Horror Movies That Will Stand the Test of Time


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1The Exorcist

This movie came out in 1973 and it's still even scarier today. I have bad thoughts thinking about it.

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2The Shining

Unlike some of the movies on this list this movie still creeps me out just because its creepy (I mean nobody living in 2013 is going to be scared of the vomiting in the exorcist I was lmfao when it happened)
Stephen king really new how to make you scared not just with gore but his vivid storytelling ( the shining is a better movie made from a book than psycho

The gorgeous work of art, that is also really funny and has awesome acting and lines, I hope it stands the test of time. - MoldySock

This top five pretty much matches the best horror movies of all time. Funny. - MojoSpaederman


This movie was scary back then and is still scary now. I'm even still afraid to look at the posters of it. It truly is one of the most horrifying films of all time.

This movie is 55 years old an still fresh today. There are enough people walking around with fractured minds, that I will always be reminded of this classic.

Wow! PSYCHO it reminds my old typical Indian days FEW!

I love horror movies new and old, but Psycho isn't as good as people say it is...


Halloween is the best slasher series ever! The character of Michael Myers is much more believable than characters like Vorhees, Kruger, etc.

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For a 70s movie that's still worth watching today? I'd say that means "standing the test of time."

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7A Nightmare on Elm Street
8The Thing

The special effects still hold up to today. I don't care what any of you say, when I see men turning into slimmy aliens It really looks like it's happening.

9Friday the 13th

Great film not the best actors but camp crystal lake is just a creepy place in general the music is perfect and Betsy palmers performance is amazing. I'm a huge horror fan and this one has always been one of my favorites if not my favorite.

My all time favorite along with "the burning" very similar movies.

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10The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The original for me was the scariest movie I have Ever seen I mean I so don't scare easy but I was petrified kept getting my boyfriend to double check the back door in the kitchen for fear someone with a chainsaw would break into the house in the middle of the night. Nothing has scared me this much since, sorry but the remake didn't come close..

What about the original? The original was a lot more scarier and more realistic than the crappy remake.

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?Pet Sematary
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11Night of the Living Dead
12The Silence of the Lambs
13Evil Dead 2
14Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Zombie movies are becoming increasingly popular in the present age but it all spawned from the "Living Dead" series. Dawn of the Dead will stand the test of time for its revolutionary gory effects (done by the legendary Tom Savini), interesting protagonists and the awesome setting inside a shopping mall. Who hasn't dreamed of having a shopping mall all to ones self? It may not be a terrifying movie but it still has an appeal of being a staple of the horror genre. I recommend the 2.5 hour directors cut! - TimTamTheTurtleMan

15The Sixth SenseV1 Comment
16The Evil Dead

This movie back then was so violent and gory that it was rated X. but compared to movies today, it seems pretty tamed. I think they should re-rate it R.

18Wrong Turn
19The Conjuring

Based on real story of Warren's not that scarier but a good movie

20The Omen
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1. The Shining
2. Halloween
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1. The Exorcist
2. Psycho
3. Halloween
1. Psycho
2. The Shining
3. Halloween



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