Top 10 Most Hated NFL Teams

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The Top Ten

Dallas Cowboys
He who hates the steelers sucks
Cowboys suck! Go birds

2New England Patriots
Horrible team, doesn't deserve any of the praise they get.
CHEATERS who are successful... Bad combo
They are a dynasty and a cheating machine

3New York Jets
Their the Jets. Their fan base doesn't even like the team! Well, they like to boo them. And they suck. Case closed.
J.E.T.S. Suck suck suck

4Green Bay Packers

5San Francisco 49ers
Worst fan base ever (in my part of California) don't know anything about any other teams because there to obsessed about how good the 9ers were in the past.

6Oakland Raiders

7Seattle Seahawks
Cheaters, cocky, disrespectful, and bandwagon fans

8Washington Redskins

9Pittsburgh Steelers
I second that opinion
Cause they belong in Canada

10Philadelphia Eagles
Dirty, Lucky, Eagles Fans worst in NFL!

The Contenders

11Chicago Bears
Bad team cheats a lot!

12Minnesota Vikings

13St.Louis Rams

14Carolina Panthers

15New York Giants

16Indianapolis Colts

17Cleveland Browns
They suck and are irrelevant and are terrible

18Canton Bulldogs

19Houston Texans

20Detroit Lions

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