6 Wingardium Leviosa

Good for lazy people who cannot be bothered to get up from the sofa and get stuff. Also if you were trying to defeat a troll in the girls toilets you could make it's club whack him on the head.

Levitates (makes something float) object. - 2234

If you use it on a bridge you throw your opponent off it owns in the right location

It is pretty cool to have a spell that lifts up stuff and if you want to fly theirs your chance

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7 Imperio

You can control people's mind... Like get your kids to listen to what you want them to do!

So cool I think they used it in the deathly hallows when they entered with the goblin

You cannot control anyone with this spell, in the goblet of fire harry resists it, as do others with intense training.

Imagine being able to make anyone do anything you want! This was a great idea and cool spell.

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8 Petrificus Totalus

Best spell ever! All you need to do is whip out your wand and you can freeze anything in your way!

You can just stick out your awesome wand and say the words "Petrificus Totalus" how did J.K Rowling make up all of these awesome spell! I just love the Harry Potter movies and books!

Awesome spell looks really cool in the films

The best spell ever made I LOVE HARRY POTTER!

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9 Stupefy

Best attacking spell that doesn't seriously hurt U.Knocks out your opponent! Best spell to use to capture criminals and in friendly duels at school

It's a charm that stuns people, I'd put this as number 5 on the list.

Most people regard this spell as the most used one and their signature spell

Cool I have wand I do duels with my friends I always win with that spell

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10 Crucio

It tortures the opponent, Harry said its like warm knifes shredding your skin. This is what I should use when a teacher tells me of

Crucio is all kinds of great. this spell is the second most powerful spell, and it is just so awesome because of all the power it has. This should be in the first place, but if I had this ability, I would not use it on anyone, unless extremely necessary.

Very good I would use this if I played sports or did anything good thing to people you hate ad BEST SPELL BY FAR they should use it a lot more in the books and movies

Define powerful, every spell is "powerful" for what is it supposed to do. If you man combat wise then yes it is the second most powerful combat spell.

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? Engorgio

Engorgio enlarges an item of any size

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11 Reducto

Helps castor to explode solid objects

Ginny uses this spell the best causing the biggest explosions from anyone in Dumbledore's army, I'd put this as number 6 in the list.

In the movies... In the books they ALL cast the spell... And seeing as how the books came first...

I love this one, it's basically a bazooka spell

Blasts them to pieces and shreds them to flames - COOL!

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12 Lumos

I find LUMOS to be the "unsung hero" of spells, since it's so easy to learn (as it were) but it's utility is astounding.

It is a lite that come out of your wand can a do it the may wand

This spell gets a lot less credit than it deserves

Lumos is the best spell that is not used in a duel

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13 Incendio

It shoots awesome fire it can even hurt opponents

Incendio sets things on fire. What more can you say? It's awesome.

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14 Protego

I've always preferred shields over more offensive weapons. In the physical sense, I'd rather "shield bash" than "kill", since if the enemy is knocked down I can disarm them rather than make a mess.

However, I doubt you can do that with this charm, but the idea of "PROTECTION", "DEFENSE", it speaks to me.

I've always had a penchant for shields, so a charm that is literally that appeals to me.

This should AT LEAST be on the top 5. A spell able to block any curse...

You need it for every duel

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15 Obliviate

What if you're in a situation where you meet someone you have bad history with, and to defeat them, and you need to erase their memory? Then you'd need to use this spell.

I don't know why it just sounds cool

In a Duel you can wipe their mind of everything and then kill them without them being able to fight back it's a truly beautiful spell

If you just injured broke or killed someone you could use it on the or a witness

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16 Aguamenti

You would never die of dehydration very useful

It's useful because you can use it to put out fires and stuff

It is so cool seeing water fly out of the top of the wand

I think it is an amazing spell in Harry Potter

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17 Lumos Maximus

Its like the lumos spell that makes the tip of your wand light up but Lumos maximus shoots a big ball of light into the air and hovers around you

It is lumos maxima not lumos maximus

"You're saying it wrong you know... its mAximA not mAximUS..." - Hermione Granger

All of the people below me are referencing from the movie! Have any of even read the book to start commenting?

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18 Expulso

Blast people I love to use it on snape

Snape is good but still it will be fun to use a spell on him

Snape I hate him he killed dumbledore

I would want to blast Snape out of the dungeons

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19 Riddikulus

This is what charizard used to kill Percy Jackson. What an awesome spell from the hunger games

? Charizard is a Pokemon and Percy is a half blood. Nothing to do with Harry Potter, OR Hunger Games! - Tyler2436

Professor Snape in grandma's dress! HA HA HA! Looking so funny.

Best spell in the book I shall use that on my travels look out Voldemort "RIDDIKULUS"

Why does Chaizard want to kill Percy Jackson in the Hunger Games?

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20 Reparo

I simply LOVE this spell. I never realized how beautiful it was until I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. The scene in which they repair the city is just BEAUTIFUL.

It is a different spell when Hermione fixes Harry's glasses-Oculus Reparo-but the common spell to repair stuff is just Reparo

I would point my wand at Voldemort's practically nonexistent nose and say, "Reparo."

Reparo heals wounds and cuts from humans, right?

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