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Deshi MCs is considered as one of the pioneer crews of Banglish Gangsta Rap. The crew was formed in mid 2005. The founding members of the crew are MC ShaQ, Skibkhan, MC Mugz and Xplosive. They have released 2 studio albums - Banned in mid 2006 and Banned Version 2.0 in late 2008. Xplosive left the crew few days after they have released "Banned." The remaining artists of Deshi MCs featured in a mixed album named 'Kata Taarer Bera' produced by DJ Raf and Jasper. Eventually the songs of these albums reached the heart of the fans successfully.

After the release of Banned Version 2.0, the artists unofficially informed about their next album. However, it has been reported that few conflict rose among the active members of the crew, which stopped the activities of the crew.

MC ShaQ posted on his official Facebook page that finally the fans will get 'something' from Deshi MCs!

Here's a list of their top ten songs, not made by my personal opinion, but by observing the fans' response. Any kind of mistake is requested to be pardoned :)

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Not becoming rude I've never liked these kinds of genres. - zxm

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2Bangla Hip Hop

Anthem of all weed smokers! - Syd

3New Age
5Ajob Pechal
6Baap re Baap (Arabian Mix)
7Banglish Gangstaz
8Dhakaiya Gangsta
9Party Time

Probably(or surely) the only song where the 4 founding artists rap together - Syd


This song may be overlooked to many people. Yet, this is one of my favorite tracks because it has much influence of overseas hip hop flavour and the lyrics is indeed touchy :') - Syd

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1. Bangla Hip Hop
2. Ganjam
3. New Age



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