Top Ten Hottest Baywatch Actresses


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The Top Ten

Yasmine Bleeth
If Caroline Holden tries to rescue me from drowning, I would nail her good!

2Erika Eleniak
The best, brightest and most beautiful by far not only on Baywatch but on every project that she has done! She is simply the best! The best is still ahead for her both personally and professionally!
the most natural beautiful and hot woman in this show


I am from Pakistan and I love you very much...
[Newest]Lovely, she's the best I've ever seen on that show. I would kill to meet her! To bad the show is no longer on television.

3Alexandra Paul

4Nicole Eggert
Class in a glass

5Stacy Kamano

6Pamela Anderson
One of the best bodies of all time. She is a icon in her bathing suit on this show. She is by far the best hands down.

7Kelly Packard

8Brooke Burns

9Carmen Electra

10Brandy Ledford

The Contenders

11Donna D'Errico

12Gena Lee Nolin
She is one hot blonde, plus she looks sexy in one-piece swimsuit and wetsuit!

13Traci Bingham

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