Top Horror Movie Killers

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Michael Myers (Halloween)
The scariest thing about him is that he is such a mystery (referring to the original Halloween films). Nobody every understood what made him this way. He was just a faceless voiceless killer... Who was also incredibly smart.
The guy only walks when he kills... How awesome is that? Plus his mask is f'ed up
Michael has the longest movie so far that know of right now and he kills fast too.
[Newest]He is silent but deadly
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2Freddy Kruger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
A villain that can infiltrate your dreams... What's scarier than that? There's no where you're safe. Eventually you have to fall asleep. In your dreams, your darkest fears dwell, and he can prey on that. The idea freaks me out.


Michael, freddy, and jason are all amazing! Its really hard to choose, but if I had to I guess it would be freddy or michael. I've always (since I was little) had a fascination with how freddy kills people in their sleep! Michael and jason are easier to escape because they are in reality, but you can't NOT got to sleep
Movie killers with personality can't be scary? Think again. Freddy is a relentless, mysterious, and confident force that makes you honestly believe there's no way out. Even the comical version of him that started showing up in sequels manages to be creepy and effective.
[Newest]He's always been my favorite. He's smart and cool, and you can't kill him, he's already dead.

3Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
You gotta understand the top ten has the scariest mother f*s people can see. Mikey was pretty awesome. Freddy is the bomb because instead of the whole silent thing, he makes jokes. Chucky is a comedy, he sucks. Creepers gave me a few good nightmares, the rest were okay, (can't include jigsaw. The traps are cool, not him. ) Think though. Jason's been scaring for generations. Back then when killing and walking with a weapon was the scariest thing, he fit the bill. Now people have been able to make him do that and look cooler. He will always be number 1.
It's always a competition between freddy, jason and Michael. All three are great and always try and compete for the top spot. I likeall three of them. A nightmare on elm street was the highest rated of the three franchises and the best one received by critics. The longest was the halloween sereis. The best finacially was friday the 13th. All three are tied so I don't want to rate them but, Michael is the most leathel, freddy is the smartest and jason is the most powerful. All three are great and no other franchise or killer has comes this far and close to popularity. All three for the win
Jason has been stabbed, shot, hung, drowned. And impaled by his own machete but he always come back to slaughter anyone who enters camp crystal lake. JASON RULES!
[Newest]People should know. Jason Voorhees is the top killer. He doesn't die. Even when he fell in acid. In order to be stopped they had to freeze him. He is also the holder of the highest kill count of 146 kills. While Mike Myers has killed 94 people. And Freddy Kruger has killed 46 people. Jason is the best by far.

4Jigsaw (Saw)
Are you kidding me? How is jigsaw not number 1? He some how takes you without you knowing. You wake up in an abandon building with some device on you or around you and you have a certain amount of time to do anything he wants to make you do otherwise you die? The devices could kill you quickly or slowly whatever he wants michael myers stabs you, freddy should be number 2 because he can get in your dreams and kill you but jason uses a machete so yeah jigsaw is definitely number 1
Jigsaw it is not a psychopat. He is the only person that have really good intentions in the saw franchise. In the film, he is representing God, that send for us bad things to teach us how to live and love, that's why he is always one steep a head of everyone, always predicting what will happen next.
Jigsaw I think should be #1, he may not kill, he may not chase you down, but he is way smarter than any killer on this list, yes even Hannibal Lector, Jigsaw will push you to the limit. And tests your will to live, he gives you a chance and if you don't take that chance no matter how painful, you will die an even worse death, he is a architect, an engineer, and a genius of horror, in my opinion he is the best on the list and there is absolutely nobody better than him, Tobin Bell is the best portrayal of a mastermind killer, John Kramer! He needs to be #1! Vote Jigsaw people!


[Newest]Jigsaw should totally be number one. In my opinion, he is the most interesting serial killer. Instead of just plainly killing people, he tests them. He sees if they're worthy of living. He's a genius and a psychopath!
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5Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
He is a serious bold face killer. He could chainsaw me in half and then eat my heart and brain. If would be in mental condition if I saw him in life and in a dream. That man is creepy he could even scare the most dangerous animal ever. I'm freaked out
In my view, I think Jason, Ghostface and especially Freddy Krueger are highly overrated as scary horror icons. A large man with a chainsaw over his head, with the pleasance to wear a mask made out of human flesh definitely hits the radar of the creep factor, if anything, more so than Jason or Freddy.
He was the original while the others were just duplicates and according to the original film he is a 6 foot 6 inch giant with a chainsaw how scary is that to see him running after you in a human mask also he will cut off your face and eat your insides can you say creepy
[Newest]Wow this guy was a bad ass because the Texas chainsaw massacre is based on a true story

6Ghostface (Scream)
Ghostface, of course! Hidden behind a mask, people would not really recognize him. I don't know if he was captured or not (I know in almost ALL horror movies it happens, but I only made it half of the movie)
Ghostface, who doesn't love ghostface? You never know until the very end who is hidden behind the mask. The scream movies are the best. You never know your always shocked who it is in the end that's what makes it so good its just really great to watch!
Sexy voice m :P I do prefer Billy Loomis the killer from Scream 1, but all the Ghostface killers do a brilliant job :) I can sit and watch all the Scream movies all day long I think they are awesome x
[Newest]Its amazing because you don't no who the killer is till the end!

7Chucky (Child's Play)
Parents usually want to protect their children from seeing horror movies, but this is the one horror icon that even kids sometimes think that they shouldn't watch. It makes all talking dolls creepy as hell, and if you pretend to take out the batteries in front of your friend, and then activate the doll, they will flip out. It's so easy to prank people because it's an item you probably grew up with yourself, whereas other movie psychos are something you only see in movies.
Chucky is one of the most scariest horror slashers but he is bit of a comedy and he made me laugh in the Childs Play series and that quote "Hi I'm Chucky wanna play? " scared me so much the first time and I think his so cool because he is called "CHUCKY THE KILLER DOLL".
He scared the crap out of me and still kinda does he always will remain number 1
[Newest]Chucky is the scariest thing ever I am terrified of him and I haven't even seen child's play

8Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs)
Hannibal Lecter, only at #9? Seriously? The killer who eats his victims and wears peoples skins? And delivered the iconic lines of "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti"? Come on! Let's get cinemas greatest killer to the top!
Nothing more scarier than a unpredictable, smart killing machine like Hannibal Lecter.
I'm having an old friend for dinner. How perfect is he? That movie is top quality and proves that gore isn't nearly as terrifying as the smooth pronounciation of the name "Clarice" from a clever cannibal.
[Newest]He's the best. No doubt.

9The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)
He never stops chasing you once he finds something he likes. He shows no mercy or humanity. He will torture you, eat you and smile while doing it. No one knows what he is or how to kill him. There's no running, there's no hiding. He should be number 1.
Dude, he feeds on people, has an underground cave that plays his own song, rips out peps eyeballs, stretches them out, eats their flesh, cannot die, is not predictable, has special weapons, can fly, and comes back every, what was it? 27 years to eat peps, no matter how much you've hurt him! :O sounds creepy to me, for all I know, he could be stalking us ALL!... Ah-


The creeper is a creature that just won't die and that's the thing that is different about a lot of people on the list. He is an immortal beast. If decapitated the creeper his head would grow back, like in "Jeepers Creepers 2".
[Newest]I only have 1 question when the kid opened the bag the teen was alive but he had a scare down his belly like they gutted him only he still live

10Pinhead (Hellraiser)
Only here cause it's a low budget movie and not many people like him so meh what the hell
Pinhead's a badass. I didn't expect him to win, but he should be way higher that this.
[Newest]Awesome he is my (2) favorite killer

The Contenders

11Pennywise the Dancing Clown (It)
Take everything that should be fun and pleasant for kids and turn it into something sick and phobia causing. Even balloons became scary after this movie!
Extremely the most scariest clown if you meant him in real life. I would crap my pants if I ever saw him or if he enters my house. The balloon part was the nastiest scene I have seen. Blood gushing every where. I am now scared of balloons.
Pennywise is super scary. I'm not really into clowns that have bright colors, becaue I like clowns with dark clowns, like the ones in the taboo circus, and laughing jack. but when I saw IT, I'm starting to like clowns that WEAR BRIGHT COLORS.
[Newest]Dude he is like FREAKY

12Leprechaun (Leprechaun)
11? At least put him in the top 5! He kills in the most awful ways.
Hey in my head he is better then pin head

13The Death (Final Destination)
I like these movie... Its creepy and freaky death... Actually my name is MERHAMID ABUAT who is proud at these death... Its just like bad luck but theirs no killer. Seriously watch the deaths scene and your heart will beat fast and you will crept up... Tip.. One of them burn named ashly and ashlyn and one is nailgun her head named erin <ALEXZ JOHNSON> and is chop by string... Try to watch FINAL DESTINATION 3 starring mary elizabeth winstead, alexz johnson directed by james wonggood luck to whos gonna watch these but I warn you these is really creepy
The thing about death is, even if you escape him, he will always find you. There is no cheating death, which is the whole point of the series.
The death killed in all so horrible ways. Really never thought of such kinds of deaths.


[Newest]You never know when he is going to get you

14Norman Bates (Psycho)
Are you kidding, #15? Out of all these killers, Norman, Jack Torrence, Leatherface, and maybe Hannibal or Buffalo Bill are the only ones who actually feel realistic. Now I haven't seen Texas Chainsaw, but out of the baddies from The Shining, Silence, and Psycho, Norman takes the cake. Something about that awful smile he has on when he's in the dress with the knife is just chilling beyond belief.
Do you like Huey Lewis and The News? Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost
Oh my gosh without a doubt the best killer. Not gonna spoil the movie, but best ending EVER!
[Newest]Boy, Norman's got the mind of a real animal.

15Carrie (Carrie)
What's scary about this poor girl is that she can kill you in MANY ways. Hitting you with a table, impaling you, stopping your heart, crushing you, etc. Her telekinesis is the thing that makes everyone fear her. Also have you seen her eyes during the prom scene in the 1976 version? And her sadistic smiles in the 2013 version? Creepy as hell.
Come on Guys what's scarier then a girl covered in blood brutally killing you with telekinesis?
She is the most recognizable female in horror then Regan than Tiffany

16Jack Torrance (The Shining)
The movie is really awesome and I think Jack needs to be a little higher than this.
Are we serious? Best performance ever! Jack was Jack and he was all evil and smile. I can accept a JT vs. Michael Mayer, but no one else!
[Newest]Why did he go crazy?

17Tom Hanniger (My Bloody Valentine)

18Kayako Saeki (The Grudge)
Scary as hell... Even like 4-5 years after watching this movie, I still can't get that creepy "*uh*" out of my head and that scene where she pops around the corner... UGH THAT FACE! No other movie character has made me paranoid about closets and young Japanese girls...
Kayak should be #1 Because she can kill you anytime she wants. Plus you cannot fight her because of her appearance bloody and broken bones. Thus once you've been killed by her. The place where you have been killed will be infected by her curse, that will spread like a virus.
Why is this in 21st?... This should be in number 1... She was very very scary... I'm still scared of her...


[Newest]Kayako must be in top 10 now

19The Predator (Predator)
The predator is good for being silent but deadly, you'll never see him and he is one ugly mother...
Predator, werry big monster in out world, in grey mask and, yellow body, and down to mask have big teeth and creature face.
Best movie of all time


20The Shark (Jaws)
I know that this probably doesn't stand as tall as say Samara, or Jason. But I still think that this shark deserves some recognition. I mean he made people (including myself) afraid to go back into the water. You have to be scary to do that. He's the reason I love sharks. Also the movie Jaws is actually one of the good shark movies, you know which ones aren't. ( Sharknado) He also made the shark's name as "Man-eating". That takes skill. Great whites are famous because of him, and that's why I think he's so great!
Just as soon as I saw the shark jump out of the water, I jumped out of my seat, but not all the way.
Really scary stuff man.

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