Top Ten Hottest Asian Women


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1Lucy Liu
2Angel Locsin

An Ideal girl beautiful inside and out.. Perfect body.. positive attitude... God fearing..

Shes the most hottest asian women for me... Shes my idol... I love her so sexy and so hot.

Beautiful inside and out all ways..she is simply the best angel ever

She looks like an angel on earth...

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3 Kelly Hu

Should be on the first place.

4Gail Kim

Hot Hot Hot sexiest Asian ever!

WWE/TNA wrestler hot so hot

5Michelle Yeoh

Hottest Bond Girl and hot in everything... And can kick your a$$.

I hate China's men but not about chines women

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6Devon Aoki
7Maggie Q
8Li Gong
9Carmen Soo
10Ziyi Zhang

Ziyi Zhang is not just the most beautiful Asian woman. She is one of the two or three most beautiful women on earth. Her eyes and her voice are beyond remarkable. The English language fails me, and I presume Chinese would too, if I knew it better...

There is no competition. She is the image of perfection in every role. She is still now, at 30 + years old, able to play teenagers and make her actual adolescent cast seem like old fogies.

The prettiest Asian face I've ever seen so far. she is one hell of an actress too! She is clearly perfect with absolutely flawless features andskin. way to go!

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11Lucy Torres

She's tall, flawless and definitely a sexy body and beautiful face

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12Grace Park
13Lea Salonga

Lea all the way! She have a very great voice! Miss saigon

14Jessica Jung

This adorable ex-girls generation member deserves more attention. she's cute and hard to not fall in love with

She is Korean - American. She is one of girls generation member. She also one of lead vocal in her group. She cute, charming, beautifull, and charismatic

15Sonam Kapoor

She has perfect features and she has a beauty which attracts all!

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16Marian Rivera

Not that she's famous in the Philippines but she also got a huge attention from many countries across the Asia, Africa and America.. Simple but undoubtedly hot and sexy.. She was greatly known for her portrayal in the Mexican drama remake of Marimar

She had done a great acting at the Philippine version of Temptation of Wife that's why I love her so muchh.. A True Person

17Farah Quinn

She should be in the first or second place. She is the hottest Asian woman

18Katrina Kaif

She was chosen Asia most sexy women consecutive two times and she is also the most hot actress in India

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19Sarah Geronimo
20Erika Sawajiri

Definitely the most beautiful asian woman on earth! Most of the actress nowadays try to copy her style.

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1. Angel Locsin
1. Gail Kim
2. Lucy Liu
3. Kelly Hu



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