Top Ten Most Hated Disney Movies

I have been looking at lists, I seen that a lot of Disney movies are hated, here is my list of the Disney movies people seem to hate the most

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1High School Musical

For some reason, some people at my school actually like this movie... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The worst of the worst. I wouldn't watch pitch perfect for a year because my parents said it was a college version of HSM. - AnonymousChick

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2Teen Beach Movie

This is probably the most hated Disney movie ever. I think it should be #1. But at least unlike Frozen it actually deserves to be hated. - Disney1994

This movie is probably the most generic, uninspired, plagiarizing, Disney movie of all time. And looking back on the songs, they weren't even that good. Heck, even High School Musical had better songs compared to Teen Beach Movie! Yes, I just said it! I cannot believe I am giving praise to HSM just because it is better than TBM! Disney, stop giving Walt Disney a bad name and stick to Mickey Mouse and Disneyland! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Whats the plot of this movie oh right it does not have one

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It doesn't deserve to be hated. The only reason it gets so much backlash these days is because back in 2013 and 2014 people would not stop calling the movie "the best animated movie ever" and radio stations would not stop playing "Let it Go". Of course, that led to merchandise from the movie popping up everywhere which led to there being millions of little children everywhere with Elsa and Olaf dresses, shoes, backpacks, pencil cases, dolls, posters, and whatever else Disney could flesh out.

Basically, blame the greedy MBA's over at Disney for ruining their own movie's reputation. - BKAllmighty

This movie is hated for all the WRONG reasons, and the worst reasons possible. Can't people learn that it's NOT wrong to like something's that popular? EDIT: Couldn't have said it better myself, BKAllmighty! It's only hated for being overrated, NOT for being a bad movie! - Disney1994

First I liked the film but it's so overhyped and it seems like everybody's singing let it go all the time... So annoying.

I didn't think it was that bad I thought olaf was cute - crystalbratcher1

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4PlanesV1 Comment
5Hannah Montana the Movie

Why can no one tell she's the same person?

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6Mars Needs Moms

Yeah, well, try watching it and tell me that you're not really creeped out from the uncanny valley effect. - BKAllmighty

7Cars 2

Too much preachy tree hugging anti-corporate content. Just entertain me and leave your agenda out.

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8Home on the Range
9Chicken Little

Disney cared so much about making their first CGI-animated movie that they completely forgot to pay any attention to the quality of the story and the characters. Oh, and, somehow they forgot to animate it properly too (so the whole movie is a waste, yes). - BKAllmighty

The worst because of how little effort was put in. Horrible characters, story, animation, etc. Frozen may be ridiculously overrated, but at least it's not this.

The animation is horrible, the jokes aren't funny, all the characters are unlikeable and the story is utterly ridiculous. - TheBlueDragon21

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10Inspector Gadget

I completely understand what it is that makes this movie bad. Having said that, I loved this movie more than life itself when I was a kid. - BKAllmighty

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This one I don't understand. What is wrong with Hercules, people? - BKAllmighty

I don't understand why it's on the list either. It's not THAT hated. Sure it was on some worst lists, but MANY Disney movies are. It has some hate, but pretty much every Disney movie has at least SOME people who hate it or don't like it. But people don't hate Hercules NEARLY as much as movies like Frozen and Chicken Little. - Disney1994

12High School Musical 2
13High School Musical 3: Senior Year
14Finding Dory
15The Black Cauldron

So few kids from these days have even seen it. How can they hate it? I, myself, have only seen it once. Never owned a VHS copy as a kid. - BKAllmighty

16The Wild
19Mulan II
20Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World
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