Top Ten Hottest Bollywood Actresses

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The Top Ten

Katrina Kaif
Kat is hot! She shares the highest number of kisses in Bollywood. I would consider it high to kiss her lips. One must kiss her ass- that is where everybody belongs. I would like to kiss her ass if I could.
I think that Katrina is sexual atom bom
She is my inspiration. She is so pretty and amazing at acting, 😍😍😍😍
[Newest]I just love katrina kaif she is the best actress in Bollywood. best of luck to her upcoming movies

2Deepika Padukone
bcoz she is getting sexy day by day
Her attitude, her looks... Not just about being hot. She s so beautiful n also talented. Love her! She s awesome!
Deepika is so hot! I like her complexion very much. She looks like a real indian beauty. Sexiest actress of all times!
[Newest]Deepika, the hottest girl in Bollywood because her dimples are so cute and her smile is awesome, and her body is ultimately sexy and she is not too white or not too black, she is perfect, she is the sex bomb of India

3Aishwarya Rai
She is hot in 2nd number want to know 1st undoubetdly madhuri dixit
She is the only bollywood actress who is famous worldwide because of her dazzling beauty... Number 1 is near 2 her.
She's the most beautiful woman in the world, she's very popular, I really love her, forever and ever she's amazing, the queen of bollywood
[Newest]Awesome Aishwarya! She is hot, sexy and very very beautiful!

4Kareena Kapoor
She got such a beautiful Smile,
She is beautiful without make up as well
In short She is Flawless.
she is the best... others have the artificial posture...
Best actrees, beautiful face, natural, diva, sexy
[Newest]Kareena is superb. I love her very much. She is very sexy and hottest. She should be the no. 1. Because Aishwarya rai is beautiful but is not hot but kareena is superb.

5Priyanka Chopra
She's the best est est... Her acting, dancing everything is fab. She look beautiful n hot. She has done great job in her every film.. She far better dan any other actresses in acting... , love you always...
Yeah, all the other actresses are great. But I have yet to see anyone carry a film the way Priyanka did with Fashion. Killed it!
And super sexy in Don, that's for sure!
Not just about being sexy or hot, she is a fabulous actress.. She had proved it by her movies like Fashion, Barfi, Don, etc. She is also a fantastic singer.. Vote for her guys..
[Newest]Piggy chops...
The sexiest looking diva.. In indian dress...
She has got great back... And ass...

6Kajol Devgan
She Is The Queen Of Bollywood, Always the best=)) I Love her so beautiful, cute, sexy & funny actress... no other actress can replace her... her beautiful eyes can make everybody crazy... I just want to look like her... my biggest idol
She is the best..! Is the more biggest actress.. I'm from ecuador and she is my favourite actress, is the bollywood queen and my heroine. She is so beautiful sexy cute and funny actress, no other actress can replace her, her beautiful eyes are the unique and awesome in the world... Finally I LOVE HER ♥!
She should be number 1 not 7! I think she is the best actress by a long shoot! I love kajol forever because she is the most popular and talented actress in Bollywood
[Newest]Bollywood ever natural beauty & great actress.

7Anushka Sharma
I think Anushka Sharma should be in the top 10 because she is very inspiring and very beautiful... Also her future is very bright 😝
She is the best bikini babe in Bollywood. That alone makes her one of the sexiest actress. She should be no.3 at least.
She SHHOULD be on the number 1! Whoever uploaded this list must have last uploaded it before 2008 because anushka sharma rocked b'wood from her first film itself. She is the ottest with her own acting character unlike others...
[Newest]She should be in the top of the list, because she is the hottest of them all. And this list is about the hottest actress.

8Jacqueline Fernandez
The Most Beautiful Woman on the List!

Then comes...
Preity Zinta, Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Asin, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Shilpa Shetty, Amisha Patel, Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Tamanna & Aishwarya Rai.


She is the Living Aphrodite & she is the Most Beautiful out of them All!
She is Sexy, She is Hot and she is Beautiful at the Same time! She is the Most Beautiful Mortal Female that I've ever seen in my whole Life!
[Newest]Fantastic actress with brain body and talent to match.

9Maliika Sherawat
I like maliika sherawat.
Because she is very very beutifull

10Bipasha Basu
She is so ugly who fool one place her in the list of sexy girls
Sexy to the max! Maybe I'b bias as my girlfriend looks like her so that's proly my taste!... Either way she is the sexiest chic in Bollywood... Hands down!
I thik bipasha is the most hottest celebrity in the entire film industry

The Contenders

11Rani Mukherji
In my opinion none of the actresses in Bollywood can not compete with Rani Mukerji. It combines the amazing beauty, which the nature has endowed her and divine spark, a talent, which she is perfects thanks to the diligence. A gentle, sweet, debonair and at the same time, strong, purposeful, self-respecting. If do not Rani, then who deserves first place?!
World knows what Rani has, she's still the most fantastic actress ever, look at her works, her acting will never be the same with other actresses
She was She Is And She will undoubtedly remain the Queen Bee Of BOLLYWOOD. She is a perfect combination of Beauty with immense talent of Acting n dancing.
[Newest]She is Best best best and the only one..

12Shilpa Shetty
you are simply beautiful.. nd love you in Zara Nachke Dikha especially with kundra.. hahaha you guyzz rck the show..

13Vidya Balan
She is deserve last number dirty actress hopless
Want to suck her boobs
Tumhare gaand bohat sexy hai maar ne ka dil karta hai ek baar mil jao to itni gaand marunga jab tak mera sperm khatam na hojayega

14Juhi Chawla
Juhi Chawla is a beauty queen, has an irresistible charm! She is a legend and a precious gem in Bollywood
She is so hot very hot and her bare boobs are so hottest
She is expresive and beuty!

15Madhuri Dixit
She may not be the "item girl, " these days, she may not show her skin off like todays girls, but her confidence and everlasting beauty still makes her "hot" or more like beautiful these days.. And come on.. She's one of actresses that can actually ACT!
Dhak! Dhak! Dhak! Girl Madhuri Dixit! See that number you all will forgot others!
I am marathi, so give my opinion in marath. Women called women for 3 important things which she is have
1. Rekhiv 2. Sudowl & 3. Kamuk
So many actress has beautiful but they are not sexy or figure, So many actress has sexy but they are not figureor beautiful, So many actress has beautiful, sexy but they have not figer
Madhuri has all beautiful, Smart, Sexy, figure, Brilliant and so more
Just I compromise a man like Amitji

16Zeenat Aman

17Preity Zinta
PeeZee is one of the best dressed actresses in the industry.
Preity is nice but kareena is stiel beautiful and hot

18Sonam Kapoor
I hate love story... I like this movie very much.
"genuinely beautiful"... "looks hot in even indian outfits"
you were so good in aisha. love u. you are the greatest actress

She's gorgeous among the present actresses.
She's very beautiful woman...
I love yu tumhare chut or gaand mar na chata ho

20Parineeti Chopra
She... She is the number 1 in my mind... Best of lUCk PARI CHOPRA.
Parineeti Chopra is an Indian actress who appears in Hindi films. Chopra initially aspired to pursue a career in investment banking, but after obtaining a triple honours degree from Manchester Business
Born: October 22, 1988 (age 25), Ambala
Height: 1.72 m
Siblings: Shivang Chopra, Saraj Chopra
Education: University of Manchester, Manchester Business School
Parents: Reena Chopra, Pawan Chopra
She is so beautiful wow Parineeti you have to come to Mauritius please

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