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21Mike Bossy

Bossy it at least top 10. He had over 500 goals in less than 1,000 games in his career. If he continued his insane pace, he would be been the highest goal scorer in NHL history. It wouldn't have been that high, but it would have been much higher. He was always one of the best players in the league and I still stand by him being underrated.

I can see people rating their fair share of people above Mike Bossy. But not this many. He's AT LEAST top 10 material. Holds the record for most goals per game all time, and even the Great One's goals per game doesn't threaten his record. So ranking Ovechkin 7th and Bossy 33rd makes absolutely no sense.

Mike Bossy had "the touch". No matter where he was near the net, he could turn and spin, and know exactly in his mind where the open corners were. He feel around the net was second to none.

Most underrated super star in all of the 4 major sports.

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22Pavel Datsyuk

Datsyuk wrecks like no other player in the league today just watch him in the shootout he makes all-star goalies cry for their mommies

How the hell is this guy last on this list, his puck control is amazing

Paval datsyuk is probably one of the best hockey players of all time because he is an amazing shooter he makes the best plays and his puck control is amazing even better than others in the top ten.

Not best in terms of rankings but has a better control of the puck than even gretzky in my opinion

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23Joe Sakic

In my opinion joe sakic should be higher in the list if you compared him to the players in the list. He is better hockey player than Steve Yzerman.

- When he got to cross over the blue line he just blueberry everything and everybody.

Probably the greatest player ever on an international stage, and just talking NHL he's still well above half the people on this list

he's speddy and he finishes his playes so efortly - koolkat

Joe Sakic should be much higher on this list

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24Vladislav Tretiak

Vladimir is good goalie have state Soviet union constitution Russia.

One of the greatest goal tenders ever. Stood on his head against Team Canada and other international hickey events.

The most creative and innovative goal keeper of the Soviet team.

Best goalie ever. Period.

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25Dominik Hasek

The most skilled goaltender of all time. Didn't win as much as Roy. Therefore I'd have Roy as the GREATEST goaltender of all time, but based on pure skill alone, Hasek beats all. Played on not so great teams much of his career and was getting save percentages each season that was miles, MILES ahead of the average at that time.

I wouldn't have the "Dominator" ranked 12th. I would have him 10th. changed the way the position is played. Yes better than Patrick Roy. Roy was on two Good teams.

dominick the dominater stones you every time he'll always be a legendary golie

He messed with your mind, forcing you to do too much

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26Evgeni Malkin

Malkin has a great amount of talent and will a great player to help his team.

Has all of the stats on his side. Personally I don't like him, but he's one of the best and deserves to be there

Evgeni malkin is a beast he scores goals gets assists and big hits one of best ever

Should be higher

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27Valeri Kharlamov

I thought he would have ranked top ten. I mean he was the Russian team force in the 70's. Bobby Clarke had to be missioned to break his ankles to stop him in 1972 summit series. Any NHL franchise would have loved to have him as their top pick.

Best player on the great Red Army team deserves a much higher ranking. Ask Dallas Smith.

In my opinion he is the best hockey player, because I saw many movies about him, watch all games and I... Liked it

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28Nicklas Lidstrom

First European-trained Captain ever to win the cup, seven Norris trophies (second best in NHL history only behind Bobby Orr), flawless defensive positioning at every turn, four Stanley Cups. Perhaps the best player as far as defensive ability in history; it is incredibly hard to qualify the abilities of a defenseman with quantitative values, but his incredible talent, positioning and just plain intelligence render him number ten. - nobody11

You people are crazy rating this guy 20th! He has 7 Norris Trophies! An Olympic gold medal, 4 Stanley Cups, 12 time All-Star, Conn Smythe Winner, a 450 career +-, A blue line threat, and in my opinion, the best defensive player in the history of hockey. How can anyone put, Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin, and in my opinion Alex Ovechkin in front of this man. None of those players could even win! Ovechkin plays defense about as well as Carmelo Anthony. People are crazy!

Worlds best defenceman ever. 5 Norris Trophies says it all, and he will take his sixth this season.

None even cares about him

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29Patrick Kane

Great in shootouts, reliable in the playoffs

#30...Really? The players on this list have definitely left their mark on the sport of hockey, and I'm sure it's tough to rank, but Patrick Kane is unquestionably top 10 in the history of the sport - he has made some of the best defenseman and goalies that have ever played hockey look like amateurs..
Best American hockey player in history, hands down - he's only 28 with 3 stanley cups... Sidney Crosby has played 1 more year in the NHL than Kane, and has won how many cups? that's right, 1..

Awesome one of the top in my list

Great player

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30Lanny McDonald

Belongs in the top 100. I always enjoyed watching him play. He was always a threat, but he should be lower in the list.

Biggest heart greatest leader! Messier doesn't hold a candle to Lanny!

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31John Bower

He had a short but colourful career. Not sure he is one of the best goal tenders/players ever. I love the guy, but honestly, feel he belongs below 50, an maybe below 75.

32Stan Mikita

Should be a top 10 player. He is a hockey legend, winning the Hart trophy twice, the Art Ross trophy twice and the Lady Bing twice (at one point he was one of the most heavily penalized Hawks due to getting into scraps - he was a great fighter for his size and could take on an opponent 30 pounds heavier than him and make him feel sorry he took the challenge. One of the NHL's greatest snipers.


I saw Mikita play one time in toronto, what a player and that was at the very end of his career, this guy is a top 10. I thought he won the scoring title 4 times at one point Hull and Mikita / Orr and Esposito dominated the NHL scoring. Mikita was also a class act did the NHL proud.

I love that blackhawks they won 4 cups I live in Chicago go hawks if you disagree well you have no brains

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33Steven Stamkos

It's a joke that he is this high, right? I mean come on. He is not even top 100 yet. He is talented and young, but he is not there yet.

Stamkos might not be top ten but is one of the best snipers of today

He is my favorite player easy choice to be in the top 60

Who cares about him

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34Ron FrancisV2 Comments
35Ilya Kovalchuk

If he's so good why would he leave the NHL?

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36Tim Horton

Probably the most intimidating Defenseman of all. Showed true grit, toughness, heart, and he could score goals. A true legend

Simply the strongest defenceman that ever played.
When John Ferguson got in a fight with Horton he said that Horton got him in a bear hug and he heard crackling noises, which turned out to be his ribs cracking.
Tim was huge in helping Toronto win many Stanley cups in the 60's. His hip check made players get rid of the puck before they confronted him.

He played hockey and made doughnuts

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37Jim McKenny

Over-rated at #37. He belongs near the lower part of the top hundred or lower.

38Howie Morenz

Was to young to die :-(

39Ron Hextall

He was not a phenom like the others but he not only stoppd the puck he scored it. He is the only goalie to actually shoot it into the net twice.

Kickass goalie, took it to a whole new level, while keeping his offense with plenty of penalty minutes for fighting. No other goalie has had as many fights while still keeping an amazing save record

I think he should be top 10 because was first goalie to score goal also martian broudour should be top 15

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40Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens sets great examples of leadership and scoring abilities... the best of the best.

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