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21Kenichi Matsuyama - Japan
I love this baby face sweet devil & like his complex psychological description method.
His performance in Death Note is so great, he's like the real L Lawliet there
Really great actor and looks even more hot as L
From the Anime, Death Note 33
[Newest]HeĀ's the most handsome boy in Asia, I love him, and he is a great actor

22Choi Minho - South Korea
OMO! The hottest man in all of Asia... Seriously! He can act, he looks so hot, and he is one of the best rappers on the planet. What is not to love?
Hottest boygroup member EVER in asia. Abs, rap, voice, modelling and act. He is just the one who introduces me to SHINee, SHINee World and Fangirling life. Saranghaeyo, minho-oppa!

23Junsu - South Korea
He is the hottest guy in the whole world for me. He is not just an idol but a true man. He could be hot and cute at the same time which makes a great package. His voice and dance moves could melt anybody
Is the perfect! So sexy, so beautiful, wonderful and very talented &
Xia Junsu Fighting! Love you!
His voice and dance moves could melt anybody
[Newest]Kim Junsu needs to be seen to be believed (and even then you might doubt your eyes) But not in any normal photo shoot, you need to see him MOVE. You need to see how he sings with his whole body, dances with his complete being. You need to see that a man *can* move his hips like that. ;-) (Check out "Tarantallegra" on YouTube)

24Nichkhun Horvejkul - Thailand, South Korea
He has muscular body. Good attitude and good looking. I think his perform is so hot. He also multi-talented man.
His abs, his attitude, his face, his voice, his dance, his looking, his talent, his gentlemen, his sweetest~ make hottest 'called for 2pm fans' melted and so OVERWHELMED
The most perfect man SO HOT! Plus really multitalented, hard worker, sweet and a total gentleman.

25Lee Joon - Korea
Joonie is my favorite of all idols^^ He can't only sing and dance very well but he is also a very kind person. On top of this, he has AMAZING abs not convinced just watch Oh Yeah or Y MV! Last but not least: He is funny. I always have to laugh very much about him

26Tetsuya Ogawa - Japan
Tetsuya Ogawa is the one who is very awesome! He is the bassist and the leader of L'Arc~en~Ciel who drive the band to be very successful for 20 yrs! He is an optimistic and full of potential leader! L'Arc en ciel is the first band ever who plays in Madison square in USA! He also has his own band 'tetsuya. He composes many legendary hit songs like 'Anata' 'Ready steady go'. And now he also becomes a producer for new jrock artist "Piko"! How awesome he is! (by the way, he also has a good taste of fashion too! )
He himself is not that hot, but all everything he has done is. It is his mind that so hot! As the leader and bassist of L'Arc-en-Ciel, he changes part of the world!

27Dennis Trillo - Philippines
The best actor ever! He is the very good actor I've ever watched.. With his roles which makes him versatile...
One of the hottest man in the Philippines.


Very handsome, cute, very adorable, and such a hot guy, very nice to think at night.

28Kim Hyun Joong - South Korea
He is amazing... Multitalented... Perfect looks... He is indeed walking scultpture on this earth... Nothing can beat him... PRINCE... He has his gorgeous looks... And even more elegant actor... And no need to describe his singing and dancing skills... 4D PRINCE... LOVE HIM... He is hottest cutest perfect person in this Universe...
Because he's perfect guys and interest everything. I'm one in our TripleS. I love and always support he and all member every time!
Combination of cute hot lovely amazing... Inshort everything... He is awesome... Love Him...
[Newest]A smile that can conquer the world, as your heart... It will melt. Perfect skin, sweet and sexy voice, a funny personality make him my favorite k-star.

29Jin Akanishi - Japan
He is sexy and handsome. His voice is beautiful.
Jin is sexy, cute and so talented! His music is amazing!
He is very very cool man!
[Newest]Jin has talented and so cute!

30Yoshiki Hayashi - Japan
X Japan just won best International Band award at Golden Gods in LA. Yoshiki is super talented, gorgeous and super sexy

31Jonghyun - South Korea
Jonghyun is just like amazing, he's got the cutest smirk, and his voice! Its amazing, its wonderful, its spectacular.

He's just got it all.
Jonghyun SHINee! He has the best voice and the hottest guy to Shawols ^. ^ Even he looks like a dino, who couldn't love him? He's my world :-"
Jjongie! He's sexy. He's hot. He makes us-Blinger proud. Yeah! ~ Daebak, oppa! Jonghyun fighting~~

32Osamu Mukai - Japan

33Yoon Doo Joon - South Korea
Leader of Korean group BEAST
awesome vocals, rapping skills, dorkiness, talent in piano charm and gentleness are just some of the million reasons why you will love and adore him!
He has amazing shoulder muscles!

34Chantavit Dhanasevi - Thailand

35Piolo Pascual - Philippines
nice face, nice singing voice, soulful eyes that melt your heart... excellent actor, model, host and producer... what more can you ask from this guy? Well just to make the list complete he has one hell of hot hot hot body
. . , I want piolo pascual is the no.1 hottest asian men because he has a complete qualities of a matini idol!
He is probably the handsomest and sexiest Filipino alive. He is very humble and charming.

36Sho Sakurai - Japan
He's the whole package! Cute face, sweet muscles, wit, intelligence, musical talent... The fact that's a newscaster too adds a a new dimension to the term "idol". He should top this to prove that "hotness" is beyond looks.
Sho Sakurai. A sweet smile, an awesome and a voice I would always want to hear. A great actor and a beautiful, cute, hilarious personality which makes him so lovable.
SO HOT! Plus really multitalented, hard worker, sweet and a total gentleman.

37Onew - South Korea
The most perfect man ever! He is handsome, sweet, his smile is dazzling and all in all just perfect. His hair is amazing, so shiny and soft... Or it looks soft.. I haven't touched it, so I wouldn't know..
He has a sweet smile

38Yesung - South Korea
So cute and awesome voice! Love him! He should be much higher on the list in my opinion!
Yesung is so cute! He is also very great at singing, dancing, and acting. He has worked hard in his career too. Please have more votes for our beloved and hardworking Yesung!
He have a voice so warm and strong. We love him so much. I think Yesung should be much higher on the list in our oponion.
[Newest]He's so adorably cute :) He has an absolutely amazing voice, and is also very good at dancing. I haven't seen him acting in a proper role, but I have a feeling he's awesome at that too. All in all, I think Yesung should be number one. VOTE YESUNG! YESUNG FOREVER!

39Miyavi - Japan
Excellent musician, Great Person, Samurai Guitarist, JPN PRIDE & Glamorous!
He's the best misician, guitarist and wonderful person

40Hrithik Roshan - India
Hrithik Roshan is the hottest Asian.. Period. The Chinese and Korean guys in this list before him may be cute, but Hrithik has a manliness that none of them do. Plus he has a perfectly sculpted body, which even Hollywood stars ar unable to build.. Faulty list..
This man will always be my perfect man.
He is an AMAZING dancer, and I heard that he had to overcome a LOT to get to his quality now. He's also a fantastic actor (just his look of pure love makes me melt inside. )
He's also got quite a nice 6/8-pack
Hrithik is most hottest superstar with every quality! Looks, acting And don't forget his dance move will shake the ground below every feet! His well toned body makes even a greek sculpture jealous!
[Newest]Simply hottest in true sense, great looking, excellent movements, perfect physique

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