Top Ten Best Hollywood Undead Songs

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The Top Ten

lol all of their songs are on this list. but this is a very good song and this is the song that got me listening to them. way better than limp bizkit lol.
I love it... his style is awesome It's a mix between the Rap & RocK

Beautiful lyrics
[Newest]You better slit your wrists get pissed and go jump off a bridge 😂, love that part and the whole song fantastic

No way this is 3rd, it should be 1st... this is like... the GOD of all SONGS.
it should be all the way up in my opinion, wait that isn't an opinion, it's a fact! I LOVE YOU HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD
I'm sorry... Number 2. Really what is wrong with people no this is the most meaningful and let loose song ever. It explains the way children are feeling and I should no I am one.
There is no way that this song is number 2! This song has SO MUCH meaning I can't believe that it would be any less that as LEAST one. If you are the youth of America or anyone who feels that the nation has gone down hill, than this song is for YOU. Awesome job on this Hollywood Undead and I hope I hear more songs like THIS in another one of your albums!
[Newest]You gotta be kidding me 2nd

Are You Serious? Only Number 6?! This Is Like The Best Song Their Is, It Got Me Listening To HU And I Just Love The Way That The Lyrics Are About Suicide, But The Song Is Still So Upbeat. If You Could Marry Music, I Would Marry This Song
Great song I like how it's a happy death song great song
I disagree. I think the whole thing in the chorus "And I'm gone, gone, gone, gone" is poorly written and it almost feels like a child wrote it. It almost seems to be a parody of suicide. Did I mention that the guy's desperate suicide attempts are a little over-the-top? It's not that bad in my opinion, it's just that most of the chorus is badly-written and I find this to be overrated. The only reason this is so popular is because there are people who claim that they "can relate to this song."(and no, I'm not saying that all emo people listening to this song are posers, but there's probably a few who just want attention and I'd definitely say that the most of the people who say "HU stopped me from committing suicide" are possible posers) This song could have been much better in my opinion.
[Newest]Very well made, the way that somehow they mad suicide seem upbeat is amazing

4Everywhere I Go
I always feel better after listening to this! You gotta love the humorist aspects in their songs And the way they use the language!
Let's get this party started!
Charlie Scene is awesome and this is his anthem!
All Hail Undead!
Let's get this party started!
Charlie Scene really loves to show
Let's get this party started!
[Newest]This is such a funny song. Good one.

5Hear Me Now
Sorry, but this song is just the best. It's so great in terms of lyrics and music, rhymes and beat. How the hell did this only get number 5?!?
What an awesome song. This has got to be my favorite Hollywood Undead song. It's just so perfect. I don't see how anyone could not like this song.
Love this song, I think we all can see a little of ourselfs in the lyrics. And the edgy music that goes with the lyrics just creates an amazing collabaration.


[Newest]No description needed. just breath taking

6Been to Hell
great song! great lyrics and dannys singing in refrain is just epic. In my opinion best song of all. perfect!
When I listened to this, I swear with everything I have, the world froze. It was just so pure awesomeness. Especially when it got to the chorus. Damn... Seriously, the chorus ripped it. I've listened to this for, like, a hundred times already, and still it wasn't enough. The way it was sang (rapped),...
I agree, and epic is the right word. I love this song. I like few hu songs, but this one must be at least top 3
[Newest]The scream is amazing

7We Are
Great beat and song and one of their best songs by far
Awesome Song Listen to it if you haven't yet, Honestly I reckon it should be somewhere in the Top 10 Apart from that it's a great Song HU4L
This songs rocks this should be in top 10 list...
[Newest]Excellent song for me

8No. 5
I just have a strange feeling that this should be in No. 5 posistion. Great song! It's the best song I've heard in a long time! It kicks so much ass!
This song is amazing, the band out did themselves with this song. Deuce4life. This band was my all time favorite when deuce was in it.
[Newest]So why wasn't this song a hit?

awesome and fairly unknown to my knowledge. People should definitely check this out.
As Badass a band as HU, this is the most badass song of theirs. Should be a top 5, great lyrics, vocals and beat. City should have gotten a music video in my opinion, so many more people would know of this epicness
This song is just plain amazing. It is such a good concept for a song. I'm definitely blasting it on 12/21.
[Newest]Top 3 for sure, such a solid beat

10Dead Bite
This is one of their new songs and also one of their best. I've listened to it so many times and the Lyrics are stuck in my head! It really shouldn't be this low down on the list. EVERYONE! VOTE! FOR! THIS! SONG! AND! GET! IT! UP! TO! NUMBER! ONE!
This is an awesome song! Get to number 1 baby!
This is one of their best and more unique songs and it definitely should be higher on the list.
[Newest]I like this song so much...

The Contenders

11Black Dahlia
This song needs to be number 1. It has the greatest meaning and is extremely emotional. Can't stop listening to this song. Hollywood Undead for life!
It should be way up on top. It is just plain and simple awesome. The best. And very different.
Describes my life. It's so beautiful. These lyrics are just perfect. This song was the song that saved me from the horrors in my life. It's just gorgeous.
[Newest]This is the song that got me listening to to Hollywood Undead

Seriously underrated song! What's with the lack of love guys?! One of the best beats and choruses they've done.
This should be in top ten.. Great song with great rap... I think rap deserve in top three.. But overall song is best...
Love this song every time my girlfriend is down I tell her listen to this and it'll cheer you up it works every time and I do just that for her sing it to her I know every lyric of the song I can remix to how I want to but I sing to her like it is but really great song
[Newest]Honestly should be number ten because it represents the rap/rock style of the band

13Comin' In Hot
Crazy sick beat! This song beats have the other songs in the top ten! Danny rocks this song better than Duece!
Way better party song than Everywhere I Go.
Danny really works well in this song.
16th? What? This is so much better than Everywhere I Go. Danny rocks this song! I love Danny! And Hollywood Undead!
[Newest]Danny BETTER than Deuce

14Street Dreams
Since listening to this band when they were starting up on Myspace I can say this is arguably the best song they've produced. The way they create a song around a person who is obviously dealing with mental problems such as seeing the world in flames when they sleep among other psychological issues is just beautifully portrayed in this music. If the ideas in this one song could be lengthened and expanded upon into a book about this individuals life it would certainly be one I would read again and again. Would love to see them make a music video for this song that perfectly mirrors the lyrics.
Wow! How does this song not high up there? JUST LISTEN TO IT!
The lyrics have a deeper meaning then the rest of HU's partying songs which is nice for a change and the chorus is electrifying!
In NO way is city better than this song, absolutely my favorite HU song, the chorus is the BEST, and the song is just addicting, and it definitely represents all the songs HU have written, the great chorus (exceptionally great in this song), and the lyrics are clear and Danny's part can be re-winded and listened to 500 times, and still be amazing.
[Newest]Don't really know why this is here... Its definitely same caliber as Been To Hell, Hear Me Now, & Undead.

15Sell Your Soul
Love the guitar work
Nice song but is insanely satanic
The intro to this song is amazing. Amazing song in my opinion.

16This Love, This Hate
They go into this punk rock then go into hip hop then rap everything about this band is unique, this songs lyrics and the beat in it is great. It sends out a great message.
One of the most inpiring song of all time.. Fills me with hope energy.. These lights are leading me stray!
Should be moore higher! Paradise lost ans sell yor soul too
[Newest]What! NO 15?! This song should be at least top 3!

17From the Ground
Huh? How the hell is this so far down here? The lyrics, the chorus, the screaming... ESPECIALLY the screaming. This song's awesome! Come on, people! Give this a try!
One of the best songs I've ever heard
Vote forvthis great song

18New Day
This song is so underrated! It saved my life. The lyrics and delivery are so powerful that it gives me intense chills!
One of my favorites out of all their songs
This song is probably my favorite. It stinks that not many people have heard it due to it being exclusive.

19Paradise Lost
its an awesome song it should be somewhere near 5th or 6th.
i love hearing this song and if I rated it I would have place it 3rd 4th 5th but not 12th
Why Number 13th?
It should be in top 5.
It's an awesome song.
Never get tired of it.
I love this song.
Please vote and get this song to the top 5.
I loved this band when Deuce was in it,
Why oh WHY is this placed 14th?
The world has gone crazy! this should definitely be in at least top 5 or something!
[Newest]This song must be in top 5 at least. The chorus is gorgeous, I love it.

Please vote for this songs specially for all charlie scene lovers
The flow of song is fantastic
Should be under top 5
Better than black dahlia
One of there best songs

By far the best song from the band. (personally).. I guess only people who can understand the deeper feeling of the song will appreciate not as much.
Best rapping in a HU song by far, great underrated song. This should be way higher, but is probably not as it is new and most people have not heard it before.
One of the best, great rapping and it's very meaningful to people who listen.

22Coming Back Down
What?! This is one of my favorite songs by them! Really easy to relate to..
AMAZING, favorite song by them by far, the chorus so catchy, every verse meaningful af, this song is deeper and catchier than you could ever imagine. I think it's about loss but it could be about many other things, check it out, seriously
This in my opinion is there best song, great meaning and I just can't stop listening to it, deserves top 5 easily
[Newest]This song is great

23Lights Out
It is one of the best song I have ever heard from Hollywood Undead. No way it is 25th in position it should be definitely in the top three. The entry music is just totally badass and awesome. VOTE FOR THIS SONG!
Too good for th others
FIRST OF ALL THIS SONG IS PURE EPICNESS SECOND OF All if you really love hollywood undead then you hate deuce or 9lives or whatever I don't care I gave deuce a chance but heard story of a snitch and immidiately HATED his guts seriously he's being such a baby he got kicked out, so what who needs a personal assistant cause he was the only person in the band that had one and forced them to pay for it lights out is targeted towards deuce and that makes me love it 10000000 times more. Deuce SUCKS!

This song is so amazing! Best song from their new album "Notes from the Underground. "
This is a great song of them! Basically I love lion, and the lyric totally meaningful!
It's hollywood undead a take on heavy metal and its awesome.
[Newest]This song has saved my life and just love the lyrics. They're so meaningful to me.

When I liked their first song I thought this band is about rap only. Their music is diverse and you wouldn't disagree after listening to this song. Their lyrics reflect their views about life n various other stuff. This band has seriously produced some serious music that needs some attention around the globe.
WHAT IN THE WORLD? WHY IS THIS SONG NUMBER 26?!?!?! This song is literally my all time favorite song, and deserves to be number one. I'm disappointed its all the way down here
Great song should be a lot higher than it is. Old school hu is just as good as the new stuff

This song is amazing. It's a great example of Hollywood undead's softer side. It's definitely one of my favorites off notes from the underground. This one should at least be in the top 25.
Needs to be higher, so I'm voting for it.
Its one of their best songs

27I Don't Wanna Die
I know its not Hollywood's best song but still better then some of the top 10 good lyrics and good sound come on guys
This should at least be top 15
This song should be number 1! Why isint this song number 1. This is gold

28Mother Murder
This song is in my top 5

29Kill Everyone
I've come undone. I think I'll kill everyone!
This is the hardest song on the new album and it's awesome to rock out to! Vote for it!
This song just gets me really moves me sometimes and it never gets old to me.

Way underrated. Definitely one of their best songs. Vocals are unreal
Beautiful song, maybe the best they have produced
Why the hell is this not higher up on the list? It's got to be the greatest song they've ever made. The lyrical content is absolutely stunning. My only complaint is that Johnny sounds a bit too high.

Hollywood Undead does it again! In the midst of all the partying and drinking this song is truly emotional, deep and inspiring! Listen to it once you you'll be hooked! HU4L!
Best song of all time. Brilliant music and expertly written lyrics. Also the vocals work perfectly.
I love Hollywood Undead, because the band has songs like these. The songs are better and more inspiring than the music we listen to on the radio. Can't wait for the new album!

32The Diary
This should be in Top 10 not Top 20. I'm eargasm with this song. Well people should try hear this song. Meaningful.
Number 19?.. This song belongs in the top 10 if not 5, some of their best lyrics with a great beat, one of their deeper songs. Its just a perfect song for when your in one of those moods. This song needs more votes.
Oh are you kidding me. Close your eyes and listen to this song and you will feel it flow through your veins. It is perfect beat music and lyrics everything

33Pour Me
Oh come on! The chorus is awesome. The song is beautiful and show self doubt and is defiantly a work of art. This is one side out of many of Hollywood undeads amazing sound.
Plain and simple... JUST LISTEN TOO IT!
Look it up, listen to it, download it, love it
This a great song

34Gangsta Sexy
How is this 27th? Definitely one of their best songs. I love Hollywood Undead. Very under-rated band! Can't wait for new album to come out
This is by far my FAVORITE SONG BY THEM! It shouldn't be #32!

35Le Deux
By far their coolest song by far.
Awesome song, definitely underrated. Great beat and sick raps!
Great beat, gives me great writing inspiration

Completely epic, one of the few songs where they don't autotune Danny's voice. Completely love it!
Whaatt? This song is insanely awesome! Why.. Please listen
Shit man! This song is just awesome! Okay, so don't listen 2 me, but listen 2 the song... Then say whatever you like!

37One More Bottle
I'd say that this song should be higher. This song is actually pretty funny. Underrated
One if the best HU songs every Funnyman J3T and Danny did a badass job on this song its one of the best rapping songs done by them
It's a absolutely badass song y is it this low on the table

38My Town
Its awesome and catchy

39The Loss
Like so many underestimate songs this one too is on the list.
! LOVE THIS SONG! Why not up higher! I like the tone that they use, and the beat of this song is INSANELY catchy. Please get this song up higher!

40Knife Called Lust
WHAT?!?! Y is this @ the bottom! My favorite, if not #1, it should at least be in top 10 :P
HOW IS THIS SONG 31 IT IS MY NUMBER 1 listen to it please you will love it and it will be NUMBER 1!
The best song. I know all the words. Definitely should be in the top 10
[Newest]This song is one of the best and should be placed higher than 41

This is my favourite HU song. Cmoon guys this should be ranked better. This song is just crazy!

42Christmas in Hollywood
This is just the silliest, most ridiculous song. It's a lot like Everywhere I Go and Comin' in Hot in that aspect. The beat is catchy and fun, the chorus is something you can chant when you're alone (I wouldn't recommend in public, but, to each his own I suppose), and the lyrics are plain silly. I like to call this kind of stuff 'Sophisticated Immaturity'
Simply hilarious. Put this higher

43Dead In Ditches
It is a great song thank god 4 hollywood undead from Eli
I love this song listen for the rapping at the end
Why is this so low on the list? By far one of the best Hollywood Undead song!

44Bottle and a Gun
This is 1 of my favorite HU songs ever. It's got hilarious lyrics and funny man, deuce, and Charlie scene all have killer performances
Its a great song
Its better than bullet, everywhere I go and young

Awesome Song. I don't like the party songs on Swan Songs like Bitches or No Other Place. But Pain is a song with emotions.

46The Natives
I love that this song has all the band members sing.

47Dove & Grenade
Amazing song, always pumps me up for something big.
This is the best song of hollywood undead by far! Very underrated HU song... It's sad, really.
Easily my favorite HU crew song

This song is beast. I'm really surprised it's not higher up on the list. Seriously people, what's wrong with you?!?
Hut one hut two hut three go! This song is awesome.
How is this song not in the top 10 at the very least? This song is fly

49El Urgencia
They're best party song, better than everywhere I go

50Lump Your Head
This is such an underrated song. The vocals rule, the lyrics have a good meaning (that if you don't shut up in front of the wrong people, you better watch out), the instrumentation is awesome, and it's an overall great song.
I LOVE this song, it's extremely catchy and it also reminded me about gangsters. Great song, AWESOME!
One of my favourtites from American Tragedy.
Underrated song, should be in top 25, great vocals and humor from funny's back up vocals, just a great song

51Tear It Up
Tear it up is one of my all time favorite and I have had it on repeat for at least a week now. This should be in the top ten, and at least in the top twenty. I actually love all HU songs, with danny or deuce it doesn't matter. This song should be on your list to listen to.
Why is this not in the top 10

Awesome Song! Well Heard it many time and hope it gets more Like and comments from all over the world.. According to me I love it a lot
53?! No way, this song deserves top 10! I mean the way they harmonize, it's legendary. Lyrics are just blunt out fabulous!

Medicine is an amazing song. It is extremely catchy and is the kind of song you HAVE to play on full volume. I love it and it should be much further up.
This song is amazing! It should be higher on the list, awesome beat too
Is it with Shady jeff


55Up In Smoke
Great song about funnyman getting high with his mates its very humorous
Yeah awesome song I really love this song n salute to this singer n all the best for your future...

56Turn Off the Lights

57Scene for Dummies
Like it because it has shady Jeff on it
Shady's part cracks me up every timeCx

58I Am

59Out the Way (Undead)

60Day of the Dead

61Another Way Out
What? Top 61? Should be at top 10 or somethin'...seriously.
This is an amazing song now thanks to me its number 60 instead of 61
What just 60 its one of my favorits
This song is great, other HU song, you better run, better run, we are comming after you!

62Immigrant Song
Led Zeppelin cover...
Better if we see with metal perspective...


This song is so good, it should be higher up on the list. I like it that it features four rappers in one song.

64Bad Town
I'm agree to vote this songs...
I try to make it higher...
My legs are dangling off the edge The bottom of a bottle is my only friend I think I'll slit my wrists again And I'm gone, gone, gone, gone


It's not just about rap. But S.K.A... HU get a new colour with this songs.. No more Bad Town...


65The Gangster Song
It's gangsta sexy... Not The Gangsta Song
This shouldn't bet there because "Gangsta Sexy" is already on this list.

66Comin In Hot Alternate Version
This is on of the top 5 HU songs

67Le Deux (Dr Eargasm Remix)
This is an amazing remix of a brilliant song and I'm surprised that more people haven't heard it. It is my favourite hollywood undead song and is extremely catchy, just give it a listen

68The Kids
HU's very 1st song, & still in my opinion it's their best! Sure it may only be Deuce & J-Dog, but it really shows them connecting & it has that classic HU sound that never gets old!

69Shout at the Devil

70No Other Place

Is everyone nuts this is one of there best songs
Great song how is it last
Come on now, Bitches has to be my number 2 favorite. I Am being my first.


This is a joke! No way this is my top 2

72I'll Be Gone
I think your thinking of linkin park
This isn't an HU song. It's by a similar band known as "Linkin Park," who I believe was a big influence on the Undead.
The chorus, the guitar, the percussion, the bass it's all perfection! It's one of my favorites from their new album <3 LP forever!

73We Can
Laugh out loud all of their songs are on this list. But this is a very good song and this is the song that got me listening to them. Way better than green day laugh out loud.
What song is this suppose to be?


74Emo Kid
I don't think that "I Must Be Emo" was made by these guys.
It's I must be emo... Not Emo Kid. Funny song none the less. Must listen.

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