Top Ten Heaviest Metal Bands


This list is not a list of the "best" metal bands, but the "heaviest" metal bands. This is the best of the "heavy" ones. The "ingredients" used include: Quality of music, style, skill, and how well you can bang your head to it. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Metallica is great but has nothing close to slayer in terms of heaviness.
Combining skill and "heaviness" slayer should definitely be #1


It is now a battle between Metallica and Slayer. Yes Metallica is extremely heavy, Master Of Puppets, Ride The Lightning yet if you listen to Reign in Blood and World Painted Blood, you will see Slayer is heavier than Metallica.
[Newest]When I listen to reign in blood, god hates us all and world painted blood I don't understand there are people saying Metallica is heavy. testament, megadeth and exodus are much heavier, too.

Seriously have you even listened to for whom the bells tolls, fight fire with fire, disposable heroes, blackened, call of ktulu? How can anyone say Metallica aren't heavy, back in the 80's they where the heaviest around along with slayer. Heaviness has nothing to do with drop tuned guitars or growled vocals and Metallica are proof of that
Well, firstly let's put their post... AJFA albums aside. Consider their first four masterpiece albums. Pretty heavy eh, Metallica haters? They were easily the heaviest back in the 80s along with Slayer. James had a amazing voice which goes well with their songs. They have original riffs unlike those recycled ones by Slayer. I don't think Maiden should be in the top ten, yeah they're amazing but not that "heavy". A7X are a joke they shouldn't even be remotely close to the top ten. And where the hell are Black Metal bands like Gorgoroth and Mayhem?
This is the best metal band of all time you cannot beat the classics like one master of puppets enter sandman or hit the lights metallica rock


[Newest]Way heavier than Slayer.

3Cannibal Corpse
Well, this list says Avenged Sevenfold is heavier than Cannibal Corpse.
Avenged Sevenfold is NOT HEAVY. Cannibal Corpse is #1 and I agree.
Cannibal Corpse is the most hardcore, aggressive, and kick ass band I have ever heard. I enjoy many of the bands above but they are no where near as hardcore as Cannibal Corpse. This is one of the rare bands you find that can sound like they do. Bands like bring me the horizon and peirce the veil do not even need to be close in the ranking, as they are not hardcore, and are not the best bands out there. This band knows how to scream and make riffs, unlike so many other bands
Cannibal corpse and lamb of god are the only ones that should be on this list. It clearly says heaviest not thrash metal whitechapel or black dahlia murder come to mind
[Newest]Metallica is amazing, yet in terms of heaviness, they don't even compare to cannibal corpse.

4Lamb Of God
If someone is calling Metallica a heavy metal band then its sure you haven't listen to true death metals.
Come on I like metallica too but its a list of heavy metal so you shouldn't consider metallica in the list at all. Where are the Thrash metals, death metals, black metals!
This is the list of "Heaviest" metal bands. That means the list should be based solely off who has the most intense sound. All bands on this list play great music, but Lamb of God has the heaviest sound, without a doubt.
Don't get me wrong, Lamb of God is my favourite band of all time, I mean, they kick serious ass and have the best riffs and drum progressions.
However, they are not the heaviest band, heavy bands are like Chelsea Grin, Cannibal Corpse etc
Come on people, learn what heavy means, not just who is the most intense...


[Newest]Lamb of God beats out cannibal corpse in heaviness. No ridiculous lyrics and memorable heavy riffs that pull you down into hell

Heavy? Walk. Hollow.

This list is actually a measure of band popularity and public familiarity.
It is certainly not a list of heaviest.

For ultra heavy bands see:
Born Of Osiris, Electric Wizard, Bongripper, Admiral Angry, Candlemass, Gorguts, Nile, Job For A Cowboy, Dethklok, The whole genre of djent with Animals as leaders and Periphery are super heavy, also Pentagram and the Doom genre are slow and brutal.

I could go all day listing heavier bands than these classics and popular bands.

Heaviness is available in all tempos, slow and fast and mid tempo, and the techniques and sounds involved are different. I love Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer, and yet also how the younger bands have pushed the envelope.

And anyone who thinks Maiden or Metallica or LoG are heavier than Slayer listen to Reign In Blood, Seasons in the Abyss, God hates us all, and Crionics personally is better than fight fire with fire.
Metallica is for sure not heavy and pantera should be much higher on the list and sabbath should to but only the ozzy sabbath


Yeah, pantera is heavier then lamb of god and slayer and why is metallica on this list


[Newest]Cowboys from hell is the best

Meshuggah is by far one of the heaviest bands today. The 8 string guitars and the quick off beat drums just add that special sound that makes you want to punch whatever is closest to you.
"Bleed" is not their heaviest. Listen to any of their other songs. Meshuggah is easily the most intense, heaviest band on this list. They are completely underrated.
As much as I love Metallica, Sabbath etc... But in terms of heaviness, they are NOWHERE NEAR the sheer brutality and awesomeness of Meshuggah! Just listen to New Millenium Cyanide Christ and Rational Gaze.
[Newest]Where is Gojira on this list?

7Iron Maiden
WE ARE TALKING HEAVY! IRON MAIDEN IS MELODIC AND NOT HEAVY! You people (except for who put on the top 4) Are idiots. This is a problem.
Iron Maiden? Heavy? Seriously? This band is awesome but when it comes to heaviness Iron Maiden has no place even in the top 30!


Black Sabbath has nothing to do with extreme metal, it's a classic blues-rock band, then it became a hard rock/heavy metal band, Metallica and megadeth have some heavy songs, but there are much pop metal bands, Slayer is among the heaviest, but Iron Maiden are more melodic and with complex songs, and with much better vocalist!
[Newest]Iron Maiden is the best band I've ever heard in my entire life!

Some people don't know the definition of heavy. Were talking chunky riffs, layered raw sounds, relentless tempo, growling vocals and technicality here. not popular bands and certainly not fcking nu metal!
Haha, number 26? This band should be number 1 and slayer number 2, number 26!
Listen to scream Bloody Gore, feel the heaviness.


[Newest]The real death metal

I listen to Slayer and Cannibal Corpse and Death, I listen to lamb of god and Pantera. I've listened to all the stuff that most Metalheads would say SlipKnoT is no where near as heavy as, all that Black Metal and Death Metal and I do believe that SlipKnoT are the heaviest band of all time, I believe that Iowa is the heaviest album ever made and, if I have the correct definition of heavy, Disasterpiece is the heaviest song you could possibly listen to. My ten heaviest bands would be:
1. SlipKnoT
2. Immortal
3. Lamb of god
4. Cannibal Corpse
5. Slayer
6. Machine Head
7. Black Sabbath
8. Marduk
9. Pantera
10. Mastodon
love metallica, but they're just not as heavy. mine would probably be like, 1. Slayer 2. Slipknot 3. System of a Down 4. Raubtier 5. Rammstein. really heavy. metallica isn't really heavy but still I think, better


Listen to any song on IOWA its disgustingly heavy
[Newest]Slipknot is at most the heaviest I've heard, heard Metallica and not as heavy in my opinion slipknot should be #1

10Black Sabbath
Man seriously Black Sabbath pwns them all.
They invented heavy metal, and they are the heaviest among the heaviest.
Tony is the RIFFMASTER, nothing is heavier than his riffs, actually he is so good he probably:
"let two of his fingers being cut off because becoming a guitar legend with ten fingers was just too easy" Tony Iommi Fact #015
OH COME ON GUYS! Seriously how can Black Sabbath not be number 1!?! Bеfore you comment stupid stuff don't just listen to their famous songs but to others as well, like N.I.B, Black Sabbath, and for me the heaviest song ever, a song that is terribly underrated and is from the terribly underrated Sabotage album(And please check it out)-MEGALOMANIA
It seems that people have voted to their favorite bands instead of Heavy ones, compare Black Sabbath with Electric Wizard, which one is heavier? Of course Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath=not heavy at all, not every Heavy Metal band is "Heavy", know the difference.


[Newest]Megadeth is not heavy. They are more like quick rock and roll to my ears. Black Sabbath is on the top of the food chain

The Contenders

Big maiden fan but honestly 6th lets look at it this way
Countdown to extinction vs walk
Rust in peace vs now you've got something to dy for
Hanger 18 vs hallowed be thy name
S for destruction vs raining blood
Holy wars vs master of puppets
No competition who's heavier
Metallica's heavy? Heavier than Megadeth and Lamb of God and Slayer? Ha Ha. Really, there should be some sense among people. Come on.
Megadeth, along with slayer, are very heavy bands, listen to albums like united. Abominations, endgame, or rust in peace, those r heavy albums
[Newest]Megadeth used all of that high pitch treble and people call them heavy? Megadeth is overrated


Come on guys, this list is not bout voting for yer favorite band.. My favorite metal band is lamb of god and pantera and not to mention I'm not a very big fan of behemoth but I have to agree their music are extremely heavy take slaves shall serve for example, the song itself sounded like it want to kill you
Behemoth are one of my favourite bands. This list is basically all the well known bands. I haven't even seen nile on the list and behemoth/nile are so much heavier. And the people who voted deathcore bands like BMTH are posers who don't know real metal
Half of these bands aren't anywhere near as heavy. They're good but seriously, Metallica, slipknot? They're good (slipknot isn't that good in my opinion) but they aren't heavy.
[Newest]These guys play some hard rock, for sure.

Annihilate the wicked on this page. Nile is amazing band who really understand technical death metal. Enough said and those who think a musically oblivious 8th graded is voting well I am musically smart 9th grader
Only one band in the top 10 is death metal and that's cannibal corpse lamb of god aren't death metal their heavy thrash someone just listen to kafir and then you will know what heavy means
Apparently Linkin Park, Slipknot and A7X are grind core because they're heavier than this. NOT! Cannibal Corpse are high on the list because they're more mainstream now.
[Newest]Definitely heavier then all the other bands on here altho there are MANY heavier bands PATHOLOGY SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 though

14Avenged Sevenfold
OK, I am a big a7x fan, but seriously, what are they doing above pantera? Only 5 songs from Nightmare were heavy.
A7x?! REALLY?! Stupid fan girls voting! Here's a mesas to all the fangirls of A7x THIS IS A LIST OF THE HEAVIEST NOT A LIST FOR YOUR FAVORITE! I still can't believe that Motörhead, Mayhem, and Gorgoroth is below A7x
I don't know why people keep bashing nightmare it was the revs last album. They still are a great band. They put in a show like no other and if you're a true fan of them then it wouldn't matter how they're last album is. You stick by them threw it all. I love their music for what it is. Their 5 friends and losing one of them still is with them going to their shows show that they still have jimmy in their hearts and still have him as part of the band. He's watching over everyone that's in the family and all their fans. It's the creativity that they have and how they all put something into their craft.


Lemmy would SMITE these emo-metal bands down with sheer power of his bass playing hand, and yet alone melt their souls with his voice.

Q: Who would win in a wrestling match, Lemmy? Or God?

A: Trick question, Lemmy IS God!
I'm confused when classic metal bands like Motorhead are below 10. Motorhead are a brilliant band!
This must be a yank site as motorhead are the gods of heavy metal, How can maiden be heavier than motorhead. Haha

This list is a joke. Cannibal Corpse is the only heavy band at top ten. Check the remix that I made of this and you will see the real heaviest metal bands...


Very technical, fast and heavy death/groove metal band. If you think Cannibal Corpse is either too gruesome for you or your a Meshuggah and Slipknot fan you'll easily get into these guys. System of a Down is hard rock and CoF is mall core. What's next, Bathory being heaviest on this list? I hope not.
GOD DAMN. Decapitated is heavy as all hell. Just check out Winds Of Creation.

17Judas Priest
Let's face it Judas Priest started it all when it comes to metal. Many say it was Ozzy and Black Sabbath who started metal when in reality the Priest is the inspiration for all metal genres. Their loud sheiks and heavy riffs inspired those bands from death metal all the way to nu metal. If there was no Judas Priest THERE WOULD BE NO HEAVY METAL!
Speed, heavy riffs, long solos, and the screaming voice of Rob Halford.
What else you need? They have (with Black Sabbath) invented modern metal.
Painkiller, 'enough said. Very Heavy

18Anaal Nathrakh
Suprised that I actually know these guys, they are black metal, which I guess is heavy. I don't really see why they are different from other black metal bands though
Hey man this year, the music. The first day, but the most part. The best

19System of a Down
Um... Disturbed over System? Maybe you should listen to their earlier stuff like Sugar or Spiders and compare that to Down with the Sickness or Stupify.

By the way, Testament should be higher in my opinion. And Dio.
What the hell is this? System of a down is one of the amazing bands which must be in top 15. Vocals by serji, malakian were amazing. These are awesome, you should listen to System of a Down in lifetime. System of a Down is forever
Serjs voice is so beautiful I've never been so happy to go home and listen to someone elses music

20Children of Bodom
How is A7X and Linkin Park on this list?!
Children of bodom 19th seriously!
This band should be in top 5 because people we are talking about death metal, black metal, gothic metal etc... ,
And this is where you expect COB to dominate many of their songs are even better than those of iron maiden!
No way cab is so low. They are better than black sabbath, pantera and other bull. COB has superb melodies

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