Best Hockey Players of All Time

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181Steve Ott
182Jörgen Jönsson
183Cody Eakin
184Alexei Kovalev
185Luc RobitailleV1 Comment
186Marek Židlický
187Brandon Dubinsky
188Jordan Eberle
189Jim Craig
190Jeff CarterV1 Comment
191John Tavares

I pick john Tavares because he is very good and has great moves I think he is because he is my favorite players and I am a big islanders fan

Let's see, Eakin vs Tavares, who's better, everyone would say Tavares, except for you, who doesn't even know anything about hockey, and I hate the Isles and I'm still sticking up for him.

192Doug Harvey

He is ranked 6 by the Hockey News Top 100 players of all time. He was traded from Montreal because he was involved in forming the first Players Association. NHL Hall of Fame. Captain, Montreal Canadians 6 Stanley Cup trophies. Norris Trophy Winner 7 times. NHL All-Star 11 consecutive times. Founded first NHL Player's Association and consequently was traded to N.Y. rangers (Player/Coach). Came out of retirement at age 44 and played for St. Louis Blues. They went to the Cup finals.

He "controlled" the entire game every time he was on the ice. Consistently voted best defenseman year after year.

It is a travesty that he is outside the top 10. I have never seen anyone control a game the way he did, night in, night out.

193Daniel Alfredsson

The best European captain that the NHL has seen in decades. As well one of the best scorers for his older age. Lock for the Hall if Ottawa wins a cup which they will.

194Cody Hodgson
195Darryl Sittler

One of the greatest hockey players to ever live. Febuary 7th 1976 he scored 6 goals and 4 assists in one game. THATS UNBELIEVABLE!!

Best player in Leaf History. 10 points in one game is amazing.

There is no way in hell that Lanny McDonald is way ahead of Darryl Sittler, not to mention Jim McKenny of the Leafs are you kidding me?

196Jordan Staal

Jordan is my cousin

197Dwayne Roloson

Would have helped Edmonton in 2006 if it weren't for Bergeron hitting him

Great goalie. Now a goalie coach. Very successful goalie.

198Connor McDavid

McDavid better than Toews, are you out of you're mind. McDavid enters the leauge in the 2015 16 season being rookie of the year, hoping to at least clinch a spot in the playoffs. In the blink of an eye he gets hurt for half of the year and the rest of team has to do all the work, and they still can't do it. He comes back. Two months later they're eliminated, thanks to the gm who chose him instead of Eichel. Toews, on the other hand, on the retaining Stanley Cup Champions, the Blackhawks, has an awesome year. Yes, he missed the all star game because of an injury, but he sure did come back faster than Connor did. Scoring goals, him and Kane being amazing once again, leads the Blackhawks to the playoffs once again. Sure, they didn't get the best spot, but they did win the cup from the 3 last year, and that is why Toews is better than McDavid. Also, Oilers acomplishments, not finishing in last place in the whole leauge.

One of the fastest players ever and great hands

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199Brandon Bollig

He is a big body a big stick he brings the pain train to his opponents

He is literally the worst player in the NHL behind John Scott and maybe Scuderi

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200Braden Holtby

2016 Vezna trophy winner put behind people voting for their Cousins. I'm just saying, how tm does that work?

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