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1Megan FoxMegan Denise Fox is an American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2001, with several minor television and film roles, and played a regular role on the Hope & Faith television sitcom.

She's gorgeous, beautiful and hottest of all actresses in my book. I don't care about her thumbs, all I care about is how great she is and she is my favorite dream girl. Another reason I love Megan Fox is that she got the best abs just like from the movie Transformers. You rock, Megan!

I hope she doesn't retire too early because Megan still got whats left in her and everybody needs a fox to have a crush on. We also heard that Angelina Jolie is about to retire soon, so lets hope that Megan stays on the right page.

I don't know why people hate Megan Fox because they're jealous of her looks and movies. I think she's beautiful, and the haters should get use to it! Megan is the only brunette chick we love and there's no way they can stop it!

After giving birth to a baby boy named Noah, the Transformers mom will always stay hot and gorgeous. I believe that she have won the best mom of the year award in 2012.

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2Mila KunisMilena Markovna "Mila" Kunis is an American actress. In 1991, at the age of seven, she moved from the Ukrainian SSR to Los Angeles with her family.

Come on! She don't deserve to be at the second place at all. Not even in the top ten if you ask me. Kate Beckinsale, Sophia Bush, Felicity Jones are by far more pretty.

If you think Meg Griffin isn't your favorite hottie, then you might choose Mila Kunis who got the taste of beautiness.

3Olivia Wilde

Tron Legacy's own actress glows pretty in the dark and gorgeous enough to be on the list. Welcome to the wild side, Olivia!

She kicks butt in Tron Legacy and she has a perfect ass throughout her entire career. We more from Olvia soon in 2013!

4Eva MendesEva De La Caridad Mendez is an American actress and model. She began acting in the late 1990s, and after a series of roles in B movies such as Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror and Urban Legends: Final Cut, she made a career-changing appearance in Training Day.

She's hot in the Calvin Klein ads and she's even hotter in her movie The Spirit.

The Hottest actress on the screen.

5Vanessa HudgensVanessa Anne Hudgens is an American actress and singer. Hudgens rose to prominence playing Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical series.
6Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman is an actress, film producer and film director with dual American and Israeli citizenship.
7Jessica AlbaJessica Marie Alba is an American actress, model and businesswoman. She has won various awards for her acting, including the Choice Actress Teen Choice Award and Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television, and a Golden Globe nomination for her lead role in the television series Dark Angel.
8Kate BeckinsaleKathrin Romary "Kate" Beckinsale (born 26 July 1973) is a British actress. After some minor television roles, she made her film debut in Much Ado About Nothing (1993) while still a student at the University of Oxford. She then appeared in British costume dramas such as Prince of Jutland (1994), Cold more.

Should be number one. A brunette who can act.

Is your blood pumping? Then you might get bitten by one gorgeous vampire chick with latex catsuit from the Underworld trilogy.

9Catherine Zeta Jones
10Jennifer Love Hewitt

Move her up in the top ten at least! This girl is hot and she's a good actress.

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11Emma WatsonEmma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a British actress, model, and activist. Born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire, Watson attended the Dragon School as a child and trained as an actress at the Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts.
12Eva Longoria Parker
13Rose McGowan
14Tanit Phoenix

She's got a rocking body! Beautiful face and she's from South Africa which makes her even more irresistible!

15Selena GomezSelena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is best known for songs like "Come & Get It", "Good For You", "Same Old Love", and "Naturally". Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sing in alto .

Glad she breaks up with Bieber, she knows he's a worthless piece of trash after all. Now that she's grown up, she started looking hot from her last episode of Wizards and she's playing a sexy movie Spring Breakers which is coming soon. Glad that we're seeing a new side of Selena Gomez.

16Jessica Biel
17Kristen StewartKristen Jaymes Stewart is an American actress. Born into a film-oriented family, Stewart began her acting career in 1999 with uncredited roles and a minor character appearance in several films before gaining prominence in 2002 for playing Jodie Foster's daughter in the thriller Panic Room, which garnered more.

She's different. Gorgeous. Relatable. Amazing. And did I mention gorgeous.

18Sophia Bush
19Felicity Jones

Like Kate Beckinsale another british beautiful actress.

20Sarah Shahi

Should be number one. This girl is perfect!

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